January 18, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.07 Recap – Circle Us

Here's Desmond Harrington and me, I met him at...

Will Quinn's investigation of Dexter lead him straight to Lumen?

Happy Sunday, dark passengers. Tonight’s new episode of Dexter was an eventful one. I won’t say it was necessarily as good as last week’s was, but Dexter season 5 is picking up some serious momentum.

Even though I know there are those who think Dexter’s minor characters are annoying and provide mediocre subplots at best, there was good stuff happening from the entire cast and crew. Well, that’s my opinion, I know, but tonight’s subplots seemed more relevant to the overall storyline than they usually are. I’ll give it a solid A.

Previously on Dexter

According to this week’s previouslies, here’s what you need to know:

  • Deb doesn’t take her shot and one of the Fuentes brothers gets away
  • Captain’s a dick who comes down on the squad
  • Bautista finds a hot chick with a drug charge he can use to lure the Fuentes brothers
  • Quinn’s a douche and determined to investigate Dexter
  • Dexter kills Boyd Fowler (like, forever ago, y’all)
  • Boyd stored women he killed in barrels in the swamp
  • Dexter kills one of the guys who raped Lumen after she wounds him
  • Lumen likes watching Dexter kill people
  • Dexter agrees to help Lumen go after the other guys.

Tonight’s Dexter…Circle Us

“It’s been over a month since I freed Lumen from Boyd’s, but she’s still reliving it every day.”

Did you think that opening voice over quote sucked as bad as I did? I thought so. Here’s a better one from the beginning:

“I feel like I’m dropping off my prom date. Except this is my house. And my wife is dead. And I have no idea where Lumen fits into my world and this is all so weird. Exactly like my prom.” I feel so much better now that we’ve given this Dexter recap a proper start.

Okay, so tonight’s new episode of Dexter follows two basic storylines: Dexter and Lumen going after Boyd’s posse of rapists and everyone else going after the Fuentes brothers over the Santa Muerta case. There’s some other minor stuff – like Deb not wanting peeps at work to know about her and Quinn and Quinn finding out that Dexter’s got a blonde chick living at his old house…and the nanny wanting Harrison to have her St. Brigid figurine for protection, even though Dexter thinks all that stuff is crap – but essentially those scenes are just buffers between the good stuff.

Santa Muerta Case

So, the captain gives them one more shot to take down the Fuentes brothers, but he’s SO not happy about it. Tonight is going to be a different kind of stakeout, so the plan is simple: Take ‘em down outside to avoid civilian casualties or undue attention. How do they do this?

By setting up inside, of course. Worst. Plan. Ever.

Thank you, LaGuerta, for reminding us why you needed to be relieved of command by the captain in the early seasons and why you’re described as a moron in the first Dexter book.

I’m sure you have high hopes for this plan, but here’s how it goes down:

  • Bautista and Deb are in the van…the only cops stationed outside
  • LaGuerta’s inside up on a balcony or something
  • Quinn and the beat cop who’s name I can never remember are standing around inside
  • Yasmine goes inside and discovers the Fuentes brothers are already there
  • LaGuerta tells her to go to the table and wait for them to go outside so they can take them down
  • Beat cop goes to get a drink and catches the eye of one of the brothers
  • Deb protests, but LaGuerta pulls rank and tells her to go over there to try getting him outside
  • Instead, he feels her up and finds out she’s packing under the dress.
  • The bros kill the informant and Deb has to kill one of them
  • Turns out, one more person died and three were injured
  • LaGuerta refuses to accept she made a bad call.

Dexter and Lumen

I know y’all will have trouble believing this since everything in Dexter’s world gets thoroughly compartmentalized, but this part of the plot gets a little convoluted. It starts out with a straightforward Q&A where Dexter asks Lumen to relive the worst time of her life and tell him about the other guys they’re after, but the bad guys have to go and screw it all up. You see, they’re busy paying day laborers – in the middle of the night – to load the barrels of dead chicks into the the back of his truck.

What’s the most logical thing that could happen? If you answered that he’d get slammed into by a drunk driver and litter the road with open barrels, dead bodies and congealed organ goo before fleeing the scene on foot, well…you would be right.

So, Homicide is ALL over this. They do their thing and find out the truck’s registered to Jordan Chase. Sound familiar? He’s the “just take it” self-help guru that Boyd was listening to during the saddest lonely man lunch ever. Before they can track down Chase, he shows up at the station with his head of security (who Prison Break fans will recognize as Whistler, aka Chris Vance).

The official story is that the truck was stolen – along with the keys – and that Chase was out of town. His alibi checks out, but his head of security, Cole, left hair and fingerprints all over the truck. Hello, prime suspect.

Lumen’s not happy about this. Even though Dexter tells her they execute people in Florida (like we do in Texas) and that Cole will probably give up the other names, she says it’s not good enough. She wants to be the one to kill them. Dexter understands that.

Next stop: FramesVille.

Now, I know you were expecting a lovely picture framing store, but instead they go to Boyd’s house. You see, Dexter can only get them off Cole by giving them a new suspect: Boyd Fowler. Before he can do that, they have to remove every trace of Lumen from the house. Being back in the attic room is hard for Lumen and she has lots of little flashes of being there, but they make it through the clean-up.

The next day, Masuka “finds” Boyd’s wallet under the seat of the truck and suspicion is off Cole.

When the police ask Chase and Cole about Boyd, Cole says that Boyd was one of Chase’s crazed stalker fans. In the car, Chase congratulates Cole for pinning everything on Boyd. Looks like this guru was in on things as well.

Later that night, Dexter and Lumen stakeout Cole’s house. Once the neighbor goes to bed, Dexter goes in. He’s looking at a photo of Cole as a teenager when he’s attacked from behind. Lumen crashes through the window to beat him over the head so she and Dexter can get away.

From the picture, we learn that this merry band of rapists have all known each other since they were kids. Find the connection, find other men. (But through the brilliance of dramatic irony we already know that Jordan Chase is one of them…)

At the end of the episode, Dexter says a prayer over Harrison to St. Brigid with nanny by his side. Then he takes Harrison to meet Lumen.

“Partners come to us in various ways, bound together for many different reasons. “But for any partnership to work you must not only accept this person into your life, but accept her for who she is. Sometimes partners find us and as much as we try to push them away they work their way into our lives regardless. Until we finally realize how much we need them.”

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

Next week looks pretty standard: Teach Lumen to set up a kill room, have dirty cop try extorting more money from Quinn by threatening to tell Deb, have Deb look upset while laying in bed with Quinn. Sounds about par for the course as we approach the two-thirds mark in the season.

Does anyone else think that Quinn’s going to drop his investigation of Dexter as soon as Deb finds out? That’s not much of a stretch, but I’m wondering if Deb might grow suspicious and follow Dexter, possibly learning the truth about him…or, at least, learning about Lumen.

You know, I’ve been thinking about the Lumen as a partner thing since last week and I’m torn. Dexter doesn’t need a partner, but it does add a new element to the show. What do you think, dark passengers? How would you feel about Dexter working with a partner in future seasons?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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  1. James says:

    Hey! Stumbled across your site and gave this a read through. Idk if you read the dexter books, but in the books Deb knows dex is a killer (and dex brother is part of the family in the newest book). I kinda figured this season she’d find out.

  2. Oh I loved Dexter and I am missing watching the show. But, we cut back on our satellite package and I don’t get it anymore.

    Yup, it will be another one that I will watch when it hits Netflix!!

    Have a great day and please do stop in some time!!