April 25, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.10 Recap – In the Beginning

Blood spatter

For Dexter Morgan, blood isn't just his job...It's his life.

Welcome back on this festive holiday weekend, dark passengers. We are officially in the final three episodes, so you know what that means. It means more loops will be thrown at Dexter as he goes after the bad guys. It means more people could come close to finding out Dexter’s dark secret.

It means tonight’s new episode of Dexter is going to be all kinds of good! Another awesome episode. A solid A+.

Lots to cover…SO much happened tonight, it’s hard to believe it was all in a single hour.

Previously on Dexter

Here’s what the good people at Dexter thought you should know:

  • Dexter finds a vial of blood in Jordan Chase’s locker and takes a sample
  • The blood is from Emily Birch of Coral Gables…someone who is very much alive
  • Debra discovers a DNA report on the Barrel Girls Case that tells them Boyd Fowler didn’t act alone…so was Cole, among others
  • LaGuerta tells Deb why Quinn was on suspension
  • Deb confront Quinn about investigating Dexter
  • Dexter finds a picture in Cole’s house of Boyd and the other members of the merry band of rapists
  • Sleazeball cop Liddy shows Quinn the pictures of Dexter and Lumen loading the body part bags, but they think it could be drugs
  • Quinn threatens Liddy to stop watching Dexter and leave Deb alone
  • Chase calls Lumen with a message for Dexter and calls her by name.

On Tonight’s Dexter…In the Beginning

“They say that history repeats itself, but I will never put my family in danger again. Now that Jordan Chase knows Lumen and I are onto him, I need to plan for the worst. I’m getting Harrison out of Miami and Lumen out of that house.”

The episode starts with Dexter packing Harrison and the nanny away to the grandparents’ house for safety. Then he calls Lumen to come around the corner with all her luggage. She’s moving into the apartment with him. Liddy wants to know what he’s up to. He warns her to stay inside and that he’ll be back at lunch so they can talk to Emily Birch.

At the station, Dexter learns that the Barrel Girls Case is reopened. Cole Harmon is once again their primary suspect, so LaGuerta sends Deb and Quinn out to his office to pick him up, promising to get a search warrant for his house by the time they get there. Dexter is displeased by the new turn of events.

The Offices of Jordan Chase

Let’s just say that Deb and Quinn don’t get the best reception when they go to find Cole at the office. The secretary informs them that he hasn’t been working there in weeks. When Deb demands to know more, she’s referred to Jordan himself.

Chase doesn’t give Deb the warmest welcome either. She’s standoffish – I’m guessing in part because she’s still pissed off at Quinn. Chase ends their meeting by telling them that all future communications should go through his lawyer. Deb says they’ll be in touch.

Visiting Emily Birch

Dexter and Lumen don’t fair much better. Emily is hesitant to open the door and speak with them. They give a story about needing background on Jordan Chase and wanting to talk to her because she knows him. She denies it, but her eyes give her away when Lumen shows her a picture of the five teenagers.

Dexter gets a page to meet Deb at Cole’s house.

Cole’s House

The place is still in turmoil from Dexter and Cole’s altercation, but Deb manages to find a smear of blood and asks Dexter to take a sample. Quinn comes to get Deb to take a look at something in the bedroom. Turns out our merry band of rapists made DVDs of each of the women they raped, tortured and murdered.

13 DVDs

It turns out there are 13 DVDs, but Masuka points out there were only 12 locks of hair at Boyd’s house. Dexter knows that if Deb sees Lumen’s DVD, things will be bad for them, so he manages to switch out Lumen’s DVD with a blank one. He does it just in the nick of time, too, because Masuka is going through the DVDs to pull a photo of each of the women.

“Despite having considered myself a monster for as long as I can remember, it still comes as a shock when I’m confronted with the depth of evil that exists in this world.”

Lumen’s DVD

When Dexter gets home from work, Lumen tells him that she can’t find anything on Emily Birch after she graduated high school. Dexter has a painstaking look on his face and has to tell Lumen about the DVDs they found when searching Cole’s. He gives her the DVD she’s on: Number 13.

She first wants to know if everyone at the station watched it and he says that he switched it before anyone could. Then she wants to know if he watched it. Dexter tells Lumen he only watched enough of it to make sure he had the right one and that was it. Lumen’s hands are shaky when she takes the DVD.

“Number 13…That’s what I was to them.”

