April 25, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.01 Recap – My Bad

The Getaway (Dexter)

Killing Trinity was only the beginning of Dexter Morgan's nightmare...

Well, dark passengers, the wait is officially over – until next week, at least. Season 5 of Dexter kicked off tonight with “My Bad.” I had high hopes for the first episode of the new season, I really did, but it pains me to say I’d only give this week’s Dexter a B+ after the first viewing.

And trust me y’all, it hurts to say that. Dexter isn’t just my favorite show, it’s my favorite show of all time.

Why am I being so tough on this first episode of the season? Let’s talk about what happened, shall we?

Previously on Dexter…

The fifth season of Dexter started us out with a recap of the relationship between Dexter Morgan and Rita Bennett. We spent a few minutes flipping through the early part of their courtship, the proposal, wedding, baby (out of order, by the way) and that tragic final scene of Rita in the bathtub, dead, while Harrison sits on the tile in a pool of her blood. We get just enough of the Trinity scenes to remember who actually murdered Rita.

But that’s it.


Don’t get me wrong, I get that Rita’s death is a big deal that will drive the season from beginning to end, but it was the serial killer mentor thing going on between Trinity and Dexter that led to her death. The moment he didn’t kill Trinity in the woods, Rita’s fate was sealed. Well, okay, I thought it would either be Rita or Deb early in the season, but later it became obvious that Dexter Morgan couldn’t stay “happy” husband and father past the season’s end.

Season 5 Starts…

Just like season 4 ends.

Unlike the previous seasons of Dexter, no time elapses. We leave off last season with Dexter walking out with a crying Harrison and this season we started with the muted crying of Harrison. We’ll learn later that Dexter’s already called 911, but in the beginning, it’s chaos. Utter chaos.

  1. Someone’s trying to take Harrison from Dexter to put him into protective services.
  2. Deb’s running onto the scene to stop them.
  3. Masuka and Quinn are in the bathroom, staring at Rita’s lifeless body.
  4. Angel and LaGuerta arrive. She’s upset – moreso than is reasonable – and yells at everyone to clear out because Trinity is an FBI case.

Speaking of the FBI, they want to question Dexter about why he told first responders it was him. Debra and LaGuerta save him from the questions…for now. He’ll still have to answer to the FBI suit later, but for now he gets to leave with Deb and Harrison. Only Quinn takes Dexter’s look of shock to be out of place, especially considering how upset the neighbor who kissed Rita is.

Seriously, I know it’s an expectation to cry when your spouse dies, but I really don’t know if I would in that situation. Sure…heart attack, car accident…tears o’plenty. Everyone expects their spouse to die someday, far in the future. You don’t expect to come home to your wife dead in the bathtub, an obvious murder victim, while your son screams in her blood. How do you react to that, really? I’m not serial killer and I think I’d be too shocked to cry…yet.

Anyway. Dexter floats through that night, through the funeral home arrangements, telling Astor and Cody. He’s in a cloud of guilt. No one can understand why he’s so unemotional. Astor even tells him she wishes he was dead because she thinks her mom, Cody, Harrison and herself would all have been better off without him in their lives.

Deb’s Not Okay Either…

Meanwhile, Quinn meets Deb at the house once the crime scene’s cleared by the FBI. He thinks they’re there for clues; instead, the scrub all the blood from the bathroom because Deb doesn’t want Dexter to have to deal with it. When they’re done, he asks her if she’s okay. Finally, Deb breaks down. Quinn’s comforting embrace turns into Deb full-on attacking him. He pushes her back after the first kiss, but when does Debt not get what she wants.

So, Deb and my least favorite character do it on Dexter’s kitchen floor.

Deb freaks out afterward, asking him not to look while she gets dressed, to put on a sheet or something when he follows her – naked – into the bedroom, where she’s picking out dresses for Dexter to look at. Deb continues to be a psycho until she drives out of the scene, leaving a confused Quinn to talk to Elliott about his Thanksgiving lip lock with Rita.

And, really, since Quinn’s had a hard-on for Dexter since last season, should we really be surprised that he’s listening to the 911 call over and over and running with what Masuka tells him about Elliott and Rita? The only thing that surprises me is that Quinn and Deb didn’t hook up two seasons ago. I mean, we ALL saw that one coming.

After getting primal with Quinn, Deb continues running all the funeral errands that Dexter’s too catatonic to handle. LaGuerta calls her about Dexter missing his FBI interview/debrief/interrogation. Deb gets home to find the crazy cat lady from downstairs feeding ice cream to Harrison.

In the words of Deb, “Where the fuck are you Dexter?”

Apparently, Dexter’s torching his train car full of murder goodies, minus his ritual clothes, “tools” and trophies. He reasons that the kids will all be better off with Deb. He even visits Rita at the funeral home to tell her that he’s a serial killer and “I’m sorry I led you to believe I’m human.”

You might be wondering if the entire episode was about Debra Morgan at this point. It wasn’t. Dexter floated from scene to scene, but spent the bulk of the season 5 premiere remembering his first date with Rita. At first, it seems a little sweet.

Dexter and Rita: How…Sweet?

Then we learn he picked the restaurant because he was hunting someone, faked a stomach bug so he could first slip outside to stuff the guy in his trunk and then rush back in to throw some money on the table and leave under the extremely poor guise of illness.

Later, Rita calls him to see if he’s okay and make sure she didn’t offend him. Dexter throws some trash bags o’body parts into the water and tells her no. Then she tells him that he makes her feel like life could be better. She tells him she didn’t like the way the date ended because “I feel like we never got a proper goodbye.”

