May 22, 2019

Do Vampires Sleep

Perhaps one of the first questions asked about vampires is the nature of their sleeping habits.  Where do vampires sleep?  Do vampires have to sleep in coffins?  Are vampires only able to sleep under a layer of dirt?  Must vampires sleep during the day?

Do vampires sleep at all?

This is one of those cases where it depends on which variety of vampire to which you’re referring.  If you’re talking about the fictional Twilight vampires then the answer is a resounding, no, they do not require sleep.  This isn’t the case with all of our favorite fiction blood-suckers though.

Depending on the version you’re reading, Count Dracula sleeps during the day in a coffin.  Some of the oldest vampire legends feature the vampire sleeping in the dirt of their own grave within the cemetery.  Vampire Bill from the True Blood series on HBO sleeps under his house – in the space under the hall closet with a trap door, to be exact.

Other legends speak of vampires who were either so powerful or so old that they were able to withstand the dangerous rays of the sun.

Real vampires, on the other hand, are a whole different blood type from their fictional counterparts.

Unfortunately, not every real vampire is a cookie cutter copy of the next so there’s no general rule they all follow when it comes to sleep.  Instead of trying to fit them all into a particular niche, let’s take a look at some of the things we know aren’t true.  Real vampires are NOT:

  • undead, soulless monsters with supernatural abilities, including the ability to go for eternity without sleep
  • required to sleep in coffins
  • required to sleep in cemeteries
  • required to sleep in dirt
  • shape-shifters who turn into bats and sleep upside-down in caves or in dank attics

Basically, vampires are just regular people who have an energy deficiency.  Like other living creatures, vampires need sleep, too.

But you can’t have a vampire without a least a few quirks, now can you?

The majority of real vampires report they’re “night people.”  Their propensity to stay up all night helps to give fuel to the flames of the stereotypical vampire sleeping during the daylight hours.  Insomnia seems to be another common side-effect of vampirism.  Good thing that’s not the only sign because all the sleeping pill companies would go out of business once all the vampires realized they just needed to sleep an alternative sleep schedule…

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