Later that night, Dexter hears screaming coming from the living room as Lumen plays the DVD on the laptop. I think the look on his face is the closest to concern we’ve seen him have for a person who isn’t part of the family.

Back at the Station

“The DVDs…Lumen watching at home, Deb watching here, both wanting some kind of resolution. But I can only help one.”

The next day, Dexter discovers Deb watching the DVDs at the station after pulling an all-nighter to get through them. She tells him that the 13th was damaged, but that she has a theory. She believes that the men responsible for what’s on the DVDs are being picked off one by one.

Deb then tells Dexter that when she tries to imagine who would want to do that, the only name she keeps coming back to is her own. After watching what the men did the women, she understands wanting to take them out. In fact, she thinks having to watch them was worse than any crime scene.

Liddy’s Station Visit

Since sleazebag Liddy can’t follow orders, he’s at the station rummaging around Quinn’s desk when Dexter finds him. He claims he’s looking for a pen to leave his pal Joey a note. Dexter gets a call from Lumen and leaves.

What Liddy’s really after is Quinn’s signature so he can requisition surveillance equipment from the station. It’s time to get eyes and ears inside Dexter’s apartment.

Lumen’s Discovery

Despite being told not to leave the apartment, Lumen goes to visit Emily Birch again. She shows her the recording of what they did to her through the burglar bars and asks if they did the same thing to her too.

Once inside, Emily tells her that Jordan is the chubby kid in the picture, but his name used to be Eugene Greer. Then she talks about blacking out in the woods while she was a Counselor-in-Training at summer camp and waking up tied to the bed. She goes onto say that Jordan didn’t touch her, but that he egged on the other four to rape her.

This was how he created his his self-help mantras. Ewwww…

Dexter meets Lumen in a stairwell at the station and she tells him about the visit and what she learned about the photo. He’s angry because she was supposed to stay in the apartment and seems genuinely concerned for her safety. It was kind of sweet, actually.

He wants to know who the fifth man is, but Lumen won’t tell him. She says she wants to be the one to kill him. Dexter tries to talk her out of it because of how the killing changes you, but she doesn’t care. What happened to her has already changed her. He doesn’t say, but his face gives away his agreement.

The fifth man is Alex Tilden.

Howdy, Alex Tilden

Turns out, Alex Tilden is a banker. He’s also someone who showed up a lot on Cole’s phone, so Deb and Quinn are at the bank to see him. He makes up a story about being in a fantasy football league with Cole, but that’s as well as he knew him. When they press for more information, he asks them to leave so he can prepare for a loan closing. (After having been in banking, I can tell you firsthand you don’t wait until 15 minutes before closing to prepare unless you suck at your job. Just sayin’…)

Outside, Deb mocks Quinn for giving Alex his card because there wouldn’t be good reception six feet under for Cole to call him.

Fact Finding

Lumen is critical of what she’s wearing to go fact finding, but Dexter says she looks fine. And he has a gift for her: leather gloves like he wears. I swear, he was giddy watching her open them and put them on.

Dexter and Lumen go to Alex’s house that night before he leaves work to look around. In addition to a gun, they find the trophies he took from each victim: a piece of jewelry. Lumen identifies a blingy clover as the necklace her grandparents gave her and takes it back. Dexter helps her put it on.

Hello, tension.

Jordan and his Lawyers

Jordan shows up at the station with a team of lawyers and bodyguards to discuss their request for his DNA. Deb shows him a picture of one of the victims and he pretends to be appalled and glad to provide his DNA. Deb says that Dexter will take the cheek swab.

Jordan tries to give him a line about how Lumen’s a dangerous and destructive individual, but Dexter’s response is that he’s glad Chase never touched the women. At Chase’s prompting, he says it’s because that leaves Chase all to him…and her (Lumen).

Preparing to Kill

Dexter cleans his knives while he waits for Lumen to change clothes. She comes out wearing black leggings and a long-sleeve blue shirt, just as tight-fitting as his green shirt – minus the buttons at the neck. She asks if she looks okay. The look on Dexter’s face is indescribable.

Pride? Caring? Lust? I have no idea.

She then admires the knives, saying how beautiful they are. She takes one in hand and Dexter coaches her how to hold it. Lumen does a few practice heart plunges.

Liddy’s watching the whole thing.

