February 21, 2019

Being Catholic and Psychic

Share Hey dark passengers. It’s star7 and I’m here to share with you how my Catholic upbringing has influenced the way I feel about my gifts. I am a clairsentient and also a sensitive. Unfortunately I can’t remember the priest’s exact words when he spoke to us that day. I do, however, remember being in my [...]


Get Rid of that Not-So Special Someone on Valentine's Day

When you’re with the wrong person, Valentine’s Day blows. This year, why not get rid of that not-so special someone by Valentine’s Day, dark passenger style?


Dark and Unusual Names

ShareGood evening Dark Passengers! This is Star7. Jen has been insane awesome enough to allow me to post on her site. Tonight we are taking a look at names. These are examples of darker and more unusual names. The idea for this article came to me when I was searching for a cool name for [...]