April 25, 2019

Dexter Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Crocodile

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Episode Title:  “Crocodile”

Opening Line:
“I dream.  I dream I’m floating on the surface of my own life, watching it unfold, observing it. I’m the outsider looking in.”

Episode Summary: In the second episode of season 1, Dexter has his day in court to testify as a blood-spatter expert.  We learn Dexter loves coming to court, not because he likes to talk about his work, but because he can often find the next monster he must destroy…opportunity.

His first stop after court is a crime scene under an overpass where a victim is found.  Something turns up in the victims mouth and – yuck! – it’s human flesh.  Turns out, this victim is a fellow cop, Ricky Simmons.  Doakes and LaGuerta go to notify his wife, but they find her on the floor, slashed up, bleeding and still alive.

Doakes becomes obsessed with finding Ricky’s killer while Dexter makes another visit to court to watch the testimony of Matt Chambers.  Then, back at the crime scene, Dexter and Angel reconstruct what happened to the wife and discover a rogue drop of blood that isn’t hers.

Dexter makes small talk at a bar with a drunk Matt Chambers.  Once he leaves, he recovers the shot glass so he can get a fingerprint.  He discovers that Matt Chambers has done this over and over, thus fulfilling the code of Harry.

Ricky’s killer is removed from his cell, presumably to be moved to a more secure location.  Actually, he is being killed on behalf of his boss.  Doakes cannot handle this and begins to fall apart.  Gee, wonder why he’s taking this case so personally.  Oh, yeah, guess it was because Doakes has been nailing Ricky’s wife.  Looks like LaGuerta managed to put the pieces together on her own – for once.  She lets him know she knew right after revealing the wife died in the hospital.

Dexter has the chance to take out the head of a crime family at the restaurant with Deb, but he doesn’t. He follows the code of Harry and goes back for Matt Chambers.  Time for him to pay for his crimes, even if he does say the family of the victim set him up.  Ironically, Dexter kills Chambers in an old liquor store.

Matt Chambers, Vehicular Manslaughter

Main Plot Development:
Debra finds the truck used by the Ice Truck Killer.  Inside, they discover a block of ice containing a victim’s fingertips.  Each fingertip is painted a different color, just like the Barbie in Dexter’s refrigerator.

At the Captain’s request, Lt. LaGuerta is moving Debra from Vice to Homicide.  Once Dexter gets home from finding out the good news, he finds that the Barbie doll is no longer there so he’s left with only the head.  He hangs the Barbie head from his faucet and stares at it while taking a bath.

Closing Line:
“He came back and left nothing behind but a message: Come find me.  And I will.  There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.”

Romantic Plot Development: Dexter sets up a double date with Rita, Debra and her new boy toy, Sean.  But before that, we see Dexter hanging with Rita and the kids, eating chocolate chip cookies.

The double date is a disaster.  Dexter is busy staking out a perp while Sean and Debra make out like horny kids at a drive-in movie. Rita looks horribly out of place.  Once they get home, Rita watches with googly eyes while Dexter tucks in her kids.  Afterwards, they curl up to watch the news, but Rita has other ideas.  He goes for 2nd base and Rita freaks out.

How many times he wears the ritual clothes: 2

My Thoughts:
Out of all the Dexter episodes I’ve seen – and trust me, I’ve seen ‘em all – this one wasn’t among the best.  Not a lot of development on the Ice Truck Killer case.  Not a lot of personal growth on Dexter’s part and not much happening with his relationship with Rita.  Viewers who are new to the series might decide that show sucks and be done with it.  Of course, that would be a mistake. Groundwork is still being laid.  Give it another episode or two and the fireworks will begin.

The one thing I will say annoys me about this show more than anything else is the way criminals and cops alike will have conversations in Spanish without subtitles.  I mean, I may live in Texas, but that doesn’t mean I’ve learned another language.  Come on Dexter peeps, help a language-challenged girl out with some subtitles!

Vote for the best line!

  1. “The Ice Truck Killer left me a gruesome souvenir.  Explaining could be kind of…awkward.”
  2. “First he throws a severed head at me, then he leaves me these doll parts. Like a puzzle.  I like puzzles.”
  3. “I see their pain.  On some level I even understand their pain.  I just can’t feel their pain.”
  4. “Another beautiful Miami day; mutilated corpses with a chance of isolated showers.”
  5. “I think he’s trying to impress me. It’s working.”
  6. “Matt Chambers may have found a way to beat the system, but so have I.”
  7. LaGuerta: “It’s not about your win. It’s about the bigger picture.”
  8. Harry: “It’s not about vengeance.  It’s not about retaliation or balancing the books.  It’s about something deep inside.”
  9. Matt: “Home is where my ass is.”
  10. “If God is in the details and I believed in God then he’s in this room with me.  I just wish he’d brought an extension cord.”
  11. “We have an elephant in the room and its name is sex.”
  12. “In slaughterhouses, they stun animals before slaughtering them.  It’s the humane thing to do.  Those animals, they’re the lucky ones.”
  13. Matt: “It was me, but it wasn’t.  It was the booze.  It takes me over.”

So, what did you think of the episode?  Have you seen it yet?


“Dark. Deadly. Delightful.”

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