March 23, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.11 Recap – Hop a Freighter

Dexter season 5 - 1st day of shooting in Long ...

As Deb gets closer to the truth about Jordan Chase, will she come closer to the truth about Dexter?

Happy Sunday, dark passengers. I have to say, I can’t believe this season of Dexter is almost over. Just one more episode after tonight and then it’s all over until next fall.

All I can say is: Wow.

I mean, I’ll say more – about 2,500 more words obviously – but there almost just aren’t words enough for this level of supreme awesome.

So much going on. So much top-notch writing. Some truly amazing scenes. A+ all the way.

Previously on Dexter

Here’s what the peeps at Dexter think you should know:

  • Dexter and Lumen go to see Emily Birch, Chase’s first victim
  • Emily Birch is obsessed with and in contact with Chase
  • Dexter tells Chase they’re coming for him
  • Dexter tells Lumen about her DVD and that no one saw it
  • Quinn tried to call off the arrangement with Liddy
  • Deb finds out about Quinn’s theories about Dexter
  • Liddy picks up surveillance equipment using Quinn’s faked signature
  • Chase points the police to Tilden in hopes of them catching Dexter and Lumen killing him
  • Dexter and Lumen make love…or whatever it is psuedo-sociopaths have. Strangely meaningful sex?

On Tonight’s Dexter – Hop a Freighter

No opening quote tonight. Right from the beginning, we get a sense that tonight’s new episode of Dexter is different. Tonight, we get a sense of how everything has changed for Dexter.

It could be because of his relationship with Lumen and this should prepare us for the fact that having someone in his life he cares about who knows his secret means things will never be the same. It could also be because – as Dexter later tells us – Deb is closing in on Chase and Quinn’s closing in on him and Lumen, so things have to happen at a breakneck pace now.

Or, it could just be that they’re cramming a ton of goodness into two short episodes and have to get right to it if they’re going to fit it all into their time slot.

Instead, Deb and Quinn go to visit Jordan Chase. That clip we got last week of Deb telling Chase he could be next was SO misleading. She’s not there to protect him; she wants to know his connection to the Merry Band of Rapists because she’s going to nail his ass to the wall.

Go, Deb!

Planning for Chase

After Deb and Quinn leave the office, we see Dexter and Lumen sitting on the floor, using Harrison’s toys to plan how they’ll get to Chase in his impenetrable fortress of evil. There’s a lot of reaching over each other and little fleeting touches and looks between the two of them. I’m getting the sense that if there was an awkward morning after conversation, it went extremely well.

During the planning, Lumen offers to use herself with bait since it worked with Cole, but Dexter thinks it’s way too dangerous. He looks up and notices they’re on Harrison’s baby monitor. He pulls Lumen to her feet in an affectionate-looking maneuver so he can tell her they’re being recorded, then he heads outside to scope out all the possible places someone could be conducting surveillance on them.

Jordan Chase is watching them.

Bad to Worse

Liddy is waiting for Quinn when he gets back to the station with Deb. After Deb goes inside, Liddy informs him that he’s officially not a cop and lost his pension. Quinn doesn’t really care, so Liddy goes onto tell him that he needs his help to make a bust since he’s not official anymore.

Quinn wants no part of it, but Liddy tells him this bust is going down and, like it or not, Quinn’s in it up to his eyeballs.

That night, Dexter and Lumen fake a conversation about dinner so that Dexter can get a look at the bugging device when Lumen goes in the kitchen. Turns out, it’s not Chase watching them. It’s worse.

Miami Metro.

Outside, Dexter tells Lumen about Deb’s vigilante theory. Lumen’s upset at the idea that Chase will get away while they go to jail, but Dexter reassures her that they must not have watched the tapes yet. How? Because they aren’t in jail yet.

Tightening the Noose

The next morning, Dexter and Lumen narrow the surveillance van possibilities and Sonya calls about Harrison’s birthday party Sunday. Because of everything going on, Lumen suggests they go to Harrison instead of everyone coming to them…then realizes she just invited herself to his son’s family birthday party like the new girlfriend. But it’s still a good idea, so that’s what Dexter tells Sonya: to have the party in Orlando so everyone doesn’t have to drive to Miami.

Then it’s back to work. Lumen will keep an eye on the vans while Dexter heads to the station to learn more about the bug.

And as soon as he gets to the station, Deb needs him – but with no torches or pitchforks, he figures no one’s onto him yet.

