January 18, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.03 Recap – Practically Perfect

Dexter in Legos

Dexter may not be back to work, but will his first planned kill help him get over his loss?

Happy Sunday, dark passengers. Tonight I can honestly say that Dexter is back on his game. This episode was brilliant – writing, acting and casting. The whole package; it was exactly the kind of thing I’ve come to expect from the cast and crew of Dexter over the last four years.

But I won’t give it a perfect grade. No A+ for tonight’s episode of Dexter. Why? The answer is really simple.

Trinity raised the bar.


Now, just being a well-written and well acted episode isn’t enough to earn top marks. Last season – especially the final handful of episodes – changed the game. So, I have to stick with a solid A for “Practically Perfect.”

Here’s why…

Previously on Dexter…

The previouslies drug on and on and on for me tonight, y’all. I normally love them, but tonight…blech. But with an ep like that following it…come on. Of course I feel that way.

Anyway. We got to see Astor handing Dexter his heart on a silver platter when she told him she wanted to leave. We got to see Bautista get into his fight over Lieutenant Wifey. We got to see all the weirdness between Quinn and Deb. We even got to see the details of their Santa Muerta killing.

And, they reminded us that we hate Quinn because he’s piecing together the sketches of Kyle Butler to look like Dexter. As if I *really* need a reason to hate Quinn. That guy bugs me big time.

Oh, yeah…and WAY more Boyd Fowler creepiness than I wanted to see…again.

On Tonight’s Dexter…

The episode begins with Deb interrogating a perky blond about her drug use. I think we’re supposed to believe this was for a case, but I thought it was obviously nanny interviews. They go on as woman after flawed woman sit in the chair to answer Deb’s psychotic aunt questions while Dexter and Harrison watch, silent, from the side.

Dexter is musing that no one short of Mary Poppins would pass Deb’s screening when the perfect nanny saves us from a full episode of interviews. I had a little bit of trouble focusing on everything she said because 1. I kept having to pause it for Hubby and 2. I was pretty sure she was the chick who played the first queen Katherine on the Tudors. Since I didn’t know, it tortured me for the entire episode until the credits at the end confirmed that King Henry’s first cast off bride was, in fact, Dexter’s new nanny.

At the Station…

At the station, the department reviews video of strange behavior of the victim’s husband at an ATM a few hours before he said heidi ho to his shotgun. Everyone wants to believe he had ants in his pants because he just killed his wife, but Deb thinks different. She asks to go back and canvas the neighborhood again.

And she wants Bautista to go to, for the the Hispanic cop presence.

Before they leave, LaGuerta pulls Bautista aside for a little chat about the bar fight. What really happened? He tells her it’s handled. That’s that with that.

For now.

Near the end of the episode, Masuka will tell her Bautista is a knight in shining armor and she should be polishing his lance…but not the way it sounds. She demands and gets the truth from Bautista in private. She thinks it’s okay until she learns hubby’s temper went too far, the other cop ended up in the hospital with internal bleeding and is pressing charges. Internal Affairs also tells her that Bautista could lose his shield over this.

And do time in jail.

Dexter and Harrison

Dexter takes Harrison to see a counselor. He’s surprised – and relieved – when she says he’s too young to remember anything. Basically, Dexter’s fears of having to pass on the Code of Harry to Harrison might be premature. But he’ll have years yet to psychologically damage his son…lest anyone was worried about that.

She leaves him with the thought. “Do something for Dexter.” “Dexter will.”

Oh, you have no idea lady. No freakin’ idea.

If you want to see the scene, it’s posted on my Facebook wall.

Dealing with Santa Muerta

Quinn, having the emotional maturity of a gnat, chooses neighborhood canvas time to tell Deb exactly how many days and hours it’s been since they had sex. Yeah, Deb was surprised he knew that too. He tells her that it’s been so long that they may as well be married. Yeah, Deb freaks out on him a little bit for that until Bautista walks up.

Gee…couldn’t it just have been a one time thing? When did Quinn become a woman?

Deb, Quinn and Bautista all strike out in the neighborhood. They talk briefly about how Bautista’s Cuban and this is a Venezuelan neighborhood. Then they touch on how strange it is for people to still be too scared to talk if the killer is really dead. Hello, Santa Muerta theory.

They call in the beat cop who first presented the cult idea and she becomes Deb’s new bff. She drives Deb nuts – which is odd since it wasn’t so long ago that Deb was the beat cop driving Doakes nuts – but they get some information from a guy at a backroom occult shop. Beat cop goes back the next day, gets a description of the guys who bought the Santa Muerta figure and then his head becomes the next occult offering.

Dexter is TOTALLY going to love this case when he gets back to work.

Dexter Goes Back to Work

Okay, so Dexter doesn’t rejoin the peeps at Miami Metro, but he runs into Boyd Fowler again while tailing him. They talk and Boyd offers “Darrell Tucker” a job  Dexter has less than 24 hours to prepare his kill room, but he finds an abandoned welcome center along Boyd’s route.

The next morning, Dexter calls in a crocodile on Boyd’s route, but they don’t get the call until lunch time. As Dexter watches Boyd scrape dead animal off the road, he muses about what a waste of a day this is. Boyd invites Dexter to lunch, but they call comes in. Boyd jumps at the chance because it sounds interesting.

After they get out of the truck, Dexter injects Boyd, who turns around and shoots him in the gut with a tranquilizer dart. They both pass out.

Good thing there was no croc…

Dexter comes to in the ambulance. Both Dexter and Boyd play it off as an accident, but the look on Boyd’s face tells us that he knows what really happened, even if the EMTs didn’t find Dexter’s needle.

At the hospital, Boyd gets out of his exam room and finds a weapon. When he pulls back the curtain, he finds that Dexter was one step ahead of him. He slips out of the room and heads home.

Where Dexter’s waiting! :D

This time, Dexter injects him and manages to not get shot with the very real gun Boyd has in his hand. He calls the nanny to discover Harrison took his first step. He reflects on that, then gets to work.

Boyd wakes up to a room covered in newspaper and the sound of Dexter sharpening a knife, wearing a stupid yellow apron. Instead of the usual plastic, Boyd’s duct taped down.

I guess it really is good in all situations, huh?

They talk for a few moments so that Dexter can paint a word picture of the women Boyd killed. Boyd tells him he can’t imagine what he’s getting into, but Dexter stabs him through the heart. Our boy is back.

Except…he now feels even emptier than before.

We’re busy taking in the ramifications of a kill that provides no release for a serial killer when Dexter hears something coming from  behind a door. What might we have here? A bird? A plane?

No, it’s Boyd’s latest victim.

And she saw everything. As Dexter puts it “She saw me.”

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

So, dark passengers, now we have a dilemma. This woman – played by Julia Stiles – doesn’t meet the Code of Harry, so Dexter can’t just kill her. But she saw too much, so he can’t let her get away. This is a pickle for our Dark Defender, that’s for sure.

In the previews, we see Dexter tell her that she’s safe, but that he can’t let her go. She gets away and starts running for help. Will he catch her in time?

Probably. It’s too early in the season to be the end of our Dexter.

Of course, if Quinn gets his way, he’ll find out in this next episode that Dexter Morgan is Kyle Butler.

What did you think of this week’s new episode of Dexter, dark passengers. I clearly think we’re back on track. Do you agree?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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