January 18, 2019

Fireworks on Dexter

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Welcome back, dark passengers. If you’re like me then you’re still reeling from the events of tonight’s episode of Dexter on Showtime. We’ll discuss that in more detail another time, but first, I’d like to catch everyone up now that Dexter Season 4 is a third of the way through.

Please note: The following contains spoilers up to and include episode 4 “Dex Takes a Holiday.”

The fourth season of this innovative television show continues to throw new curve balls while giving us more of the same humorous dark wit we’ve come to love over the past three seasons. Fans may not have been convinced Dexter as a daddy could survive to kill another day, yet being a husband and father living in hell – I mean the suburbs – brings his character to new emotional levels. If the the previews for next week’s episode can be trusted, we’re all in for a rollercoaster ride as the season unfolds.

Here’s what we know:

  • Retired FBI manhunter Jack Lundy (aka Special Agent Grandpa) returns in search of catching the one killer who always escaped him, Trinity. He pulls Dexter and Debra into his obsession and together they try to figure out when and where he’ll make his next move. His return is beyond confusing to Debra, now in a live-in relationship with Season 3′s Anton. She promises him he has nothing to worry about where Lundy is concerned, but sleeps with Lundy at the end of episode 4.
  • Dexter has his hands full balancing his new family responsibilities, his job and his dark passenger. Things go from bad to worse when he falls asleep at the wheel after a late night kill and crashes in spectacular fashion, totaling the car and messing with his memory. Not only does he have to fight to remember what he did with the rest of Benny’s body, he has a worried wifey who insists on driving him around after a call to Dexter’s doctor. His hunt for the vandal causing trouble on his street ends with Dexter destroying his neighbor’s security floodlights while Rita watches. Uh-oh, Dex…
  • Lieutenant LaGuerta and Sergeant Bautista try to balance their workload and their new secret affair while a rash of robberies and killings in Miami cost the city a fortune in lost tourist revenue. They find a solid suspect, only to lose him after a shoot out.
  • Trinity completes the first two of his murders: a young woman in the bathtub and coaxing a mother to jump to her death. At the scene of the second crime, he appears to leave a few ashes from an urn he keeps, but no one noticed them so his plea to be stopped goes unanswered. He stalks potential victims at a bar, preparing to make the final kill in his murderous cycle. While scoping his final body dump location, Trinity comes face to face with Special Agent Grandpa Lundy. The retired agent is close and Trinity knows it.

As if that weren’t enough to fuel the suspense, new trouble stalks Dexter & Co by the thirdway point.

  • Quinn’s not only stealing money from crime scenes, he’s got loose lips in the sack (not the way you think). His pre-coital musings tipped off the media to Lundy’s involvement with Miami Metro about Trinity at a time when the Vacation Murders are supposed to be top priority.
  • The dark passenger strikes close to home when one of Dexter’s victims turns the tables and attacks him at home. Dexter always gets his bad guy, or lady, but he can’t get the house cleaned up before Rita and family return from their time away.
  • Debra and Lundy do the deed and pay the price. While discussing how they’ll break the news to Anton together, first Debra, then Lundy are shot.  Deb takes one bullet while Lundy takes at least two. The killer steals his watch, but takes nothing from Debra. Do they live? Do they die? We don’t know because it’s one helluva cliffhanger.

Here’s the question I have, dark passengers: Did Trinity take them out because Gramps knew too much and use the copycat method to divert suspicion? Or did the Vacations Killers strike with a convenient case of wrong place, wrong time? Trinity’s smart enough to pull it off…but did he?

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