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Dexter Season 1 Episode 4 – Let’s Give the Boy a Hand

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Episode Title:  “Let’s Give the Boy a Hand”

Opening Line: “I find people around me are all making some kind of connection – like friendship or romance.  But human bonds always lead to messy complications.  Commitment, sharing, driving people to the airport…Besides, if I let someone get that close they’d see who I really am and I can’t let that happen.  So, time to put on my mask.”

Episode Summary: Guerrero’s men (and no, I can’t spell that name) are at the beach to watch Doakes during the investigation.  LaGuerta gets to make a trip to her “suspect’s” mother to make amends for calling him a killer on television.  She promises to bring him home, dead or alive.

LaGueta continues to make Debra’s life miserable by making her go through boxes of surveillance tapes.  Kara’s sister continues to taunt Doakes about how he’s going to get himself killed.  Doakes lets him know that Ricky wouldn’t come out of cover to give Kara a divorce and that he’s the reason she was killed.

Dexter breaks a test tube and Angel tells him not to let this killer get to him.  Apparently, he’s the best blood expert in the state.  Then, he asks for Dexter’s advice on a gift to give his wife for their anniversary.  Actually, he spends the whole episode asking Dexter for gift advice.  Turns out he’s been separated from his wife for three months for “something he did.”  He ends up giving he “key to my heart” necklace to his little girl.

Doakes is kidnapped as soon as he gets home by Guerrero’s men.  Ironically, they take him to the same abandoned hospital where Dexter is going to find the Ice Truck Killer.  As Doakes is about to be killed, the cops rush in to arrest them all.  Using his as bait was the plan all along.

Victims: N/A

Main Plot Development: A severed hand is left on the beach with it’s blood draining out onto a beach towel.  Is this the work of the Ice Truck Killer?  And it’s a male hand so that’s different for sure.

Turns out, this beach is one Dexter came with the family one summer and he gets a lecture from Harry about how important it is to fake emotions to make other people happy.  A quick trip back to the house to look in a photo album reveals that the Ice Truck Killer broke into his apartment to get to know him, not just leave the Barbie parts.

Oh…and the hand belongs to LaGuerta’s prime suspect.

Another body part…another photo.  Dexter cannot ignore things being staged from his past.  Dexter lets Doakes know the killer is sending a message that’s more important than the ritual, but he can’t tell Doakes who or why – for obvious reasons.

After analyzing the second body part, Dexter discovers that the victim is still alive and having his parts hacked off by the Ice Truck Killer.  Um…Ew!  LaGuerta makes a call to let his mom know her son may still be alive…they just have to find him.

On a hunch, Dexter goes to where he thinks the next crime will be, but he only finds his one of Miami’s homeless.  Then, he gets a call about a new body part being found at the pumpkin patch they went to as a kid.

Dexter later finds the victim, set up for the final kill at the same hospital where Harry’s father worked for 30 years.  He asks for death, but Dexter can’t kill him, even if he is missing a few body parts.  He calls in an anonymous tip to Debra so she can be the one to find him.

Closing Line: “My new friend thought I wouldn’t be able to resist the kill he left for me.  But I did.  I’m not the monster he wants me to be.  So I’m neither man or beast.  I’m something new entirely.  My own set of rules.  I’m Dexter.”

Romantic Plot Development: Dexter stabs…a pumpkin.  It’s Halloween so it’s time to carve up pumpkins with the girlfriend and her kids.  Dexter offers to talk to the new neighbor when he learns her dog is barking at all hours, keeping the kids from sleeping.  Big surprise, but the new neighbor’s bitch who doesn’t care because the dog belongs to her ex.

Then it’s time for a trip to the costume shop.  Rita lets him know she’s going to be Snow White again…it’s tradition.  The next morning, Rita visits her neighbor and asks her to do something about the dog.  The neighbor makes fun of her and tells her there’s nothing she can do.  Poor dog, looks so sad out there alone…

Rita gets her revenge by stealing the dog and take him for a ride in the car to a coworker whose family will love and appreciate the dog, unlike the evil neighbor lady I hate.  When she’s done, she makes a special trip over to Dexter’s apartment, dressed in a trench coat.  Odd for Miami, even in October…Oh, well this makes sense.  She’s dressed up as a hooker.  No, wait…it’s Tomb Raider.

Dexter doesn’t actually understand what she’s doing or why she’s dressed that way.  She tells him what an incredible feeling rescuing the dog was.  Since he’s been distracted by a case, she thinks she can help since she’s a dognapper and tomb raider.  She unzips his pants and he freaks out. “What are you doing?”  Yeah, Dexter…sort of obvious dude.

She curls up with him for a little while and then decides she has to get back to the kids.  Instead of trying to return the “favor”, he lets her leave and goes back to obsessing over the photos…where he makes a breakthrough…a smiley face on the back of the picture where he needs to go.

How many times he wears the ritual clothes: 0

My Thoughts: There was SO much going on in this episode that it was a bit like trying to recap a drag race with a million competitors.  Overall, I thought it was great.  I was just a bit disappointed that he never donned his ritual killing attire and there was no other case for him besides the Ice Truck Killer.  Don’t get me wrong, ITK is the main plot for the season – I get that – but I really enjoy watching Dexter trying to unravel bits of that while he’s on the hunt for another killer.

I like that some of the other characters are beginning to take shape outside of their cop lives in the department.  I felt bad for Angel during the scene with his wife and child, but I suppose he must have done something pretty bad to be kicked to the curb like that.  My guess? He banged some skank and his wife found out about it.  I can’t think of anything else that would make his wife so bitterly angry with him.

I also enjoyed getting a little bit of headway in his relationship with Rita.  They’re cute together.  She’s damaged and he’s dense so any move she ever makes on him is bound to cause either a comical thought or look on his face.  Good stuff there.  Of course, Dexter’s already said that physical relationship cause too many problems for him.  Wonder if that will continue to be the case as the season progresses?

Vote for the best line!

1.    “Interesting hand job.”
2.    Harry: “When someone takes your picture, you smile.  It doesn’t matter if you’re happy or not.”
3.    Bitchy neighbor: “Maybe that’s because they think their crackhead father is going to come back and beat there asses again.”
4.    “People think it’s fun to pretend you’re a monster.  Me, I spend my time pretending I’m not.”
5.    “I prefer to think of myself as a master of surprise.”
6.    “He wants me to play the game his way.”
7.    Doakes: “I kind of like it here with you.  You’re the only person I know people hate more than me.”
8.    “My favorite spot? Of course.”
9.    “I found it soothing…but it wasn’t condos back then.”
10.    “That’s good because you wouldn’t want it to look like someone was playing tic-tac-toe on her head.”
11.    “That was…unexpected…I have no problem with unexpected.”
12.    “Everyone hides who they are at least some of the time.  Sometimes you bury that part of yourself so deep you have to be reminded it’s there at all.  And sometimes you just want to forget who you are altogether.  And what about me?  Maybe I’ll never be the human Harry wanted me to be.”

So, what did you think of the episode?  Have you seen it yet?


“Dark. Deadly. Delightful.”

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