January 18, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.04 Recap – Beauty and the Beast

The Dark Defender

Is Dexter a murderer to fear or is he the Dark Defender?

Welcome back, dark passengers. Tonight we had a brand new episode of Dexter and let me tell you, it went by WAY too fast. That’s always the sign of a great episode, in my opinion.

Tonight’s episode of Dexter was another solid A, based on writing, casting and acting. Since we’re now officially one-third of the way through the season, I’d say we’re exactly where we need to be on the story arc to set us up for one interesting season.

Granted, I still don’t think it’s possible to top season 4 because Trinity was the best bad guy EVER.

Previously on Dexter

Tonight, the previouslies were short and sweet…just the way I like ‘em. Here’s what went down:

  • Hi, I’m Boyd. Hi, Boyd. I’m Dexter and I’m going to stab you through the heart
  • Oh, crap. That chick in Boyd’s attic just watched me stab him through the heart
  • Hey, Quinn, we had sex. “Was it good sex?” So not answering that
  • Wow, look! I made a sketch of Dexter by cutting up the three other sketches. I so rock. Gee, do you think Deb will sleep with me again?
  • Hi, I’m Jonah – you know, Trinity’s abused son. I don’t have anything interesting to say, but Kyle Butler is sorta my idol
  • Did you just say my wife gives the best blow jobs in Miami? I’m gonna beat the crap outta you, even if you are a cop
  • Did you just say my husband beat the crap out of another cop…and you’re going to put him in jail maybe? I totally should’ve gone on a honeymoon because this place blows…and not as good as I do.

Off topic, but drawings of guys getting head is what’s popping up in my contextual picture selector. Mention one little blow job and suddenly my sidebar is filled with porn. Not like I’ve mentioned Dexter 57 times in the first paragraph or anything.

Dexter. Dexter. Dexter.

Shouldn’t he have just appeared in my house?

Tonight on Dexter…Beauty and the Beast

So, we kick off tonight’s episode with Dexter attending to the injuries of the wounded chick from Boyd’s attic. The room is covered in plastic, so we can assume Boyd’s body is on a swampy vacation and Dexter’s moved chick to the original kill room he set up. Gee, I wonder what time it is…

Harry’s with him and bothering him about what he’s doing and rule number one of the Code. Dexter says “Don’t kill innocents.” ERRRRRR. It’s don’t get caught, but nice try. Well, okay, Harry doesn’t think it’s a nice try, he thinks Dexter’s slipping up. First, he lost it on that guy in the restroom, then he killed Boyd in front of a witness, one he now appears to be nursing back to health.

At this point, y’all, I really have to wonder if Harry is still our voice of reason, or if he’s just there to be contrary to whatever Dexter’s doing. I mean, at one point, he was basically the conscious for our Dark Defender. Now, it sounds to me like he’s trying to convince Dexter to murder this girl…especially later when we learn that no one’s looking for her.

Anyway, she wakes up and Dexter has to stab her in the neck with a needle to calm her down.

“Fuck me in both ears.” – Deb

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Deb’s lines? I started loving them first season with “Sweet Mary, mother of fuck that’s good.” Clearly, bad language doesn’t bother me all that much.

So, Debra says that brilliant line after she convinces Dexter to come to her crime scene because they’ve been there all night and have nothing to show for it. Yes, dark passengers, I said all night. You’d think Dexter might give Queen Katherine, Nanny Extraordinaire a courtesy call, but instead he changes his shirt and heads to the crime scene.

In a matter of moments he determines:

  1. Where the body was standing when struck
  2. How many hacks it took to decapitate him with the machete
  3. How the head was dragged
  4. When the tongue was removed
  5. That the killer smokes cheap cigars, based on the ash in the blood pool.

I know he only knows this stuff because of medical training and, you know, the fact that he kills people, but I might actually be in love with Dexter after that awesome ninja crime scene breakdown…

While everyone is off in search of the cigar, he slips a glass with chick’s fingerprints into the evidence bag and leaves.

The Rest of the Episode in Fast Forward

A LOT happened tonight in the episode, so let’s just hit the high points in whatever order they come to me…It’ll be fun. Promise.

