May 22, 2019

Are Crystals More Than Pretty Jewelry?

Crystals in all their forms can be as useful as they are pretty

Happy Wednesday, dark passengers. Today, I’d like to talk about the tools some empaths and psychics use. That’s right, we’re talking about magic rocks.

Or crystals, if you want to get technical and intelligent about it.

Anyway. I think it’s one thing to discuss the plight of empaths who can’t block out the emotions of others, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. I find that the more I talk with empaths about shielding or releasing negativity, I invariably end up having conversations about various crystals and their properties. In fact, in the last few weeks, I’ve turned into the empath pez dispenser of crystal knowledge on an empath forum.

Time to bring the crystal info here, methinks.

What Are Crystals?

Okay, if you want the scientific, geological 411 on crystals, go to a science site. I’ve said it 13 million times in the past and I’ll say it again. Me and Science aren’t pals, so I’m the last person you want to explain the mineral composition and formation of crystals.

What I can do is explain why most metaphysical stores you go into have bins of awesome magic rocks that draw you over even when you don’t know what the hell they do.

Why Crystals Are Metaphysical Tools

The Chrysocolla can have a calming effect

Crystals – like people, animals and spirits – have a vibrational energy to them. These vibrations give crystals their metaphysical properties. Many of these properties are especially useful to psychics and empaths.

For example, clear quartz is a versatile crystal that can give, receive or store energy. Empaths, in particular, find it helpful when they’re working on shielding out negativity. On the other hand, Selenite has the property where you never have to cleanse it of built up negative energy.

Working With Crystals

Working with crystals can take on a number of forms. You can:

  • Carry crystals in your pockets
  • Create crystal and gem elixirs
  • Grid your home with crystals
  • Hold crystals during meditation
  • Place crystals on or around your body during healing
  • Sleep with crystals in your pillow case or under your bed
  • Wear crystals as jewelry.

Picking Your Crystals

Smoky quartz has metaphysical properties in addition to regular quartz

When you’re ready to work with crystals, there are a number of approaches you can take to picking the right crystals for you. Some people like to do Internet research or read books about the properties of crystals to determine exactly which crystals or properties they need the most.

Other people like to walk into metaphysical stores and ask the clerk what they need. This can be a risky proposition if you’re working with someone who either doesn’t know anything about crystals or doesn’t care about their properties. It’s always wise to get a feel for a store and its staff before trusting them with your psychic development.

Personally, I like to walk around the bins of crystals and just wait for something to pop out at me. Sometimes, I know I need a particular type of stone, so I let my hand hover over those stones until it goes to the perfect one. In some ways, it’s like my stones pick me.

I know that sounds a little nutty, but certain crystals just seem to resonate with me in ways others don’t.

What If You Pick a Crystal You Don’t Need?

I’ve totally done that before. At the beginning, I used to pick out crystals I thought were pretty, even when I had only a cursory knowledge of what they were for. After researching them, I learned that the properties didn’t do much for me.

At that time.

It’s amazed me how often the crystals I thought were a waste of money have come in handy in the last year. Maybe it wasn’t something I needed, but hubby got use out of it. In other cases, situations popped up months later where I did need that particular crystal.

Of course, not every crystal’s vibrational energy is going to resonate with you. If your order your crystals online, you run this risk. That’s why I recommend you make sure whoever you buy your crystals from has a return policy in place, just in case the crystal they send you isn’t the right one for you.

Back Talk Time

So, what’s your experience been with crystals? Is there any information about crystals you’d like us to discuss in future posts?


“Let your dark passenger out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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  1. Cherrie says:

    I’ve been slow to warm to the properties of crystals. Some sort of inner resistance to the hype surrounding them. But I remain open, although not yet fully embracing their usefulness for me.

    In some stuff that belonged to a family member of my husband’s, we cam across several Geodes….you know, those thunder-egg rocks that are round and you crack them open and there is a little crystal world inside them? For some reason, those ended up placed at the four corners of my home in the flower beds. No idea why I did that.

    I like the feel of natural stone beads…the bigger the better…like Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone necklaces. I am attracted to those polished rock displays or the bowls of misc beads in stores…and what do I do… hope not to be seen plunging my hands into them. But I rarely buy them.

    I like river rocks and rocks from special places. I bring them home and put them in my yard or in the house. Inside I have a few little bowls of polished rocks…some that people have given me. A rock by my chair, a rock by my bed…rocks here and there. Some have stories and some don’t. So my relationship is not really with crystals, or doing woo-woo rituals with them, they are just around me. Picked up here and there. For now, that’s as far as I’ve come. Sometimes a cold rock from the fridge on a headache is AMAZING.

