May 22, 2019

5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Empaths

Have a "beary" special Valentine's Day

Well, dark passengers, there are only a few weeks left to complete your Valentine’s Day shopping for your sweetheart. If your sweetheart is an empath, you may wish to find a gift that’s a little more useful than flowers or candy. Don’t get me wrong, as an empath, I still enjoy the old stand-by gifts from time to time.

There are just other things that rank higher on my list of needs than a teddy bear holding a heart that says “I love you BEARY much.”

Of course, when you aren’t an empath, you can read up on all the specifics, but you may not ever be able to fully grasp the nuances of life as an empath experiences it. That can make Valentine’s Day gift-giving a challenge. Don’t worry because I have you covered!

Top Gifts for Your Empath Sweetheart

In order to make your Valentine’s Day shopping a little easier, I’ve done a bit of browsing on and provided links where I could. (Full disclosure: I make a very small percentage off any sales.) If you prefer to shop on a different site or a local store, please do so. I’m using these links more for convenience sake than money making.

Valentine’s Day Gift of Blocking Negativity

I can’t tell you how useful I’ve found having a quartz crystal pendant is for my shielding. Not only does this crystal have a high vibration that can help empaths focus their energy towards shielding out negative emotions, it is pretty and durable enough to wear daily. Since it’s clear, it pretty much goes with any outfit…another bonus.

Valentine’s Day Gift of Empathic Development

In addition to a crystal pendant your sweetheart can wear, you can expand your search to other types of crystals this Valentine’s Day. Every empath is a little different, so not every stone will work quite the same for everyone. Personally, my favorites are:

  • Apatite
  • Aquamarine
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Black/Blue Kyanite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Fire Agate
  • Larimar
  • Lepidolite
  • Malachite
  • Selenite
  • Tanzan Aura
  • White Sapphire.

For your convenience, I’ve linked to rose quartz because of its calming properties – and the fact that it’s pink and this is Valentine’s Day we’re talking about – but you’ll be able to find a myriad of other crystal options from there.

Valentine’s Day Gift of Relaxation

As an empath, I find that certain scents can help calm me down when I’m feeling especially jittery from other people’s emotions or electromagnetic smog – think computers and cell phones. I’ve recently started using Reiki charged candles and find them extremely useful. I’ll be honest though…I have no idea if it’s actually the Reiki energy that helps me or if it’s the simple properties of aromatherapy. Either way, the candles for Good Health and Creativity are two of my favorites from this group…as is the Housewarming, if you can find it.

Valentine’s Day Gift of Balance

If the empath on your Valentine’s Day shopping list is anything like me, he or she will run themselves ragged and rarely takes the much needed time to recharge their batteries. Some empaths find that the best way to recharge – and stay centered or grounded – is through regular meditation. Of course, when we’re busy with everything else, there’s not always time to learn how to meditate. For some, a book or guided meditation is the first step to a calmer life.

Valentine’s Day Gift of Knowledge

When I first discovered I was an empath, I was lost.

I mean, really lost.

If I wanted to learn about clearing negativity, I had to ask someone else. If I wanted to find the best crystal for what I was trying to accomplish, I had to get recommendations. Honestly, it was a frustrating time for me because I like to just know.

If you notice the empath in your life is frustrated by a lack of knowledge – and has some interest in crystals – I would strongly recommend purchasing a book about crystals. Personally, I like The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, but I know people who swear by others. As long as you select a book that gives basic information about crystals in general and lists the properties of a variety of crystals and stones, you should be in good shape.

The Absolute Best Gift You Could Ever Give an Empath

Okay, above I’ve listed five Valentine’s Day gift ideas for empaths, but now it’s time to consider the one gift you can give any empath that they will LOVE.

Peace and quiet.

Instead of forcing your empath sweetheart to go out to a noisy, crowded restaurant, full of people who may or may not be enjoying themselves, incorporate peace and quiet at home into your Valentine’s Day schedule. Here’s the plan:

  1. Run a bath for your sweetheart
  2. Provide chocolates, cheese & crackers and sparkling water for snacking
  3. Find a way to keep the kids occupied – if you have any – to allow at least one hour of bath-soaking enjoyment
  4. Prepare or pick up a meal to enjoy after the bath
  5. Create a soothing atmosphere during dinner using, dim lights, scented candles and soft music
  6. Do the dishes so your valentine won’t have to
  7. If you must give a gift, comfortable Valentine’s Day pajamas create the perfect end to a relaxing Valentine’s night – goofy cartoon Cupids optional.

Ultimately, the success of Valentine’s Day is determined not by what gift you got, but how much time you manage to spend with your sweetheart.

Other Empaths, What’s On Your Valentine’s Day List?

So, those were my suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts for empaths, but it’s not nearly complete. What would the other empaths out there like to receive for V-Day? Let’s build up a good list to help out the non-empaths in the room. ;)


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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  1. sara says:

    I like these! What if your empath is a guy… do the crystals work in pockets too? I don’t think he’d wear one around his neck!

    • Jen Whitten says:

      Absolutely. You can carry them around just as easily as you can wear them. I don’t see many guys wearing the sparkly gems around their necks, but I have seen men wearing hematite. (Left it off the list) It’s a metallic grey stone that’s good for grounding, among other things.

      Also, if he wears rings at all, you can look up the metaphysical properties of the stones he already wears. All the precious and semi-precious stones are good for something – in addition to being pretty. Even silver, gold and platinum have special properties…they’re just a little harder to find good information on, for some reason.