February 20, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.09 Recap – Teenage Wasteland

Pocket watch, savonette-type.

"Tick, tick, tick...That's the sound of your life running out."

Happy Sunday, dark passengers. Tonight’s new episode of Dexter was a doozy, y’all. Considering this is the start of the third act of a 3-act season plot arc, I would expect nothing less.

And the writing, acting and casting of tonight’s episode did not disappoint. At all.

You see, the third act of the season is where the rug is pulled out from under Dexter, usually in the most awesome of ways. This is the episode where we begin a drag race to the season finale. This is where the noose often starts to tighten around Dexter’s neck.

This is where my language while watching the episode usually begins to mirror Deb’s language…

Once again, I’m giving tonight’s Dexter, “Teenage Wasteland” a solid A+. Let’s talk about why…

Previously on Dexter

  • Dexter goes to a Jordan Chase seminar to hunt Cole Harmon
  • LaGuerta throws Deb under the bus for the botched operation at the club
  • Deb learns the beat cop whose name I can’t spell was the one who took LaGuerta’s side against her
  • Sleazy suspended narcotics cop tells Quinn about Lumen living in Dexter’s house
  • Cole attacks Lumen in the hotel but Dexter saves her
  • Lumen wants to know about the watch guy, but Dexter kills Cole when he won’t give up the answers
  • Dexter learns Jordan Chase is the watch guy
  • Sleazy guy watches Dexter and Lumen dump the body off his boat.

I learned something new tonight, y’all. Sleazy cop? His name is Liddy. Although…I like Sleazy better for his name, not McSleazy mind you because that makes him sound like he might be more attractive than he really is.

On Tonight’s Dexter…Teenage Wasteland

The show opens with a scene of Dexter running…on a treadmill and his words in voice over:

“On a good day when I run the voices in my head get quieter until it’s just me, my breath and my feet on the sand. Today is not one of those days. When I scheduled a private session with Jordan Chase, I wasn’t looking for advice, just proof. Evidence of exactly how he was involved in Lumen’s torture because the Code requires certainty. I just wanted access to his office, the inner sanctum where I could find clues. Instead I’m stuck here, running in place.”

Apparently, Dexter’s as big a fan of treadmills as I am…just for different reasons. He’s not as out of shape as I am.

In tonight’s new episode of Dexter, we don’t get a perfect bookend between the opening monologue and the closing scene. Certainty, however, is the common bond that holds them together. Certainty is what Dexter needs most…and what he needs Chase not to have.

A Complication for Dexter

While on the phone with Dexter, Lumen realizes people are at the front and back doors trying to break into the house. Dexter tells her to hide and he’ll get there as soon as he can. She grabs a knife and does what he says. For a few terrifying moments, we’re left to wonder if it’s Sleazy Liddy…or Chase’s men…or someone else.

The assailant? A very drunk Astor and her friend.

As you can imagine, Astor doesn’t take it very well to find a new “tenant” living in the house. She goes to throw up while Lumen helps her friend, Olivia, to bed. Dexter goes back to the apartment to get Harrison and come back for the night.

The next morning, Dexter begs Lumen for advice on what to say to a teenage girl while she makes breakfast. She tells him to tell a story about what he did when he was her age. Dexter says he killed the neighbor’s dog. Lumen makes a face and says he can’t tell her that.

Gee…you think?

Instead, Dexter tells Astor he has a meeting in a few minutes, but would like to spend the day with her. She agrees, but when Lumen picks up a toy Harrison drops, he says “Mama.” You can imagine how well that goes over with Astor. When they’re alone, Olivia tells Lumen her family is screwed up too.

Where does Dexter have to go?

During his first session with Chase, Dexter discovers a vial of blood that Chase normally wears around his neck hanging in his locker. Today’s plan is to extract a little of it to get an ID on this particular trophy. Unfortunately Chase is super fast in the shower, so Dexter has no room for error.

“What I really want…just a drop. A 30 gauge needle should slide in undetected. He won’t even notice it’s missing. I have a plan to get there. Lumen and I follow this blood trail and take you out.”

Umm…problem. Chase does notice the blood because his locker is slightly ajar and he gets blood on his finger from the vial, though it’s not clear to me whether that was on the outside or if he cut himself on it.

What’s Deb doing today?

Well, Deb starts out her day with Quinn letting an unplanned declaration of love slip on her way out to see her union rep about the club shooting. She can’t handle it – as usual – and bolts. Later, she tells Bautista that everyone still believes she’s responsible, but that it means a lot to her that his report backed her up anyway.

Her punishment? Head to the file room.

“Detective Scapegoat reporting for duty.”

What she’s supposed to do is file, but she keeps reading cases…when she’s not gossiping about how she might be in love with Quinn too. In one of those files, she learns that the “barrel girls” case that they pinned on Boyd Fowler had multiple perps because of trace DNA evidence that came in after they closed the case.

Dexter heads to work

No, not because he’s such a workaholic, but because he needs an ID on the sample of blood he took from Chase’s vial. While he’s there, Lumen calls to say the girls were gone – without their cell phones – and the back door was standing open.

