April 25, 2019

Are Vampires Real

When discussing vampires, the most common question to arise is whether vampires are real or not.  Books like Twilight and television shows like True Blood continue to keep vampire culture at the front of everyone’s mind – especially teenagers and the disenchanted young adults.  There is a rogue appeal to the idea of becoming something more, something powerful, something…eternal.

Are vampires real?


…and no.

Honestly, it’s a matter of perspective.  Vampires do exist.  They just don’t exist in the form made so popular by Hollywood.  The undead vampire who sleeps all day and prowls the night for unsuspecting victims is purely a work of fiction.  So is the vampire who turns into a bat, drains everyone in town of all their blood and lives forever.

Real vampires are people like you and I – even if that is as unglamorous as it gets.  Vampires go to work.  They go out in the sunlight.  Vampires even pay their taxes…and if they don’t, the IRS audits them just like everyone else.

In fact, the person with the sunny attitude and bright, cheerful clothing at work could be a vampire and, chances are, you would never know it.  It is always so clear who the vampires are in movies.  Spotting a real life vampire can be far trickier.

What makes a person a real vampire?

Despite what you may have heard, drinking blood doesn’t make someone a vampire.  When a non-vampire drinks blood, they are practicing the act of vampirism, but they do not become a vampire.  Think about it…You could drink cow’s blood and that doesn’t make you a cow; it probably just made you sick.

The difference between the act of vampirism and being a vampire is simple yet difficult to explain.  Real vampires are deficient in a specific kind of energy that they can only replenish by drawing small quantities of it from either the blood or lifeforce of an individual who is not energy deficient, a non-vampire.  Trying to “feed” off another vampire would be a wasted effort as they do not have what they need.

Yes, anyone can learn how to feed like a vampire; there’s no question about that.  There are those who drink blood because they like the taste, but they don’t need it.  Others who dabble in various psychic and paranormal activities regularly draw energy from nature – among other things – as part of their centering.

It’s the physical need to take in this missing energy that defines the difference between a real vampire and one just living the vampire lifestyle.

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  1. Lilith says:

    Then there are the other vampyres, who do not have a physical need, but rather a Presence & Essence to which people are drawn and have no idea why. They are very deliberate vampyres. I recommend Elaine Bergstrom’s novel _Shattered Glass_ to get an idea of this type of Vampyre. In my opinion she has a real grasp and understanding of the concept of the Vampyric Essence, although she may not even realize it!

  2. Admin says:

    Hmm…maybe there’s a reason she has a good grasp of vampires. ;)

  3. Joseph says:

    I sopose that vampires are real and belive that they are but thats not all the informantion I am looking for the main thing is do they have powers are they very strong can they relley turn people are they apart differnt clans what do they feed on where would the clans live at how do they relly live with themself is there a type of orign an intersting past they carry. I have been trying to discover what vampires relley are thats all I am looking for.

  4. Admin says:

    As you can probably tell, this site is still under a bit of construction and isn’t getting content added to it as regularly as we’d like at the moment.

    In the meantime, you may be able to find answers to some of your other questions here: http://darkpassenger.today.com/category/vampires-and-vampirism/

  5. stan says:

    What? No, vampires are not real. How can you people be serious? Vampire stories are fun and entertaining, that’s all.

    • Admin says:

      Really? Then why are you here?

      Take off the blinders and take a look around. The world is a different place than you’ve been told…

  6. John says:

    is the master terry nolan a Real Life Vampire
    he in milton keynes

    • Admin says:

      I’m not familiar with him. Perhaps you would be better served to ask Terry directly.

  7. max says:

    i wonder if vampires KNOW that they’re actiual vampires………….

  8. Dayana says:

    Are you a vampire? But i am still freak out about vampires exist or not. I am so obsessed with vampires. I don’t even know why. Just all of sudden i am obsessed with them.

  9. Aqua says:

    i am a vampire. i was born a vampire.blood is good.

