April 25, 2019

Falling Off the World: A Dark Passenger Update

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t fall off the world since the last post on April 28th because I was struck dead over my thoughts on the paranormal. Instead, the water filter to the refrigerator decided it was tired of doing its job and had a minor temper tantrum, only putting about 90% of my house under roughly 28,000 gallons of water in the span of 12 hours.  No biggie.

I was probably meaning to tear up all my carpet, rip out baseboards and sheetrock, and replace the majority of our furniture anyway. At least now insurance can cover much of it…

Of course, the timing was slightly annoying since I still had two days left in our series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal.  Because I’m incapable of leaving things undone, we’ll be wrapping those up later in the week or early next week.

What about the May series on conspiracy theories, you ask? We’ll start that right afterwards and carry it through the month of June, along with the regular paranormal goodness you expect from Your Dark Passenger. (or the insane ramblings you expect…either way…)

And as a special treat, Your Dark Passenger is the official last stop on Sylvia Browne’s online book tour for her new book entitled, Psychic. I’m supposed to provide my book review on Wednesday, June 30 – and I will – but you can probably expect extra little tidbits as I read in addition. I have to admit, I really hope I enjoy the book since we all know I won’t lie about it.

Might be a touch on the awkward side if she pops by to discuss reactions to the honest story of her life as a psychic if I’ve posted a scathing review…

Since everything else is up in the air, why not tell me what YOU want to read about this summer on YDP? Psychic abilities, serial killers, conspiracy theories, paranormal goodness…You know that with me it’s ALL fair game. ;)


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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