May 22, 2019

Dexter Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Popping Cherry

Episode Title: “Popping Cherry”

Opening Line: “Most people have a hard time dealing with death, but I’m not most people.  It’s the grief that makes me uncomfortable.  Not because I’m a killer.  Really, I just don’t understand all that emotion…which makes it tough to fake.  In those cases, shades come in handy. ”

Episode Summary: The episode opens with the funeral of the slain cop from the last episode, Ricky Simmons.  Dexter visits a correctional facility after the funeral where Jeremy Downs is being released.  He’s been waiting for this kid’s release because he knows the kid is a serial killer in the making.  Now’s his chance to make it right.

He follows Jeremy to a street market or swap meet where he buys a hunting knife.  Dexter grabs his arm while he’s practicing with it.  Then he flashes back to Harry telling him about what it’s like to kill a person while deer hunting.  Dexter gets to finish of the kill, as a way to “control” his urges.
Doakes reads something in the paper about the loss of Kara Simmons and then goes to the confirmation of Guererro’s daughter.  He’s warned to stay away from them.

Dexter brings Debra a cactus to celebrate her first homicide case.  Really, he just wants information on the lead for the Ice Truck Killer suspect.  Then he reviews Jeremy’s file while riding the exercise bike.

Dexter has another flashback to when Harry was sick in the hospital, telling him to control his urges and use Debra to keep him grounded.  He also makes it clear to Dexter that the nurse is killing him with the injections being given by the nurse.  She’s another serial killer and Harry tells him to stop her from killing anyone else.  Time for all the training to go to good use.

Time to follow Jeremy and the teen guy he’s lured away from the halfway house.  He believes Jeremy is trying to recreate his first kill, to ritualize it.  When the other teen realizes they aren’t there to look at alligators, Dexter steps out of the brush to ask about a Frisbee…then almost gets eaten by an alligator when he falls in the mud.  To make things even more awesome, he discovers Jeremy broke into the car and stole his wallet.

Doakes makes plans to go out with Kara’s brother (a fellow cop) and some of the guys, but it’s not going to be the guys night out he has in mind.  Instead, it’s one that can end up getting him killed.  Especially, after they reveal they knew about him and Kara and they hope he dies for the affair.  Doakes makes a run for it.

Dexter goes after Jeremy but finds out the guy he killed raped him.  That’s why he killed him.  He retrieves his stolen wallet and leave, giving him a warning not to hurt people who didn’t deserve it.

Victims: Jeremy Downs?, Harry’s Nurse: patient murder

Main Plot Development: Deb breaks up a conversation between the guys about riding a woman like a bronco with the news of the Ice Truck Killer’s newest victim.  It’s a major league hockey stadium.  The victim is missing her fingertips so it’s obvious it’s the same victim as the one from the block of ice from the last episode.  Turns out, Debra knows this once so she gets permission to go back to her old corner to find out if they know anything.

Debra has to first convince the hookers she’s a cop and then that she’s not there to bust them.  She tells them the Ice Truck Killer got Cherry and asks for their help.  They tell her she got into a wood-paneled station wagon.

LaGuerta is determined that the missing night watchmen is the Ice Truck Killer.  Both Deb and Dexter know this is crap.  Deb is pissed, but Dexter thinks this is a good thing. Deb and Angel decide the suspect is taking orders from the real killer after reviewing the security footage.

Debra goes to Captain Matthews to gain support for her theory.  He shoots her down for violated the chain of command.  He then reminds LaGuerta that she wasn’t a great Detective before the media got ahold of her, making her a department star.

Closing Line: “Score one for the little wooden boy.”

Romantic Plot Development: Dexter spends the morning planting lemon trees in front of Rita’s house with her children when a friend of her low-life ex-husband comes around demanding her car as payment for a debt the ex owes him.  She cries in the bathroom and Dexter tries to cheer her up through the door…and fails.

Rita calls Dexter to ask if he can be at her house that afternoon when Social Services come by to check on her and the kids.  No problem.  Dexter is boyfriend of the year and makes small talk with the social worker.  Turns out it’s just a routine follow-up for domestic abuse cases.

Dexter picks up Astor when Rita’s friend flakes out on her.  He removes a splinter and soothes the little girl.

How many times he wears the ritual clothes: 2

My Thoughts: A LOT was happening in this episode, especially with regards to the Ice Truck Killer case, yet not a lot of awesomely quotable lines.  What’s up with that?

I really enjoyed Dexter’s interactions with Rita and her kids.  He always talks about having no heart, or not understand emotions, but there is definitely a connection between them – even if he isn’t willing to admit it to himself yet.  Perhaps the guy who’s been faking emotions for so long doesn’t realize the difference between faking emotions and really experiencing them…

Vote for the best line!

1.    Rita: “I can’t help it.  I kill things.”
2.    Harry: “When you take a man’s life, you’re not just killing him.  You’re snuffing out all the things he’ll ever become.”
3.    “All I had to do was drive home, have a taco and plan my attack.  Instead I tried to act human like it’s my job to save lives.”
4.    “If I had a heart, it might be breaking right now.”
5.    Kara’s brother: “You fucked my sister. You fucked a cop’s wife.  Now, you’re just fucked.”
6.    “I understand now.  Why didn’t I see it before? Jeremy didn’t murder that boy four years ago.  He was taking out the garbage.  Just like I do.”
7.    “The nurse was my first playmate.”
8.    “Things were a little messy in the beginning.”

So, what did you think of the episode?  Have you seen it yet?


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