In the briefing room, Masuka reveals he found a twin to the muddy boot print by the vacant house next to Tilden’s and found a room scrubbed clean with bleach. He also accidentally outs Deb’s vigilante theme in front of LaGuerta. The theory evolves into one of the barrel girls working with a man – father, brother, husband, boyfriend – who she trusts.

When Dexter gets away, he’s able find a terminal unattended long enough to find out that it was Quinn who requisitioned the equipment. The case number is also from 1982, so Dexter knows he’s working off the books. Especially when another quick search shows there’s no court order for the bugging.

“Lumen, plans for lunch.”

Lunch Time

Dexter and Lumen break into Quinn’s apartment. Working in sync, she goes right to the computer to look for information about them on the hard drive. Dexter tells her that Quinn is Deb’s partner and was more while she looks, but the computer’s both old and filled with useless crap.

A search of the bedroom nightstand isn’t as lucky. They find the pictures of them dumping Cole’s body. Lumen wants to take them, but Dexter says they need to find the surveillance equipment.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Deb get to go tell Mrs. Dan the Dentist that her husband wasn’t involved in a strange gay sex death – Plastic Man and Captain Bloody Underpants, remember? – he’s just one of the Merry Band of Rapists. They also find out that he knew Eugene Greer aka Jordan Chase since childhood.

Quinn asks Deb how she could not notice what kind of man she was married to, but Deb turns on him, saying that men are liars, so it’s his fault, not hers. Then she gets pissy when he tries to open the station door for her. Frankly, about f-ing time. I’ve been waiting for some tension/fall-out from their break-up for weeks now.

Inside, Bautista tells them that Jordan Chase lied about knowing Alex Tilden. Dexter overhears, making eye contact with Quinn.

Sibling Sweetness

As Dexter heads out, he stops by Deb’s desk to ask about any news on the case. She tells him they’ve got Chase connected to everything, but can’t prove anything yet. Deb’s busy, but Dexter asks if she wants to go to Orlando for Harrison’s birthday. She also mentions that Quinn’s the last person he’d want to have there anyway.

Why? Deb spills it about Quinn’s theory that he was somehow involved in Rita’s murder. Dexter sits down and they talk about how her relationship with Quinn is complicated because she still cares about him, but that he lied and she wants someone she can trust all the way…like the vigilante has.

“She has someone in her life. A guy who’s helping her. Someone who would do anything and everything for her. What they’re doing takes devotion. To kill someone together, that’s some pretty serious shit. He’s risking his life, he’s putting everything on the line to make whatever happened to her right. As crazy as that sounds, what word would you use to describe that but love? It’s pretty fucked up, isn’t it? Kinda beautiful too.”

The look on Dexter’s face at the thought that this thing with Lumen could be love is PRICELESS.

Ending the Day

Dexter buys Lumen a pocket knife – which she loves – while they’re out killing time before Quinn gets off work. The theory is that if he’s watched the tapes, he’ll be there when they get back. He tries to convince her to leave – just for a little while – but she won’t go.

They talk about both leaving, but Lumen brings it back to the fact that he said he didn’t want her to go, asking if that meant he wanted her to stay. He does. They kiss and head back to the apartment.

At the station, Bautista, Deb and Quinn go through records to learn that this spree of rape and murder dates back years…and that Greer had a non-descript childhood before changing his face and his name. Bautista leaves to take a call and Quinn tells Deb that he’s having a hard time working with her. She’s unsympathetic, but he apologizes.

“I’m sorry. I fucked up. I know. I do dumb things. I’m a dumb guy. The one thing I did right was to get you to almost like me. ‘Cause I really love you. No, I mean it. There aren’t many women like you. I know that. You’re more like a guy. You don’t play games where I have to figure out what it is you’re really thinking. You just say it. Usually, with a lot a really filthy words that I’ve never heard before. You’re the first woman who’s ever called me on my bullshit. Made me take a hard look at myself. It’s made me a better person, I think. I just don’t want to lose you, that’s all.”

Sweetness interrupted. Bautista informs them that not only will Chase not return to the station for questioning, he’s booked a speaking tour out of the country and leaves tomorrow. Deb says they can force him to stay if they can get a court order that he’s a material witness. But she doesn’t want LaGuerta in the loop; she’ll deal with it herself.

