March 23, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.08 Recap – Take It!

Julia Stiles

Is Julia Stiles here to stay in her role as the shattered Lumen?

Welcome back, dark passengers. Tonight’s new episode of Dexter was made of pure awesomeness. I mean…A+…all the way.

Normally, you know I like to run through a little witty banter with you about the episode, but…Not tonight. Subplots collided – in a way – with the primary plot. No wittiness from me tonight. Onto the Dexter recap!

Previously on Dexter

The previouslies were just the way I like ‘em tonight: short, sweet and to the frickin’ point. (trying to watch my Debra potty mouth tonight…we’ll see how that goes.) They followed the three basic threads we’ll follow tonight. They are:

  1. LaGuerta made a series of bad calls at the club stakeout that cost two women and a suspect their lives…yet she’s incapable of admitting it’s on her. Typical season 1 LaGuerta.
  2. Quinn is a douche who’s paying this sleazy disgraced cop to dig into Dexter’s personal life…even though he’s doing Deb.
  3. Dexter and Lumen identify self-help guru Jordan Chase’s head of security as the “suit and tie” guy.

There’s also a fun little tidbit…Deb had to kill one of the Fuentes brothers. She popped her perp killin’ cherry, y’all. That matters, by the way.

Tonight on Dexter – Take It!

Tonight’s episode starts out different than the rest, which we should really expect from the 8th episode of the season. I mean, we’re ending Act 2 of the Dexter season plot arc. Curve balls galore.

Anyway, it’s different because we have to watch some really contrived footage of animals and office buildings while the plight of the civilized world is illuminated for us by one Jordan Chase at his weekend seminar. When he’s done being an attention whore, Dexter finally gets to do his voice over quote to open the episode:

“I’ve never been around so many people that made me feel normal. Really normal. Instincts are all I’ve ever had. Cole Harmon, Chase’s chief of security, torturer, rapist, killer. It’s time to tap into my primal self.”

bam-chicka-bow-wow…Oh, sorry…different kind of primal self. My bad.

LaGuerta Being LaGuerta Plot

Right after Dexter’s quote, we see LaGuerta being accosted by a sea of reporters outside the station in the wake of the club fiasco. One reporter even asks her if she’s retained counsel yet. Not only did she make a bad call, but this could be a career ending flub on her part.

LaGuerta makes it clear to the department that the storm’s coming over this and everyone should prepare. Deb confronts Bautista about what happened, but he says he’s not sure exactly what he’ll say in his report yet. Looks like marriage and work aren’t a happy mix for this Sergeant.

Later, LaGuerta calls Deb into her office to talk about pinning the blame on the beat cop Sierra? Ciera? Whatever her name is. Deb is beyond pissed, pointing out that LaGuerta’s the only one who doesn’t seem to understand that the op went bad because she made a bad call, not anyone else on the team. Then, being Deb, she screws up and says that she was in charge of the op so she should be the fall guy if LaGuerta really wants to give the press a name to blame.

Three guesses what LaGuerta does?

“Somehow” the press gets wind of the suspension and LaGuerta confirms that Deb is going on two weeks paid suspension over the incident…before she bothers to tell Deb. Deb finds out while watching the morning news and Quinn has to stop her from throwing the remote through the plasma.

When Deb confronts LaGuerta, she lets her have it and even brings up the poor treatment of Bautista, who she thinks is lying to cover LaGuerta’s ass. Turns out, beat cop traded telling the truth in her report for a transfer to Homicide, as Deb finds out at the end of the ep. Looks like Deb gets a fun new nemesis after we deal with Quinn…I hope.

Dexter Hunts Cole

I have to say, I am REALLY enjoying the chemistry between Julia Stiles and Michael C. Hall. She’s one guest star I’d like to see for more than one season. Seriously.

So, Lumen’s trying to dig up the connection between the merry band of rapists while Dexter stalks Cole at the conference, but she’s got nothing. Not connection that she can find. Not even high school alma maters. She did, however, find out that Cole was in the military and was kicked out for roughing up a superior. She warns him that he’s a dangerous guy, telling him that the marks on her back were from him.

Jordan Chase requests a private meeting with Dexter to talk about Rita’s murder. Turns out, Chase was fascinated by Trinity, a similarity to himself that isn’t lost on Dexter.

Lumen gets her own storyline tonight when Owen (former fiance) calls to say he’s in Miami and wants to meet her. She agrees to meet him the following day and hangs up before Dexter comes in. He gives her a shopping list for murder supplies and instructions of when and where to meet him. He’s got the room next to Cole’s at the hotel and tomorrow night is the night.


When Dexter gets home, Deb’s there, having just let the nanny head home. Deb complains that killing Fuentes landed her six visits with the department shrink. She goes on to say that she always thought she’d feel something when she killed her first bad guy, but she feels nothing. She doesn’t care that she killed a man.

Dexter reassures her that not all people deserve to live.

When Lumen meets Owen, he tells her that he wants to travel the world with her and tells her to meet him tomorrow night so they can leave. She says she can’t just pick up and leave – even though she did it on her wedding day - and he asks her to think about.