    From the sciency perspective, if we use crystals to run computers, electronics, watches etc, how could anyone think they have no energy? I believe they do, but have been turned off by the hype and by the stary-eyed wanna-be gypsies who sort of give it all a comical air. I continue to walk between both the world of the practical stoic unbeliever and the nymph. I’m both still.

    • Jen Whitten says:

      I think different tools call out to different people. I’ve been attracted crystals/stones all my life for no particular reason. Other people work well with pendulums or tarot cards while I have no interest in working with them.

      What you described with your house is gridding. Have you noticed any changes to the feel of your house since you put the geodes in the four corners? Do you know what kind they are?

      Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the natural stones you’re describing have some kind of metaphysical properties as well. The earth has it’s own vibrations, so I don’t see why a little part of it wouldn’t as well. I don’t do a lot with my crystals (even though they look like colorful rocks to me) either. I might carry a few or have some set around strategically, but I’ve never been able to do much with them. Some of them buzz in my hands. Apparently I charge Chrysocollas so that other people can feel the buzzing when they couldn’t before. Done a few minor chakra alignments/healings with a combination of three. But that’s really about it. Never tried to meditate with any of them.

      It’s funny you mention the headache thing. When laying on your back, fire agate at the base of your spine, malachite over your heart and I can’t remember which one I put on my forehead is amazing for lower back pain. I have several in every color, so I probably could’ve put one on each chakra. I just didn’t see the point though when the three were doing the trick. Only added the forehead one because it felt like that was keeping the backache from becoming a headache.

  2. Cherrie says:

    I totally agree. Different strokes for different folks. Amen, sista! I’ve experimented with many many tools.

    No, I have no idea what types of geodes they are. This property had funk, the house had funk, I’ve done SO MANY little individual things to improve the house energy that it is hard for me to be able to say “Oh yes, after gridding with those geodes, the property and feel vastly improved”. But over time, and with many “interventions” it did. I also gridded by locating noxious grids with a divining rod and then interrupting those grids by pounding a long (10inch) nail into the ground at the points where the rod moved. Didn’t realize I was doing the same thing by placing the geodes, it just felt right.

    I’m sure all rocks have earth energy and are composed of so many different things that they have energetic properties, but just aren’t easily categorized or identified. I have a rock that I keep in the fridge that a massage therapist/energy worker gave me. Someone gave it to her for it’s energetic “magic” and she used it on me, and then said it wanted to go home with me. So it’s in the fridge and I use it sometime on my headaches when it calls to me (so to speak).

    I’ve been toying with and making a list of stones/beads and would like to create strands that could lay across each of the chakras. Not sure if I am interested for their properties or for the fun of a craft project, and sometime you just don’t know until you’re underway, or as you say, until much later when their purpose for yourself or another makes itself clear.

    Ever looked at the beads/stones at Fire Mountain Gems (online)? I know that our local bead store purchases (and GREATLY marks up) beads from this resource. They have some great sales. I also got a Chinese river rock from them for like $3…it’s about the size and shape of an ostrich egg and looks black at first glance but in the light there is a whole world in there. They also ship for a flat rate of $5 FedX…no matter how many lbs of “rocks” you order. I tend to gravitate towards the ones that have not been heated/dyed…the ones that just formed as they are and were cut to enhance their beauty.

    • Jen Whitten says:

      Now that I think about it…you didn’t grid your house. You need to have something in the center of it to complete and activate the grid. But I would think that forming a perimeter around your house with the geodes might at least keep things out.

      Probably would be a fun craft project. A lot of people accomplish what you’re talking about by just picking the correct colors for each chakra when they can’t find the correct type of bead.

      I don’t think I’ve ever looked at that site. I usually like to feel the energy of a stone or crystal before I bring it home, so I have to go to local shops. I have gone to online stores to read their information on the properties of certain crystals though. (I’m weird…I like to confirm properties a few different places before I believe it.)

  3. Cherrie says:

    I’m at the center of my house…grid complete :-)

    Craft Warehouse, or Michaels (two that I’ve visited in Tri Cities, WA, and Boise, ID…that have all the beads hanging on strands…I stand before that wall of beads like I’m entranced. And sorta wanna get naked and feel them all. It’s a tactile thing. Good thing I’m able to resist that urge :-)

    I totally get what you mean though about wanting to touch, and have you pick each other. For grins, you could try to use your intuition by looking at those online that attract you…cuz I’ve often found that once they arrive, I would have chosen them by feel as well.

    • Jen Whitten says:

      But if you leave the center of your house, you break the grid…

      I think I’ll stick to hitting a store a few times a year for my crystal needs. I’d prefer not to deal with ordering them online unless I have to…Since I have the choice. ;)