January 18, 2019

Ghost in My Machine

Happy 13th, dark passengers. Yesterday, I mentioned that strange things have been happening to me recently. Today, I’d like to share one of those strange happenings from over the weekend.

To understand it, I think we first have to get into the concept of a ghost in the machine. There are different interpretations of this concept, but for argument’s sake, we’ll use the first one I learned about. Basically, it’s theorized that a ghost in the machine is random bits of coding that form sentient anomalies. Sort of like artificial intelligence, I suppose.

But what if there actually were a ghost in the machine?

I’m not saying that’s the case, but let me fill you in…

Saturday night, I was playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. (Uber fun game, btw.) Anyway. I was wandering around in an underground cavern that had 3 different levels. I’d already killed everyone there was to kill and stolen everything there was to steal. I needed out. Fast. The color scheme was starting to give me a headache.

After a half hour, I’d looked everywhere, but I kept coming to a door locked from the outside and a rock wall that I couldn’t get to move. Out of desperation, I went online in search of a walkthrough to get me out of Migraine Caverns. I kept finding sites put together by kids who clearly didn’t know how to get out of the cavern either, so I was back and forth quite a bit. (Yep, would’ve made more sense to take the laptop in there, but whatever.)

The last time, I walked my character up to the rock wall and flipped to my inventory screen, effectively pausing my game. I went to the computer, found the right walkthrough – finally! – and went back to the game.

And was I still on my inventory screen?


Was the character still by the rock wall?


She was standing in front of the lever I’d been looking for, a room away.

Logically, I don’t think a ghost in my house was annoyed at how long it was taking me to figure it out and solved it for me, but…what? No one else was even in the room when I was doing my back and forth. Well, except for Sydney Cat. In fact, me and Syd were the only two who were even awake at the time.

Theories…anyone? Do I have a ghost in the machine, a ghost in the house or a video game playing cat? You tell me because I’m all out of ideas on that one.

While you’re at it, have you had your own ghost in the machine type experience?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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  1. star7 says:

    I think the game took pitty on you ;D

  2. Cherrie says:

    I’ve never thought of a ghost in the machine before…interesting twist! I’ve always presumed things like that to be a ghost in the house since it is fairly simple for them to nudge electronics, which they seem to like to do with me as a “doorbell” of sorts. Send snaps and sparks out of my air cleaner, turn on the radio, flicker lights, etc. I don’t have this issue with my new computer but for YEARS, with my old one, there would be times when it would just not function. Everything seemed weird (like a virus but it would clear itself), and then both my husband and myself would get these weird error codes that would pop onto the screen (no I’m not kidding) that would say “Pssssst, Shhhhhhh, Don’t tell anybody”. Weird huh? Sometimes it would tick me off and I would yell, LEAVE THE COMPUTER ALONE, I CAN’T AFFORD TO HAVE IT FIXED!!! and often it would function again. Or I would just say FINE! and walk away for a while and when I returned it would work. Of course I suppose there’e always an alternative explanation that brainacs in computer factories get bored and maybe build in some weird stuff to random computers, but usually I’ve interpreted it to mean I have a ghost trying to get my attention, so I try to figure out what they need and send them on their way. You may have a helpful ghost, or a passed friend or relative that dropped by. Time will tell, eh?