April 25, 2019

Clearing Negativity Before the Holiday Season

Explosion of positive energy

Will you fill your home with an explosion of positive energy this holiday season, or let negativity rule?

Welcome back, dark passengers. Where I sit, it’s a beautiful Wednesday morning full of clear skies and comfortable temperatures, so it’s hard for me to believe that the Holiday Season is nearly upon us. In fact, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away.

Because neither my family nor my in-laws are willing to drive out to my house (which isn’t that far, but whatever), I don’t have to worry about deep cleaning or decorating the house for Thanksgiving. But for a lot of you, the next two weeks will be a whirlwind of shopping, cleaning, finding enough chairs, decorating, more shopping and cooking. In the midst of making perfect all the things you can see, I wonder how many of you will take the time to clear out the things you can’t see.

If you want a cheerful holiday meal, void of excess family drama, consider spending an extra hour or so to clear the negativity in your house before your guests arrive.

And maybe keep an eye on your liquor cabinet. Come on, we’ve all got *that* relative…

Is There Negativity in Your House?

You might be reading this and thinking that your house is fine. Honestly, you may be right. When energy builds up in a home, it isn’t always bad energy. Sometimes, it’s positive and loving.

But there’s a problem with making that assumption and totally skipping this exercise: We get used to our surroundings. We get used to our own personalities. Basically, we can get used to anything, which is why so many of us can sidestep around unpacked boxes months after moving into a new home or live around clutter that would be unbearable to others.

The human ability to adapt isn’t always a great thing…

True Story Time

The first time I went to buy sage and sweet grass to smudge my home, the lady in the shop told me I didn’t necessarily have to know where the trouble spots were as long as I went into every room during the smudging. The sage smoke would know where the negative energy was and handle it. Yeah…sure it would. Just sell me the magic herbs or whatever and let’s get on with this, I thought.

Side note: As an Empath, I’ve always been pretty good at determining where the problem is in a room because it feels off to me. But crazy magic herb lady was right and the smoke went straight to the areas where I knew it needed it most – without my assistance.

Recently, I noticed a disturbance in my office – no, not of the Force variety – so I decided it was time to smudge the room. I’m honestly not sure if it was a spirit bothering me, built up negative energy or some sort of by-product of all the electrical equipment in here. It was probably a little of all three, in retrospect.

But here’s the “fun” thing about this ordinary smudging: Where do you think the smoke went first?


Once again, in retrospect, I’m able to see that my attitude was lacking. After I was done choking on the sage smoke, I laughed it off, acknowledged that I needed a severe attitude adjustment and finished off the room. Disturbance gone.

Assessing Negativity in Your House

Just like my inability to see my own negative behavior, you may be used to the negativity swirling around you in your house. It’s okay. It happens to even the happiest or most sensitive among us at times.

And it’s easier to detect than you think, even if you don’t have a curtain of sage smoke to lead the way. To assess the negativity level in your house:

  1. Get out. You need a change of scenery and atmosphere if you’re going to notice a difference.
  2. Clear your mind. Make your mind a blank, neutral slate. Bringing in your own positive or negative thoughts will color your opinion of the house’s energy level.
  3. Remove expectations. You can be a paranormal skeptic and still sense the tone of your house. I’m not asking you to find a ghost, just see how your house makes you feel.
  4. Take your time. Move from room to room. Look around. Stand in the center with your eyes closed. How does each room make you feel?

The important thing to keep in mind during this exercise is that everything will be amplified on the actual holiday because your guests may be under stress when they arrive. Unfortunately, stress can make us downplay the positive energy in a room, while kicking up the volume on any negative energy.

Dealing With Negative Energy So Your Guests Don’t Have To

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, shall we, dark passengers? If you have a malevolent or mischievous spirit hanging out in your house, this is a problem. Spirits don’t always like new people, but they can feed on the combined energy of a crowd. Deal with any unwanted ghostly visitors before your holiday guests arrive.

Smudging Away Negativity

I’m going to be really honest, y’all. I’m a big believer in smudging with sage (to clear negativity) and sweet grass (to invite in positive energy); however, I’ve heard it doesn’t work for everyone. I’m not the metaphysical smudging guru, so I don’t fully know why it’s hit or miss. I suspect it has something to do with an individual’s belief in what will work and possibly their heritage.

Since I’m told sage and sweet grass is really from a Native Indian ritual, I suppose it makes sense for it to work for me because I’ve got a little bit of that in my genetic mix. I’ve noticed that I tend to make little unconscious crosses in the air with the sage bundle as well. Again, because of the religious beliefs I was raised with, it makes sense that it would work.

That said, if you don’t feel like sage is going to work for you…it won’t. I know people who’ve lit angel or saint candles, others who mark doorways with holy water or oil. Still others simply go from room to room reciting their favorite prayers.

This is a situation where you can do whatever feels right based on your spiritual or cultural beliefs. Just make sure you actually do it.

Clearing Negativity When You Don’t Believe in Any of This

I acknowledge and respect the fact that not everyone believes in religion or the paranormal, though I don’t fully understand why you’d still be reading this post if you don’t. But here’s the question for you: Do you believe in the power of your own mind?

