May 22, 2019

What Are Dreams

Welcome back, dark passengers.  During my blogging hiatus I’ve had a series of bizarre – and sometimes disturbing – dreams.  As dreams have long held a fascination for me, this topic seems like a natural place to begin as Dark Passenger returns.

Before we begin, let me say that I am by no means an expert at dream analysis or interpretation.  Anyone who is, well, please feel free to chime in with your analysis at any time.

I think it’s important to examine all the possibilities when it comes to dreams.  One dream philosophy won’t be applicable to every person seeking to understand their dreams because what is true for one individual won’t always be true for another.  For that matter,  one philosophy won’t work for every dream had by a particular individual.

So let’s get going by taking a look at some of the different ideas about dreams.

Dreams Are Pure Fantasy

Anyone who dreamt of a monster under their bed as a child will relate to this.  How many times did your parents have to tell you something was all in your head or that dreams weren’t real?  Since many of us out there might be guilty of having highly developed imaginations, it’s not so much of a stretch that our overactive minds don’t shut down just because we’re trying to catch some REM cycles.  It also makes a good bit of sense when you think about how fantastical some dreams can be.

Of course, there’s also a major flaw with this, but we’ll talk about that once we get to the next point.

Dreams Replay Your Day

It’s a well-known fact that people use only a relatively small portion of their brains and it’s safe to say that we still don’t have everything that goes on between our ears all figured out.  What we do know is that the human brain experiences and catalogs everything we see, hear, touch, smell, taste, feel, etc.  All that information stored deep within our subconscious can leak out when we sleep.  This is often misunderstood because the information isn’t played back in a logical, sequential order; bits and pieces of remembered reality are strung together to form the basis of our dreams.

The problem I’ve always had with this concept is that things happen in my dreams that I’ve never experienced or seen in movies.  How can my mind play something back it doesn’t know exists?

Dreams Are Past Lives

No, I’m not trying to say you live an entire life in the time before your alarm goes off.  Instead, I’m suggesting these are memories of lives passed.  Think about it.  Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real you began to wonder whether it really happened?  Were those dreams about mundane things happening in your normal life?  Or were they from time periods and places you should have no knowledge of, featuring people you know in the dream yet have never met?

Dreams Are Prophetic

There’s no real consensus on this one.  Some believe our subconscious mind is trying to tell us of things to come while others feel like the future information within their dreams come from some supernatural outside source.  Often, these dreams seem meaningless to us until something later happens to trigger our memory of the dream that’s just been fulfilled.

So, what’s your take on dreams?  Where do they come from and why do we have them?  Next time I’ll go into detail on one of the recent dreams I’ve had so we can pick it apart.  In the meantime, I want to hear from y’all.


“Dark. Deadly. Delightful.”

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  1. Vampireseal says:

    I think the more mundane dreams are re-hashes of prior experiences, and some of the prophetic dreams are based on your own mind’s working out of what could happen next (which often does).

    The tricky thing for me are the surreal, extremely fantastical dreams. They certainly aren’t based on anything in my real life, and often do not include me in them. For instance, I have recurring dreams of an elaborate, fantasy-version of Seattle. At times I see bridge-cities that extend into a limitless horizon. And god, the whales. I dream of whales more than any other animal these days. In one of those dreams, I saw humpback whales breaching over the bridge I was riding (I was on a bus) on.

    What does *that* mean? I’ve never seen a whale in real life, in spite of living on the Pacific Coast now, so what ever my brain wants from me or is trying to tell me, is completely beyond my reasoning.

    Unless, I *was* a whale in a past life. Or there are more whale documentaries on TV now, so I see more whales everywhere. Hmm……..

  2. HatedNation says:

    There quite a bit of study that suggest the link between the sub-conscious and the Super conscious opens in deep R.E.M. Sleep. So not all dreams are just imaginative. However, the waking mind cannot relate to the action related subconscious. This is why dreams are unclear, and in dreams, we are typically doing something..(The action base)
    Ever dream of sitting there doing nothing? more than likely not.

  3. Michelle says:

    I tend to think all my dreams mean something. I can enjoy a good part of my morning dissecting one. My sweetie on the other hand, says his dreams are brain cartoons…his brain is bored, so it starts doodling, a cow, with a purple boa, and new straw hat…pole dancing. If he did not have such ridiculous deams to report every morning, it would not be as funny as it is.

  4. Jen says:

    Vampireseal – I don’t have a clue what the whale thing means. I’ll definitely post something if I find out anything about it though. Please let us know if you figure out the significance of that to your life. Thanks for sharing!

    HatedNation – Super conscious? Details please. I’ve never heard that one before. Oh…and it probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that, yes, I have dreamt of just sitting there doing nothing. I think I’m something of an oddity…

    Michelle A cow with a purple boa? That’s awesome. Sometimes I think I’d rather have the dreams like that then the ones with meaning. At least then I wouldn’t be plagued by trying to figure out what they mean before it’s too late.

    But I do agree with you. I can spend a great deal of mine trying to decipher mine as well…and I don’t always enjoy the answers I get…

  5. Michelle says:

    Yes, his are very amusing…mine are almost never like that. Sounds like mine are more like yours, deep and full of reality…sigh :) Sometimes the guidance we get is not the guidance we want. Danged human ego and its desires!

  6. HatedNation says:

    Super conscious – Transcending typical human brain patterns that use the normal 3% of brain mass, enabling an “Enlightened” state of mind, unlocking the full potential of the human mind…
    or something like that…lol