January 18, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.05 Recap – First Blood

Dexter Morgan

Dexter sharpens his knife for a new kill in "First Blood," but is this a kill he should make?

Welcome back to another Serial Killer Sunday, dark passengers. Tonight’s new episode of Dexter was another good one. Actually, it was exactly what we’d expect for the beginning of Act 2 of a 3-Act season.

Don’t worry…I’ll explain what I’m on about.

Basically, Act 1 establishes the rules for Dexter’s world since every season mixes it up a little. This includes the new case or primary problem, main adversary and personal life issues. Act 2 (where we are right now) takes “normal” and puts it in a blender, both for Dexter and everyone around him. Act 3 dumps Dexter’s world out of the blender into a 10,000 degree frying pan, kicking up the intensity until Dexter’s composure is on the edge of oblivion.

After that, we get a resolution to the primary issues of the season  – sometimes in a negative way, as we saw last season – and we’re left to wonder what the new season will hold for us next year.

Tonight, everyone’s world went into the blender with a solid A rating. Let’s find out how it went down.

Previously on Dexter

  • Santa Muerta’s cutting heads off peeps and slitting throats
  • Deb’s doing Quinn
  • Quinn’s still the douche who’s trying to prove Dexter Morgan and Kyle Butler are the same guy
  • Bautista has IA on his back after a bar fight over LaGuerta, but her and IA dude might have an “understanding” because of her legendary blow jobs
  • Dexter kills Boyd Fowler in front of victim Lumen Pierce, holds her captive then finally earns her trust.

Tonight on Dexter…First Blood

“We all have something to hide. Some dark place inside us we don’t want the world to see. So we pretend everything’s okay. Wrapping ourselves in rainbows. And maybe that’s all for the best. Because some of these places are darker than others.”

Tonight, both opening and closing scenes deal with Daddy Dexter at a play group with Harrison. When a child gets scratched, Dexter starts wondering if Harrison’s more messed up from watching his mom die than he thought. At the end, Dexter sticks up for him when two moms decide to gossip about Rita’s death and how screwed up Harrison will be because of it.

And here I’m the idiot who thought tiny kids scratched and bit and fought with others without becoming serial killers. Silly me.

How Can We Screw Up Everyone Else’s World?

Lot’s going on tonight. Here are the high points:

  • Deb’s in her morning after freakout mode at Quinn’s place, but it has more to do with being pissed off that he’s taking “vacation” than being his fuck buddy.
  • Bautista notices LaGuerta painting her lips before leaving with IA guy. Instead of confronting her when she gets home late that night, he goes through her text messages while she showers.
  • Deb follows some dead end leads and gets hit on by a lady tattoo artist before her and the beat cop start tracking down people who took out max ATM withdrawals. They stumble onto a mummified double homicide and Deb finally figures out that the tattoo they were looking for was really a hand stamp for a club.
  • Dexter turns into Reid from Criminal Minds at the crime scene and starts talking about how this was probably their first kill because of the sloppy nature of the act. Thanks Dr. Dexter…
  • Bautista shows up at LaGuerta’s next rendezvous and busts in when he sees her unbuttoning her shirt. Turns out she’s working a sting operation on another division with IA to make Bautista’s file go away and was only taking off the wire. Something tells me that’s the last time Bautista will see his wife without her shirt on for a long while.
  • Quinn meets with the cop LaGuerta and IA guy busted, offering him a job: Find out more about Dexter Morgan for me. Have I mentioned I HATE the boring Doakes replacement?
  • Dexter comes home early and finds Deb and Quinn in a pre-fooling around state of goofiness on the couch. Loads of weirdness before Quinn borrows a book, leaves and Dexter tells Deb he doesn’t want Quinn near his son.

What Happened to Dexter?


Dexter meets Lumen every morning at a cafe, but their conversations don’t go well. Dexter wants Lumen to go home. Lumen wants Dexter to help her find and kill the guys who hurt her. After that:

  • Dexter heads over to Boyd’s but discovers someone’s already been there and stolen his files. A bloody fingerprint reveals it was Lumen
  • He breaks into her motel and finds all her research and her potential next target
  • He discovers she’s too freaked out to sleep anywhere but the closet
  • To stop her from killing, Dexter heads down to Pedophile Parole Paradise under a bridge to find the guy. Unfortunately, after he gets the guy on the table, Harry interrupts the kill. Good thing because this guy has a ankle monitor that keeps him from leaving his new home. Dexter was about to kill an innocent…well, innocent of this particular set of rapes and murders anyway
  • When Dexter learns Lumen’s heading down to Perve Village, he goes after and barely stops her from shooting Boyd’s old cellie
  • When he makes her understand this guy wasn’t one of the ones who hurt her, she agrees to use the plane ticket home
  • At the airport, they have a touching goodbye scene and Dexter gives her his last name…then she freaks out during a full body pat down because she was too stupid to take off her belt and decides to stay in town.

The guy even said take off your belt and jewelry. Last time I checked, that doesn’t mean to take off your necklace and ignore your belt…moron.

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

Since Lumen’s staying in sunny Miami, she thinks she’ll take in the sights and kill a man…calling Dexter for help as he’s in the middle of his own kill. And apparently all of Miami Metro shows up there, too. I’m looking forward to this one…Between Quinn’s dirty cop following him around and the whole department running into him at a crime scene, things aren’t looking good for our favorite serial killer as we approach the end of the first half of the new season of Dexter.

I’m wondering something though…Does anyone else pick up on the connection Dexter has with Lumen? For a guy who can’t empathize with others and claims to have no emotions, he sure does seem more concerned about her than he should be. And he’s only had one ritual kill in the first half of the season. Dexter should be coming unglued with bloodlust, yet he’s…fine.

Either distractions can help him quell his dark desires, or the dark passenger is about to come back with a vengeance…

So, any predictions on how the we’ll get to the halfway point of the fifth season of Dexter…or what happens next?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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