Dexter arrives home to find neighbor Kissy McWifeStealer holding Harrison and talking to Lumen. Elliot did manage to get a partial plate on a panel van he noticed in the area out of habit, but didn’t know Astor was in the house…or that there was a new tenant. Seeing no other choice, Dexter calls the cops.

They put out an APB on the van and ask Dexter where he was. He has to admit that he was seeing Jordan Chase. Deb and Bautista start to tell LaGuerta about the DNA, but Dexter just wants them to find Astor.

And they do…after they discover the guy in the panel van is Olivia’s mom’s boyfriend who was looking for them…and Dexter threatens to kill him if he hurt Astor.

Turns out, the girls went shoplifting. Good times.

Deb flashes her badge to get security to release the girls and Dexter talks the boyfriend into meeting him in an hour so he can take Olivia to go get her stuff from the house while he gets his van out of impound. When they arrive home, Deb learns about the new “tenant” and isn’t buying it, saying she understands a rebound thing.

“Deb knows about my partner in crime. The whole station knows I’m seeing Jordan Chase. This is not my day.”

Deb’s day gets worse

When she gets back to the station, Bautista tells her that LaGuerta’s not reopening the case because she thinks Deb has a vendetta against her over the suspension. Instead of letting it go like he suggests, Deb bursts into LaGuerta’s office. She learns:

  1. LaGuerta’s still a self-serving bitch
  2. Quinn was on suspension, not vacation
  3. LaGuerta suspended him to protect Dexter.

Deb pulls Quinn into an interrogation room – brilliant! – to talk. He comes clean about his “Dexter is Kyle Butler” theory. Deb makes a comment to the effect of, while you were fucking me you were investigating my brother…and storms out. So much for being in love and things not ending badly, huh?

Dexter’s day gets worse, too

Dexter tries to get Astor to open up to him, but she does her standoffish teen thing. Lumen talks to Olivia in the other room and discovers bruises all over her stomach. Interrupting Dexter and Astor’s epic quiet game, Lumen comes in and announces they have a problem because someone’s been hurting Olivia.

Dexter is outraged and Astor is upset that the secret’s out. Turns out the mom’s boyfriend really is an asshole, as Astor kept saying.

My day gets a little better

Why? Because I like watching Dexter beat the crap out of people. And that’s what he does to the boyfriend when they meet alone in a dark area. He hits him in the same way he was hurting Olivia while giving him an anatomy lesson – loved it! During the bad guy beat down, he tells him he’s going to leave the mom, leave town and never come back or he won’t use so much restraint next time.

He comes back after the last hit to let him know it was a kidney shot.

Quinn’s day gets worse

Quinn comes home to find Liddy chilling in the apartment, drinking and eating. He shows him the pictures of Dexter and Lumen and says it must be either drugs or a body, but they didn’t come back with it. Quinn offers him a wad of cash and tells him it’s over, but Liddy isn’t having any of it. This is something big and it’s going to be his way to get back at LaGuerta.

Quinn slams him against the wall, telling him to leave him and Deb alone and to drop it. Something tells me this is far from over.

Meanwhile, LaGuerta reopens the case after reading the coroner’s report.

A happy moment for Dexter

Dexter takes the girls home and Astor thanks him for his help. She asks him to be honest if Lumen’s his girlfriend. He says she’s not, but admits that she’s been through some bad stuff and he’s helping her get past it…wisely leaving out the part where they kill people together. Astor asks him to come in so he can see Cody, even though it will blow her cover about where she was to the grandparents.

Harrison throws the toy out of the minivan and calls it Mama when Astor gives it back to him. Apparently, he’s been adopted by a toy he chews on.

Dexter also gets the lab work back and discovers the blood belongs to woman who’s still alive. Who is she to Chase?

Lumen doesn’t get a happy moment

She answers the phone, thinking it’s Dexter…only to find Jordan Chase on the other end. He gets down to the business of talking about the next session then says:

“Tell Dexter one more thing. Tell him time is of the essence. Tick tick tick…that’s the sound of his life running out. Could you be sure to tell him that? Take care, Lumen.”

The first episode of Act 3 ends way off the WTF-ery charts.

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

So, here’s what we know:

  • Harry is proud of Dexter for caring about other people and regrets not realizing he had the capacity to care before setting him down this path of murder
  • Cole Harmon’s DNA matched the DNA on the bodies, along with Boyd Fowler’s
  • 3 or 4 more possible DNA matches
  • With Dan the Dentist and Jordan Chase already identified, we’re looking at 1 or 2 more guys to round out the merry band of rapists
  • Chase knows Lumen and Dexter are in cahoots.

Looks like time really is of the essence. Not only do Dexter and Lumen have to stop Chase & Co. before they strike against them, they have to unravel the clues before Miami Metro does.

Next week, it looks like they find DVDs they made of all the women they raped and tortured. Dexter has to get to the DVDs before Deb sees the one of Lumen, especially since the working theory is that a vigilante is taking out the guys who did this.

Oh…and Liddy didn’t drop anything. Instead, he spies on Lumen to see her practicing murder.

Only three new episodes left of Dexter season 5, dark passengers. What do you think is going to happen next?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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