  • Quinn wastes the entire episode following around the FBI agent so that he can flash a picture of Dexter to Jonah in a convenience store, demanding to know if that’s Kyle Butler. Jonah remembers he loves Dexter more than I do and doesn’t give Quinn an answer before his FBI haul Quinn out of there. His awesome stalker/tracker/psycho efforts are rewarded by LaGuerta with an unpaid suspension.
  • Dexter finds out chicks name is Lumen Ann Pierce. Really? Lumen? She tells him her name is Rachel and refuses to take the aspirin, water or antibiotics he gives her. She freaks out on him again and this time he just leaves and locks her up.
  • Bautista goes to apologize to the cop he beat up, but it doesn’t make a difference to IA. LaGuerta says she’s wondering what it’ll take to make this go away and the IA guy brings up the blow job comment. I guess we know what *he* thinks it’ll take to make it all go away…
  • Deb gets a partial print off the cigar butt and an ID on the killers. They raid an apartment holding 9,000 people and the guy takes a hostage, slicing his throat before he escapes. Deb’s so shaken up by everything that she decides spending the night with Quinn is her best option…
  • Well, as we all expected, Queen Nanny quits, saying, “Never lie to someone who trusts you and never trust someone who lies to you.” Or vice versa…Later Dexter finds irony in her statement, thinking that the nanny “doesn’t trust me because I lied to her and Lumen doesn’t trust me because I told her the truth.” How do we know Lumen doesn’t trust him? She hits him over the head with something and makes a run for it, nearly escaping.
  • To make things right with the nanny, Dexter told her why he was out all night, minus the part where he stabbed Boyd through the heart and took Lumen prisoner. Does it work? Of course. Queen Nanny takes Harrison and Dexter can go deal with Lumen. Yay! We haven’t had a good kill yet in this episode.
  • Lumen is in the backseat of the minivan, plastic binding her wrists to the front passenger seat. Harry’s also in the car and won’t shut up about how it’s a mistake to keep her alive. At the same time, Lumen begs to be let go. Dexter’s response to both of them, “Be quiet.”
  • He gets to a disgusting swamp and dons his murder gloves before slicing the plastic around Lumen’s wrists. She begs for her life, but he makes her walk out into the swamp water. I’m totally ready for a kill here, y’all.
  • Instead of killing her, Dexter opens a barrel to reveal what the Ghost of Christmas Boyd had in store for her if he hadn’t killed him. Then he points to all the other barrels, saying Boyd killed all those women. Truth time…he talks about how someone killed his wife and he can’t let more innocent people die. Lumen wants to know how she can believe he didn’t kill all those women. He gives her the knife as a sign of good faith. To repay him, she slashes his arm…then falls apart in tears when she realizes he’s one of the good guys…kind of.
  • Later, Lumen bandages Dexter’s arm and asks about his wife. He suggests she go back home since she has a family who loves and misses her. Her ordeal is over. Guess what? Boyd wasn’t the only man who was hurting her. It’s not over. Not even close.
  • Boyd was right when he said Dexter didn’t know what he was getting into.

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

Even though Dexter tries to convince Lumen to let go of what happened to her and go home, it looks like she’s going after the men who hurt her. And you know that’s going to piss off this new annoying version of Harry.

Tonight’s episode was interesting on a number of levels. In the past, Dexter’s first reaction was always self-preservation, sometimes at the expense of innocents. I can only assume Rita’s murder is responsible for his 180.

I’m also struck by the continued mistakes Dexter’s been making since the second season and how these mistakes become larger and more unmanageable in each season. Briefly, they are:

  1. Getting involved with Lila despite her clear instability. He’s a serial killer, he should really sense that stuff…
  2. Sharing the Code of Harry with Miguel Prado, who didn’t want a code, just license to murder
  3. Not killing Trinity during any of the MANY opportunities he had to kill him or simply let him die.

And now we’re watching Dexter make the same potential mistake with Lumen. If she’s caught trying to kill these men, how long will it be before she fingers Dexter for killing Boyd and saving her?

Tonight, dark passengers, I think we all learned many important lessons. Dexter learned not to lie to his nanny. Deb learned that she has no self-respect at the end of long, bad day. Quinn learned that he’s the only one who thinks Dexter’s a bad guy. Lumen learned that not all men are rapists and not all men who kill want to hurt her.

And I learned that I shouldn’t mention blow jobs in a post unless I want crude pornographic sketches to appear in my blogging window.

What did you learn from this episode, dark passengers? Any predictions for the rest of the season?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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  1. Ash says:

    Great post! I missed a few of your past posts-need to go catch up!
    I LOVE Dexter! (And Deb’s use of words!)

    I’m wondering about Harry-as in he is an aspect of Dexter and the only thing Dexter had as a child growing up to use to navigate. But, now, Dexter has had other things to go by (Rita, the kids and seeing Trinity aty work) and this is causing his own psyche to try some other paths-causing Harry to kinda switch roles. Harry says you can’t keep her alive-Dexter says I can’t kill her.
    You made awesome points and I loved reading it!
    I’m anxious to see where this Lumen character is going (I’ve always liked Julia Stiles)I wonder who came up with her character’s name? Makes me think: Lude men pierce…