April 25, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.06 Recap – Everything is Illumenated

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The Dark Passenger is looking its best in season 5 episode "Everything is Illumenated"

Happy Halloween, dark passengers. Tonight’s recap of the new episode of Dexter is going to be short and sweet – in theory. I’m not feeling super awesome and I’m up against a writing deadline, so I’ve got to take the “just the facts, ma’am” mentality on this one.

We’ll see how well that goes since I start talking about Dexter and realize I’m still talking thousands of words later…

A-f’ing-Plus, but the way. This episode…wow.

Previously on Dexter

  • Deb wants to blow this guy’s head off, but instead he slices his hostage’s neck and gets away
  • Deb gets a lead, then tells Dexter her and Quinn are screwing
  • Bautista learns that LaGuerta was helping with a narcotics officer sting, not having an affair
  • Quinn hires the suspended narcotics officer to find out about Dexter
  • Lumen tells Dexter that Boyd didn’t act alone
  • Dexter finally convinces Lumen to go home after she almost kills an innocent man, but she stays in Miami.

Tonight’s Dexter…Everything is Illumenated

That’s an intentional spelling mistake in the title, y’all…

“I’ve always tried to keep the different parts of my life separate. Becoming a father made that much more difficult. And as a husband, I failed. But I’m a very neat monster who won’t make the same mistake again.”

That voice over opens the new episode of Dexter as Deb helps him pack up the house. There’s talk of saving Rita’s wedding dress for Astor and where Dexter wants to live. Then Deb realizes how that sounds and tells Dexter to take the apartment back and she’ll move out…or just continue crashing at Quinn’s apartment.

We get a nice moment where Dexter puts his trophies back in the air conditioner where they belong and we get a sense of how right everything is in Dexter’s post-Rita world. He’s even planning his next kill.

And then the world falls apart. Again.

Important Stuff on the Subplot Front

For the most part, the OMFG factor of tonight’s episode comes from Michael C. Hall’s scenes with Julia Stiles, so I’m going to hit the important parts here and get on with the good stuff.

During the stake-out of a club, Deb leaves to respond to a homicide call, that happens to be where Dexter and Lumen already are – with two bodies. We’ll get to that. Best dialogue. Ever.

Later, Bautista makes up with LaGuerta by bringing her a viable lead on the Santa Muerta cult boys in the form of a sexy woman with a heap of drug charges. Deb admits to Quinn that she has feelings for him and now they’re officially together. Blech. She does ask him to tell her now if this is going to end badly though.

Gee, do you mean like when you find out your new boyfriend thinks your brother’s a drug dealer and is having him investigated? Like, that kind of bad ending?

Dexter and Lumen

First of all, y’all, this episode features some of the best take downs and creative kills we’ve ever seen Dexter do. I had to rewind SEVERAL scenes to immediately relive the sheer awesomeness. If there was any question before about whether this was going to be a good season, Dexter episode 6 does NOT disappoint.

So here we go:

  • Dexter arranges to meet a gay killer at the RV he rented. The guy comes onto him at first glance with a remark about how he must be “10 inches of steel,” to which Dexter responds with a lusty look and needle to the neck. OMG, love it!
  • He’s wrapping up love muffin when Lumen calls and calls and sends a text picture of a dead body. Really bad timing for her to need help with her own poorly planned kill room. By the way, we’re still in the first 15 minutes of the episode.
  • Dexter tosses the drugged guy in the back of the SUV and goes to deal with Lumen’s crime scene since he can’t talk her through it by phone. Too bad the body’s gone when he gets there.
  • Dexter reenacts the scene with her and starts following a trail of blood drops while constantly barking questions and telling Lumen to stop talking. He gets in some pretty awesome smarmy barbs about her lack of planning, too. Lumen also decides he’s a cop. He says it’s complicated.
  • They find the guy, but have to hurry because someone called homicide. Dexter ties him to a pipe in the building and then goes to answer his phone. Harrison started talking in this episode so it’s all very cute and distracting.
  • He has to pull Lumen off the guy when he gets back and the guy gets his phone. He calls someone else to let them know Lumen’s alive. The guy calls Lumen a naughty name that even I’m not going to repeat, mainly because I don’t want to see the pictures that pop up because of it, and Dexter breaks his neck in another smooth killing move. Then he leaves Lumen to hose off the blood while he gets his car to move the body.
  • In the car, he gets a call from Deb. They’re close…super close. He changes his shirt and gets back to Lumen. He gives her his empty house address, house key, a clean shirt and instructions to go there and clean up. He’ll be there when he can.
  • Outside, they see his plastic clad victim making a run for it. Lumen wants to know who he is, but Dexter tells her to go and takes off after him. For some reason, the cops are all outside and Dexter narrowly gets to his prey before he falls within the beams of their flashlights. Here’s the best part: Dexter actually drags the guy back towards the SUV by the plastic around him, choking the life out of him as they go. I might be in love with Michael C. Hall after tonight’s episode. Is that weird? That’s weird…
  • Deb and Masuka round the corner to find Dexter’s car and him walking out of a building. He tells them they won’t believe what he found. And I cannot wait to see what it is.
  • Inside, Dexter’s staged the scene so that it looks like his victim shot Lumen’s victim…and I guess broke his neck. Total awesomeness.

“What in the mother of fuck went on in here?” Deb asks.

Good thing Masuka knows. “See, Plastic Man shot Captain Bloody Underpants while Underpants was in the choke.” Then he starts pantomiming autoerotic naughtiness for them…It’s brilliant! “By the way, I wouldn’t touch the nozzle of that hose.”

  • Dexter heads to his house and has a minor moment of panic when he finds Lumen asleep in the tub, positioned exactly like Rita was. Once she’s out, he has a flashback while trying to get the bath water to drain. Guess the pipes would never be the same after the amount of blood that poured down them. He ends up slumping down on the floor against the tub.
  • Lumen joins him and they talk about how life didn’t turn out the way they thought it would.

At the end of the episode, Lumen breaks down and gives a monologue that seems to sum up the way Dexter must feel after and between each of his kills. She says, “I don’t even have a name for what I’m feeling.”

In voice over, Dexter responds, “I do. The Dark Passenger. I can’t get revenge for Rita’s death, but I can help Lumen get revenge for what was done to her.” Aloud, “How many more were there?”

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

Basically, this episode was exactly at the suspense-filled top of its game I’d expect from the end of the first half of season 5. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the previews for next week, so let’s just say Quinn has second thoughts about investigating Dexter now that Deb’s walking around his apartment in sexy underwear, and Dexter and Lumen plan their next kill.

What does impress me is the timing of tonight’s new episode of Dexter. While the timing of the episode itself was dead on, that’s not what I’m talking about. In essence, Dexter spends the first half of the season trying to get his life back in order or get Lumen to go home. Now it appears the second half of season 5 will revolve around him embracing the idea of helping her and teaching her the ropes.

Of course, this begs an important question: Is this a good idea?

Here’s the thing, we never care about why the killers Dexter hunts are killers – except that kid in the first season who killed the guy who raped him. Dexter kills them because they’re killers and the details don’t matter that much. But he’s not doing that with Lumen. Should he?

Okay, she hasn’t actually killed anyone yet, but it’s clear she’s becoming a serial killer based on her monologue at the episode’s end. What happens if she can’t stop killing after they finish off the last of the men who raped her? Does she end up on Dexter’s table?

Does he pass on the Code of Harry?

Does Lumen become Dexter’s new murdering sidekick? That would be sort of awesome based on their scenes tonight. I mean, I love smarmy Dexter.

What do think? Where will the second half of season 5 take us?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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