She’s still flustered from seeing Owen after buying the murder room supplies that she doesn’t see Quinn’s slimy henchman behind her and hits his car. She exchanges insurance information with him to keep him from calling the cops and leaves. Of course, she doesn’t meet Dexter at the right place and shows up at the hotel lobby.

Lumen tells him about her meeting with Owen and that he wants her to come away with him the following night. Dexter is clearly phased by this. Hubby and I had some discussion about whether he was upset that she was leaving, that he wouldn’t have more time to teach her the Code or if he was just excited that she was finally out of his life. Personally, I thought he was upset by the idea of seeing her go.

Dexter tells her she’ll have to stay the night because it’s too dangerous for her to risk being seen in the hotel again. He’ll still kill Cole that night, but she’ll have to be there. Together, they prepare the kill room and he muses, “This is all much easier with a partner. But a partner in what?”

When the room’s ready, Lumen questions Dexter about the pictures of the other victims and why he does what he does. She says she knows he’d still be in this room even if he didn’t know her and that she doesn’t believe Boyd was his first kill. Before Dexter has to answer, a woman screams from Cole’s room.

Dexter picks the lock to the adjoining room and rushes to save…

…a woman in the throws of kinky sex who’s begging to have her other hand tied up, even though she’s already twisted like a human pretzel.

Dexter returns to his room and finds Lumen in a full-on PTSD freak out on the floor because of the woman’s screams. She has her hands pressed over her ears, but can’t block it out. Dexter surprises them both by pressing his gloved hands over hers.

For the first time since her ordeal, Lumen sleeps the whole night. Ironically, she feels safest in the presence of a serial killer…

Unfortunately, the screamer stayed the night, too, so Dexter will have to grab Cole during his security rounds at the conference.

The plan is simple. Dexter will slip out of the conference when Cole goes to make his rounds and take Cole near the security elevator. All Lumen has to do is wait for the conference to start and slip out. Easy peasy, right?


As Dexter starts to leave, Chase calls him up on stage to talk about discovering Rita dead and how it made him feel, how it shattered his primal self. Lumen hears Dexter’s voice and gravitates towards the television set up in the vendor area, where she listens to him talk about Rita’s death. When she turns to leave, Cole is there.

Lumen makes  a run for it and manages to call Dexter while she’s on the move. She gets into the hotel room and is starting to calm down when Cole crashes through the adjoining bedroom door. He has her pinned on the floor, but Dexter puts him in a sleeper hold. Cole wakes up on Dexter’s table.

The new plan is to get Cole to reveal who the other two men are. Lumen is especially interested in the guy who held a watch up to her ear and said “tick tick tick…that’s the sound of your life running out.” But Cole won’t give it up. So Dexter takes his trophy and says, “It’s a shame you can only die once.”

During this, Lumen appears to have an epiphany. I mean, taking a blood slide isn’t normal vigilante behavior, y’all. But she still gives Dexter the nod when he looks to her and he drives the knife into Cole’s heart. After several beats of silence, Dexter launches into a chillingly beautiful monologue:

“You said I’ve done this before and that’s true. This is who I am. When I was a child, my mother was murdered in front of me. Shattered me. I’ve done this ever since. I guess, for the longest time it was the only way I could feel…unbroken. And then Rita was killed and none of this made sense anymore. Until now.”

With the Blood Theme playing in the background, Dexter hands Lumen the blood slide and launches into a voice over. “Miguel couldn’t. My father couldn’t. Can anyone live with the truth of what I am? Is Lumen what will make me whole?”

Chase comes over to thank Dexter for coming on stage earlier while he waits for his car to arrive. Granted, much of the luggage is full of bits of Cole, of course. Chase leaves him with a final thought, “Act on what you’ve learned. Don’t let it slip away. That’s what I tell my clients. Tick, tick, tick…that’s the sound of your life running out. Take it, Dexter.”

Dexter: “Oh, I will.”

Later, Lumen holds the slide and looks at it instead of going to meet Owen. He rips her ticket and leaves, upset. As Lumen and Dexter dump the body parts and he tells her that Jordan Chase is one of them, he gives Lumen a bag to drop into the water and tells her to let go.

Too bad sleazy disgraced cop is taking pictures of the whole thing.

Dun dun DUN!!!

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

LOTS is going on next week to kick off Act 3:

  • Quinn tells the sleazy cop to back off. Even seeing the photos of Dexter and Lumen on the boat and knowing that Lumen showed up a week before Rita’s death, he’s ready to let this go…or so we’d believe from the preview.
  • Dexter schedules a private session with Chase and discovers a vial of blood in his gym locker. He takes a sample, but Chase – the observant psycho – notices.
  • Lumen calls Dexter to let him know someone’s breaking into the house. He tells her to hide and he’ll be there as soon as he can. She grabs a knife.


Okay, so one other tidbit from tonight’s episode is that Bautista vows to help Deb set the record straight and clear her name, even if it causes trouble at home.

So, what do y’all think the final four episodes of Dexter Season 5 will hold? Will Dexter end up with a shiny new partner, or will Lumen end up on his table? Will Deb find out about Dexter this season? Is there something more going on between Dexter and Lumen than vengeance?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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