No, I don’t mean in some kind of “if I believe it enough, I can pick up my couch using only my mind, man” way.

If you don’t believe in any of this, that’s fine. Still, do a walk-thru of your house and really think about what you see. Is there a picture you hate? Did your husband dress up the stupid dancing gopher from Caddyshack like Santa Claus and put it on the coffee table? (I really hope I didn’t just give hubby an idea…)

The point is that when you aren’t happy with something in your home, it affects your mood. As the host of your home’s holiday celebration, YOU set the tone for how all the guests will feel. If you’re relaxed and at ease, your guests will feel at home. If you’re a giant ball of stress who’s ready to breathe fire over lumpy mashed potatoes, well…I wouldn’t particularly like to be your guest this holiday season.

If there’s any way for you to remove the object of your stress or unhappiness before your guests arrive, do it. If you can’t, minimize your own reaction to it by surrounding it with things that make you happy. Sure, you may be ready to murder your husband when he announces to the room that he did everything for the meal because he opened a can of cranberry sauce, but you’ll be less annoyed if he says it while wearing the most ridiculous snowman sweater you could find.

In what ways will you clear the negativity from your house before your holiday celebrations? Any suggestions for keeping negative energy at bay while guests are around?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

Photo Credit: Lukasz Strachanowski, Flickr.

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  1. *lynne* says:

    I really enjoyed this article, Jen :) I also have yet to pick up sage and sweet grass and have a go at our apartment… I *might* have seen some on sale at the one “metaphysical” store I visited a few months ago, might need to go back and check it out again :)

    In the, ummm, “school of thought of a particular branch of yoga that I’m on the outskirts of”, there’s a huge emphasis on vibrations, andspecifically using vibrated rosewater to clear a room of negativity: put that stuff in a spray bottle and pump away! I’ve not tried that either. The whole vibrations thing, sometimes (rarely) I ‘get’ it, most of the time, well, let’s just say “I want to believe”. :p

    • Jen Whitten says:

      I’m familiar with vibrations because I deal with them a lot when working with crystals…I’m just not sure how I would up the vibrations of rose water. Then again, I’m usually allergic to the scent of roses, so that’s one I should maybe stay away from until sage stops working for me. :)

      Depending on what size bundle of sage you get, you can normally get it fairly cheap, even when it’s not on sale. Never seen multiple sizes of sweet grass braids though…

  2. Cherrie Ward says:

    The white on black background gives me a headache to read. Weird.

    Anyway, I smudge too. For no particular reason, other than it seems to work, even in the dead of winter, I start at one place and work my way in a circle around the entire inside of the house. When I get back to where I started, I open (in the same circular route) ever window and door. Until I really feel a good swirl blast of air (unless of course it is August and there IS no air moving)…then close it back up.

    I have not tried it yet, but will…some people clear/clean energy with sound and vibration…rattles, drums, singing bowls. It changes the vibrational structure…somehow. I haven’t tried it mostly because when the energy is bad in my house I usually end up with a headache and the last thing I feel like doing then is making a lot of noise.

    Even a stick of incense or scented candles and some nice music will help to maintain and improve better energy in the home, or at least it seems to for me.

    My husband hates the smell of sage (I love it)….he thinks it smells like burning trash or pot. Yeah, kind of…but in a good way.

    There have been a couple of times, when, like you say, the funk was stuck to ME…I’ve smudged myself, breathed it, and even smoked some in a pipe (I never smoke ordinarily)to clear and cleanse within.

    Good article!

    • Jen Whitten says:

      I actually worried about that happening because of the color scheme when I did the site redesign a few months back, but after looking at WAY too many templates, this was the only one I could find that did what I wanted. I just wish they’d come out with it in white or a light background color. :(

      My hubby also hates the smell of sage. He says it aggravates his allergies, so I always have to make a point to smudge when he’s not home…or will be on the other side of the house if I’m only doing one room.

  3. Cherrie Ward says:

    At least I can read it when it arrives in my mailbox…then it has black on white. Coming here to comment I just try to get in and get out before my eyes freak out.

    I also smudge when hubby is gone…but it does tend to linger. So, I don’t do it as much as I would like. And…he’s learning…if he comes home and smells it…first thing he says is “Um…is everything alright? You OK?” Cuz he knows I tend to reserve it for serious negative ju-ju.

    And truly, for me, it seems that the holding and spreading of the smudge smoke helps you keep your focus on your intention…and I always fall back to a deeper sense of knowing that my intention is what moves the energy, not the smoke…but I have the attention span of a gnat, so the smudging process helps me focus my intent. Personally I think that same thing about all rituals. I don’t really believe…for me…that they hold power themselves, but they help us focus our intent and therein, lies the power…the power of our thoughts and intent.

    • Jen Whitten says:

      That’s a good point. In and of itself, I doubt sage is powerful. I’ve always believed it’s more about the intention and belief than the item itself…which is possibly why it doesn’t work for some people. They’d rather have the “magic pill” solution fix their troubles than *really* focus their attention on it.

      Hmm…that might explain why fewer people are commenting these days (unless I’m just that much more boring than I used to be). I think another redesign might be in my future. :/