April 25, 2019

Energy Vampires

Tonight, it’s time to take another look at real vampires.  A lot of information is already out there about sanguinarian vampires – those that drink blood.  Psi vampires – those who get feed on the pranic energy of others without drinking blood  – are even becoming more well known.  There is, however, third class of vampires that should be discussed.

Energy vampires.

Energy vampires are very similar to psi vampires.   Often, they even may be considered the same thing as their names are used interchangeably.  In fact they feed the exact same way.  Both feed directly from the aura of their victim.

But they are not the same.

For starters, energy vampires are not vampires at all.  They exhibit vampiric behavior, sure, but that doesn’t make them vamps.  Here’s the thing about vampires: they’re born vampires; born with an inability to make enough and store enough pranic energy.  They feed because they have to if they want to keep from becoming and staying ill.

Energy vampires, on the other hand, feed because they like the rush, the high, it gives them.  They don’t need the energy to survive.  It’s more like a drug to them.  So, in a sense, they can be considered vampires because they feed like vampires…they just aren’t vampires in the true sense.

If you think this isn’t possible…think again.  Anyone – ANYONE – can learn how to pull energy off another person.  It may take a good bit of practice to perfect, but that doesn’t make it impossible.

Here’s the problem: psi vampires and sanguinarian vampires alike usually find donors so they are NOT attacking random, unknowing people.  Psi vampires also know how to feed off the overall energy that’s created by large crowds of people so no one person is drained.  They also know how much they need to take because it’s just enough to make sustain them, not to get them high.

When people who have no business taking another’s energy – energy vampires – they tend to take too much.  Or they choose some random person without knowing anything about them.  Feeding off a person who is already low on energy from illness or fatigue can be very harmful to them.

Worse still, there are energy vampires out there who are very deliberate in who they attack.  While they may enjoy the high from the influx of energy, they get more out of the hurting of another person.  This kind of energy vampire is the most dangerous kind out there.  If you find yourself being victimized by one, the best advice is to get away and learn how to strengthen your aura…quick!

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  1. kaotez says:

    i, myself am a sang. i find that also, milk makes some what of a good blood substitute for blood when no doners can be found. also, some psis can non intentionally feed off of crowds without even trying to.

  2. Admin says:

    It’s good that works for you. I know a lot of vamps (sang and psy) are severely lactose intolerant.

    Unfortunately, some psy vamps can also unintentionally feed off nearby people without trying.

  3. kaotez says:

    yeah. true. those are kinda the highs and lows of vampirism. its kinda why we tend not to do so well in crowds is because of all of the free flowing energy from everyone surrounding. and also when you end up draining someone you dont want to because they are special to you and it makes you feel the guilt eventhough its techinically not your fault. i personally do prefer blood when i can get it. but the problem is, finding any doners because you cant just walk up and say, “can i have some of your blood?”