Turning the Tables

Dexter has it narrowed down to a single van and is keeping an eye on it the next morning when Liddy arrives. Dexter goes to the van, thinking he’ll find Quinn, but instead he gets tased  by Liddy, tied up and stuffed in the van.

Meanwhile, Lumen opens a bag of coffee using her new pocketknife, smiling at it, before getting a call from Emily Birch. She tells Lumen that Jordan found out she talked to them and called her. She’s scared and wants to go to the cops. Lumen tells her that they’ll protect her and begs her to wait until her and Dexter get there. She agrees.

Lumen tries and tries to call Dexter, but he can’t get to his phone. Liddy calls Quinn and tells him to get his ass to the ocean to meet him because he’ll just call in another cop to make the bust if he doesn’t. He then tells Dexter that Sonya wants to know if he wants a magician for the party.

Lumen goes to see Emily by herself, but tries to leave when she realizes how agitated she is that Dexter isn’t with her. Chase stops her from leaving.

Setting up the video camera, Liddy tells Dexter that he’s going to give a full confession in exchange for keeping Lumen out of it. He doesn’t really care about her because Dexter is the big fish that will give him his job back. Dexter kicks the camera in his face and Liddy pulls a knife. They struggle, but Dexter manages to kill Liddy and free himself as Quinn shows up…getting blood on his shoes in the process.

Do we get to frame Quinn for Liddy’s murder? Pretty please?

Dexter checks his message from Lumen and decides he doesn’t have time to deal with Liddy’s crime scene. Instead, he takes the surveillance equipment and tosses his laptop in the ocean to destroy it.

Surprises for Everyone

LaGuerta calls Deb into her office to ask why she didn’t ask her for help with the court order. They go round and round for a few minutes before LaGuerta lets her know that the judge denied it. But, she knew another judge who owed her a favor and got it for Deb. Deb leaves to stop Chase from leaving the country.

At Emily’s, Chase is upset that Dexter hasn’t gotten back in touch with Lumen yet and he turns on Emily, telling her it’s her fault. Lumen tries to make a run for it, but he pushes her away from the door, knocking her down. He grabs a fireplace poker to deal with Lumen, but Emily tells him he wasn’t supposed to kill her.

So he turns on Emily instead, leaving Lumen to return to her chair in fear…or preparation.

Dexter arrives on the scene to find blood smeared on the floor. His first thought is that it’s Lumen, but he discovers Emily’s body. This happens about the same time Deb arrives at the airport to discover Chase never showed up for his flight.

Dexter walks through the house detailing what must’ve happened between Chase and Lumen in voice over. In the driveway, he finds her knife with blood on the blade. Suddenly, he goes from being very emotional to very, very calm before getting up and walking away with purpose.

This, dark passengers, is the version of Dexter Morgan I would fear most – cold, emotionless, surgical.

“Emily was killed with two blows. Lumen was here. Multiple footprints in the blood. A scuffle. More blood – not from Emily – leading out. She’s running. She’s putting up a fight.”

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

Here’s what we know about the season finale of Dexter season 5:

  • Lumen is kicking and screaming – gagged – in a trunk. Chase opens it to knock her out by hitting her with the butt of a gun against a Dexter voice over of “I will not let her die.”
  • LaGuerta tells everyone they have an officer down – but not really, y’all…it’s Liddy
  • At the scene, Bautista says that if they find out who he was spying on, they’ll find out who killed him
  • Dexter looks at Quinn and says, “Maybe something came back to bite him.”
  • On the phone, Dexter asks Chase what he wants, but he already has what he wants
  • “Tick, tick, tick…That’s the sound of Lumen’s life running out.”
  • Lumen wants to know what he’s going to do to her, but he tells her she knows
  • Harry warns Dexter not to underestimate his adversary again
  • Dexter tells Harry to trust him before getting into a car accident, flipping the car
  • The captions from Showtime warn us that no one is safe in the season finale – even though we know Dexter was renewed last year for two seasons, so we should have one more left…be pretty weird if they killed Dexter with one season to go…
  • Deb holds a gun on someone, warning them not to move and a knife drops from a gloved hand..then we see Dexter.

Y’all…Is this the season Debra Morgan finally finds out what her brother really is? Or decides he’s a vigilante who helps blonde women in trouble since Rita’s murder?

Also, let’s start the speculation an episode early: Is next season the final season of Dexter?

Should it be?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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