April 25, 2019

Are Chemtrails Preparing Us for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Photo: Night of the Living Dead Zombies

We’ve all seen the chemtrails zigzagging the sky…and movies tell us a zombie apocalypse is inevitable. Will it all end in 2011? Is it all connected?


Ouija Superstitions

Does this simple game board hold a sinister secret?

For a simple game, the Ouija board has dozens of superstitions and urban legends surrounding it. Could any of these Ouija myths be true?


What Are Urban Legends and Superstitions?

Warning: Eating Pop Rocks with soda will make your stomach explode!

Although they have little to no basis in reality, people still believe urban legends and superstitions. Why do we believe – and even love – these modern day myths?


Conspiracy Theory Basics

With so many conspiracy theories flying around the Internet, it’s important to understand the basics if you’re going to decipher conspiracy theory fact from fiction.


Halloween Facts, Myths and Superstitions

Halloween is just around the corner, so break out those #2 pencils and dust off all that useless knowledge you have about Halloween traditions, superstitions and myths.