  10. Viktor Vhampir Lombardo says:

    Ma solo nella mente.
    Lei non saprà mai che siamo. O come siamo.
    È meglio questa maniera.

    • Admin says:

      Translation for Viktor’s comment (using Bablefish):

      We exist. But only in the mind. It will not never know that we are. Or as we are. It is better this way.

  11. Dino says:

    vampires are real.I am one of them but we are not that special.We are just like you.Almost.

  12. Edward says:

    im gonna tell you all somthing that i havent told anybody so your lucky usally people dont do this but everybody im a vampire i love the taste of blood and ive killed people before i dont eat anything or drink anything accept blood im 15 years old and i figured out i was a vampire at the age of 5 i dont age either ive been a vampire if vampires aged i would be 50 by now

    • Admin says:

      You have a little problem with your math, Edward. I guess you’ve been too busy in 15 or 50 years to work on that… ;)

  13. Mike says:

    Wish i was a vampire.. That would be the shit.

  14. shane says:

    i dont think vampires exist dont get me wrong if they did that would be the shit but i cant believe in something if i don’t witness it i have obsessions over the idea of becoming a vampire but i wont get my hopes up for something that just cant happen

  15. im with u thay are real, me and my 2 friendz r vamps

  16. Karlyyy says:


  17. Scott says:

    i’ve encountered one as a friend and i just want to know what to do about it, i love the fact she’s vamp but i have no idea how i can apologise to her as i used to date her (before she told me what she is) and i want to be just like but she won’t can anybody help me with what i should do about this situation?

  18. It’s very confusing for some to believe whether or not vampires are real as the undead vampires were so popularized by the media, myths, and literature that it’s so easy to confuse real vampires from the ones so powerful and immortals.

    Honestly, you may be a vampire and yet you just don’t know it and sometimes may even be confused with the whole thing.

    I am fascinated by blood as blood is life but I never gone as far as drinking or tasting it.

    Am I a vampire? I’m not sure yet. I don’t dress like one and I certainly don’t go around telling everyone I bump into that I am.

    What’s confusing for me too, is that I feel a lot of things which may suggest that I’m either Sanguinarian or Psi but I still don’t claim that I am at least for now, well maybe I will If I’m already sure that I am but then, I’m still a private person so maybe I’ll just keep it as a little secret. :)

    • Admin says:

      Mon Desiderio – Secrecy is often best. Too few people understand what a real vampire is. They confuse reality with fictional works and media hype. :)

  19. courtney says:

    i can say that i believe in vampires completely. people need to open their eyes and see that their all around us. if you believe in ghost stories then why cant you believe in them? im not sure if im a vampire myself….but seeing isnt always believing..so look within yourself and youll see the true answer

  20. Santa_Claws says:

    Another explanation. The individual is confused or so obsessively certain that they are vampires that they believe they need the “energy.” I get that kind of a craving all the time. I see a Coke commercial on T.V. and suddenly need it. Bad. Feels like I physically need it. In fact, if I don’t get it, I feel sick the whole day. *Gasp* You don’t think I am becoming some sort of coke monster, do you?

  21. daisy says:

    Im confused about weather I am a vamp or not a vamp. im quite scared right now really. i dont know what to do.

  22. Yes, I would definitely have to agree with that. If you think that you are a vampire, might as well keep it into yourself if you can’t handle critics.

  23. Akasha says:

    Since i was as young as i can remember i have had a near craving for blood! when i first tasted blood it was like an overwhelming feeling of peace and sanctity. since then i have often drank blood. But i am scared to admit my condission. what do i do?

  24. jasmine says:

    waw!!! i sure do hope vampires are real cuz i soo love them!!!!!

  25. cody says:

    i would love to become a vamp that would be the shit i have always wanted to be one

  26. Twyla Norwest says:

    I think I do believe in vampires! Someday i will meet a vampire and see it in my own seeing and i will never forget it. I BELIEVE IN VAMPIRES!

