May 22, 2019

Real Vampires

Information about real life vampires

Can Vampires Have Sex?

When it comes to vampires and sex, everyone has an opinion. Whether it’s fictional vampires or real vampires, this is a look at if vampires are physically able to have sex.


Psi Vampire or Victim

Victims of excessive psi vampire feeding can exhibit the same symptoms as psi vampires. Learn how you can tell the difference between a psi vampire and a victim.


Energy Vampires

ShareTonight, it’s time to take another look at real vampires.  A lot of information is already out there about sanguinarian vampires – those that drink blood.  Psi vampires – those who get feed on the pranic energy of others without drinking blood  – are even becoming more well known.  There is, however, third class of [...]


What Do Vampires Eat

ShareThe question of what vampires eat is a subject that has long been discussed.  Are they only able to drink blood?  Do they actually eat their victims, bodies and all?  Can vampires eat real food? As with so many things in the realm of the vampire, we end up with yet another ambiguous answer


Do Vampires Sleep

SharePerhaps one of the first questions asked about vampires is the nature of their sleeping habits.  Where do vampires sleep?  Do vampires have to sleep in coffins?  Are vampires only able to sleep under a layer of dirt?  Must vampires sleep during the day? Do vampires sleep at all?