“Goodbye Rita Bennett.”

Goodbye Rita Morgan…

Finally…The Blood Theme Music…

When Dexter stops to refuel his boat, he runs into the rudest man ever. He does the only logical thing: follows him into the bathroom and beats him into a bloody pulp with an anchor or 4-pronged hook thingy. (I don’t fish or boat…No clue, but it caused much blood to hit Dexter.) As Dexter looks at himself in the mirror, Harry FINALLY makes an appearance to tell  him, “That’s the first human thing you’ve done.” Then he totally flips the script on everything he said to Dexter last season and lets him know that his children are better of with him IN their lives.

Back at the Funeral…

The FBI stalk the funeral, looking for Dexter, who’s extremely late. Deb continues her weirdness with Quinn. LaGuerta finally opens up to Sergeant Hubby about why she didn’t fight the FBI for Rita’s case.


Based on the estimated time of death, Rita was dying while Dexter was witnessing their marriage vows. If he hadn’t been there, he might’ve been home protecting his wife. That’s just more than LaGuerta could bear a mere 10 hours after getting married.

Dexter does arrive at the funeral and gives a eulogy. It’s not terribly moving, but I think the simple fact he could come up with anything to say after being almost catatonic all episode is some sort of small progress, even if he does take a major emotional back step over Rita’s murder.

The episode ends with Dexter’s acknowledgment (in voiceover) that he cared about her. End scene.

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

For me, the episode fell flat. I didn’t expect Dexter to be the epitome of grief and normal human emotion, but I did expect him to have some sort of feelings beyond guild and ‘oh poor me, I’m such a bad person.’ Dude, you’re a serial killer. Get over yourself. Now isn’t really the time to come unhinged.

Rather than previews for next week, we get a season’s worth. Lots going on. Looks like Deb and Quinn will have multiple repeats of getting it on and then Deb’s freakout fleeing. Slimy weasel Quinn looks to be helping the FBI determine that Dexter Morgan is Kyle Butler.

Can we just kill Quinn already? I’ve been waiting for him to die since midway through season 3. He just rubs me the wrong way…

But, I still have high hopes for the rest of season 5. This season’s serial killer prey is someone who leaves decapitated heads to look like some sort of ritual offering. Is it an occult related murder or just made to look that way? We don’t know yet, but I know one thing for sure…

I can’t wait for next Sunday night. Am I the only one?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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  1. deb is way too skinny. Debs Partner looks like Skeletor… he is even more skinny. The whole thing feels like a billy mays commercial… its too early for me to give up on season 5 but I hope it gets better. I feel like they are trying too hard.

    All I can do is keep trying to love Dexter… and Hope that the show recovers.


    • Jen Whitten says:

      That’s too funny, Daniel! I was making that same observation to Hubby while they were doing the million close-ups of Quinn. He looks like he’s aged a lot since last season…or I’m just hyper critical because I HATE the character for some reason.

      I think Season 5 will get better. I remember not liking the first episode of Dexter much last season either. It’s like they need a full episode to ease us in before they throw the really cool stuff at us.

      It must get better. :)

  2. Bloodshows says:

    I was also expecting this episode to be much better. Don’t get me wrong, it was an excellent episode like they all are, but there were just a couple of scenes I thought were not right. The first one is when Dexter set all of his files, personal items, etc…on fire. I might be wrong here, but wasn’t that shed right behind the house? He doused that whole place with gasoline and seconds later it was engulfed in flames. But then the scene just ended right there. I would have thought somebody would have confronted him about it. The other scene is just sort of a technical thing I thought they got wrong. It’s the scene where he turned that inbred hillbilly’s head into a lovely mound of mush. I didn’t count, but I’m guessing he smacked his head in at least 6 or 7 times. Maybe more. But take a look at the anchor on the very last wack. Not a drop of blood what so ever. That thing should have been dripping nonstop with blood. And with blood being a VERY important subject in the Dexter series, it should have been caught.

    I’ve said this many times in the past, but I believe Dexter fans would be the best technical advisors they oculd ever get. lol. Oh well, thank you for having this area. Take care.

    • Jen Whitten says:

      You know, I thought the same thing at first, too. But he wasn’t burning down the shed by the house. Remember in season 4 when Cody fell through the roof of Dexter’s shed and he was freaking out about all his stuff? At the end of that episode, Dexter moved his stuff to an empty railroad car. No idea exactly where it was, but I’m under the impression those things are fireproof, so the inside would burn and the outside would be okay.

      Might have been nice for them to show that in the previews to jog our memories after a year… :)

    • Bloodshows says:

      I can’t believe I forgot about that. Was I sorta correct on the anchor? I know it’s not really a big deal to most, but when it comes to Dexter and blood…well, you know.

      • Jen Whitten says:

        Honestly, I didn’t even pay attention to the anchor he was beating the guy with. I was more concerned with the fact that he was getting blood all over him, anyone could walk in, he hadn’t prepared the room, wasn’t killing as part of the ritual/code…etc. But now that you mention it, I’m going to be on the lookout when I watch the episode again. Having only seen it once, I’m sure there’s a lot I missed.

        And it was really easy to miss where he was burning everything. I spent the first half of the scene freaking out to Hubby about how guilty he was going to look by burning down the shed next to the house before I calmed down enough to realize it didn’t look like the inside of the shed. (My husband probably thinks he’s married to a total lunatic.) It was only when I was writing this recap that I remembered he’d moved everything to an offsite location.