  27. V says:

    its so hard to understand reality from truth. its every were human nature, is somtimes our weakness, our minds are always overthinking and we forget to use and listen to out basic instincts. its couse of that peaple bealive anyhting. from god, to big bang theory, to undead, curses, ghost aliens, each thing ahuman creates in there mind and bealives in,a ying and yang effecthappens, your bealivers and your non bealivers. and facts and truth on both side get lost. but its like they say if thers at least 1%posibility that somthings real or true or a lie. thers still a chance that thing is there.
    i too have fell into my mind trap. when i was 3 i had ashma attach and almost died i was 1 minet from death. then at 5 my brother slammed my head on 2 inch peaice of metal and i bleed. but i didnt feel it it didnt hurt. i escaped death twice. and i never knew why. i always felt diffrent stuck dead behind im 18. and i havent got job but im looking i feel like im ment for other things. so i literaly last year for 10 months searched for truth on imortality if its real if its posible and vampiers seemd one of them that seemed so simple. but the question reminds i bealive that vampiers are real but not as stories tell us. but out of all things. from vampiers. to gods. to demons ,angels and any other creater. why do they all have imortailty. imortality is a wierd word. peaple say it means u cant die or age. then how come vampiers can be destroyed in storys is it a diffrent imortailty of that of a god. or anyother. the real question
    peaple humans want the most is not the creator that it dose but the one thing we arent. that they are were mortal. the real question is couse our fear of death we creat illiusions of creaters that are superia to us a bass evolution of what we want. i bealuive in vampiers but not that of fiction. i bealive in god but not the bible any crack head could write that. the big bang theory suggest somthing just came and was created but somthing has to always come from somthing. but what i want to know is is ther such thing as imortality

  28. kaotez says:

    vampires are real but, dont have powers. vampirism itself is, as said, an energy deficiency. they CAN survive without it but its painful.

  29. Admin says:

    Well said, Kaotez.

    Unlike what a previous commenter said, I would say the need for additional energy is nothing like seeing a Coke commercial and succumbing to media hype…Sort of like comparing apples to elephants.

  30. kaotez says:

    also, the fact that turning into a vampire is just plain NOT possible. so for you dreamers out there, keep on dreaming. and why would someone WANT an energy deficiency? it does not help in any way. you are either BORN a vampire or you are not one at all. most people dont even find out whether they are a vampire or not. usually when a person is born a vampire they awaken in about the teens and sometimes its because of a traumatic experience that causes someone major depression that ultimately makes them lose energy because of how messed up they are afterwards. bottom line: people should not WANT to be a vampire and as i already stated, turning is NOT possible.

  31. Admin says:

    It’s nice to finally have some backup on the point of “turning.” I think the problem is that the people who are so desperate to become vampires think they’re going to become immortal and gain superhuman abilities that make them “awesome.” (Thanks, Twilight.) And rather than listening to the reality of vampirism, it’s easier to stay locked into the fantasy because it’s become an escape mechanism…imo.

  32. kelly says:

    i do believe that vampires do exist – in terms of people with some sort of ‘issue’ but that it’s not the way hollywood has made it out to be. Just the same as I have O negative blood and green eyes, and a hyperthyroidism… some people have a condition, just like women who have had tubal ligations sometimes still end up pregnant, and just like there are stories in the bible of Jesus turning water into wine – and people will always need the belief that they can become ‘something more’… people will always need something to believe in…

  33. Admin says:

    I think you make a valid point, Kelly. I just wish people could finally realize that they don’t need to be “something more” because they’re already enough.

    And, I’ve got to say, there are so many more productive ways to try to be more than wishing you had an energy deficiency just so you could say you’re a vampire. (Directing that at people in general, not Kelly…)

  34. kaotez says:

    true. also the fact that not only does twilight have people paranoid about vampirism but it also kinda ruins the MYTHs of vampirism as well. Also, REAL vampires dont just go around saying that they are vampires because they dont want to be put in a menatal hospital. and they kinda keep to themselves. and you wouldnt just go around bragging about an energy deficiency. Who wants to live with the pain of vampirism?