Emily’s Visitor

Emily talks about how difficult it was to tell a stranger about what happened to her, but that she did, just as instructed. Turns out, Jordan Chase is pulling her strings. She’s jealous of how pretty and young Lumen is, but he tells her how special she is to him.

Okay, I understand his fixation on her, I guess, but I don’t understand how she could stand to be in the same room with this guy, much less seeking his approval. Can you say brainwashed or stupid?

Good Samaritan Chase

Chase talks Alex out of leaving town by phone, saying that it will look suspicious if the cops come back to ask about Cole. Once he’s done, he looks up to see Dexter and Lumen breaking into Alex’s house. He places a call to the police.

Talking to Deb, Chase weaves a tale of how Alex called the office looking for Cole because of a flight he needed to book and how his secretary said he sounded nervous. He claims his lawyer doesn’t know he’s calling, but that he can’t stand the idea that he could know people who would do to a woman what he saw in the picture.

Welcome Home, Alex

Alex arrives home to find the DVD of Lumen playing on his giant TV before Lumen walks out in front of it. He tries to make a run for his gun, but Dexter comes out of the shadows to stab him in the neck with the syringe. He wakes up in the kill room and Dexter takes his trophy, saying it’s for “her.”

Deb and Quinn

Deb and Quinn are on Alex’s street. They arrive and find the door unlocked. They open a door where we’re supposed to think the kill is going down but it’s empty. On the way out, they find a muddy footprint, deciding it must be a woman who was just there.

The First Kill

Next door, Alex tries to tell Lumen and Dexter that he didn’t want to do any of it, that it was all Jordan. Chase made him do things he never thought he would do. Lumen presses her finger into his forehead, telling him that he was the one to make her do things she never thought she would do.

In desperation, he tries to say he can give them Chase. Dexter tells him they already have Chase and stuffs the rag back in his mouth. He hands Lumen the knife and she’s emotional. She climbs onto the table by Alex to get more momentum and stabs him through the heart while Dexter watches.

During most of this scene, Dexter reminds me of a giddy, fascinated child at Christmas.

Lumen looks like she’s upset after the kill, but tells Dexter she’s fine.

At the Apartment

They come home from dumping the body and the final quote starts right away in voice over. Dexter goes straight for the bedroom closet where he can stash away his knives. Lumen hangs back by the door, as though she might leave. Instead, she walks to the bedroom door.

Lumen looks at Dexter for a moment, then takes off her shirt. Dexter stands up and she crosses to him, taking off his shirt as well and starting to take off his pants. [12/2 Correction: Lumen isn't taking off his pants. When I rewatched the scene, she actually leaves his arms in the sleeves of his shirt when she takes it off, forcing his arms behind his back. She alter frees his hands and puts his hand over her heart.] Michael C. Hall is brilliant in this scene, by the way…wearing his look of “if this is a human emotion I should understand, uh…I don’t get it.”

The scene has some tender and awkward kissy moments before they hit the bed, ending up with them under the covers, holding each other and gazing into each other’s eyes.

“Harry tried to mold me into the image of a monster he thought I was. He told me to flee human connection, so that became a way of life for me. But with Lumen I’m someone different. In her eyes, I’m not a monster at all.”

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

Okay, I can’t wait to see how this turns out for Dexter now. How the hell do you explain a new girlfriend and the intense emotional connection just a few months after your wife dies? And, in my opinion at least, Dexter seems to be more connected to Lumen than he ever was to Rita.

I hope this one doesn’t end up getting murdered, too…

Speculation time: I’m starting to wonder if they’re going to frame either Emily or Chase for the vigilante murders of the other rapists. At this point, they have to frame someone, I’d think.

Also, I wonder about the whole Liddy thing. He’s a loose cannon, so someone has to kill him. I’m just wondering if perhaps Deb will find out about the requisition in Quinn’s name and find Liddy’s surveillance tapes of Dexter and Lumen. I mean, I think either her or Quinn have to, but Quinn doesn’t strike me as someone who would get the vigilante nature and bury the evidence.

After Deb’s comments this season, I think she would.

Coming soon:

  • Deb thinks Jordan Chase is the the next target of the vigilante because of his connection to the rapists
  • Liddy asks Quinn for help on a bust
  • Dexter and Lumen discover the bug in the apartment
  • Dexter thinks Quinn’s the one who planted it
  • Deb thinks one of the Barrel Girls escaped and is the vigilante.

Only two episodes left in this season of Dexter. How do you think think it will all turn out?


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