April 25, 2019

Halloween Facts, Myths and Superstitions

Happy almost Halloween, dark passengers. Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d kick off the the spooky weekend with a little Halloween trivia.

So, break out those #2 pencils and dust off all that useless knowledge you have about Halloween traditions, superstitions and myths. Feel free to share you answers in the comments section. I’ll post answers on Halloween night!

True or False:

1. Samhain was originally a day for the Celts to determine if their village would survive the winter.

a) True                             b) False

2. White cats are bad luck in the UK.

a) True                             b) False

3. Trick-or-treating may originate from the custom of going from house to house to pray for souls in exchange for cake.

a) True                             b) False

4. During a Halloween play, an actor accidentally hung himself while pretending to hang himself during the finale.

a) True                             b) False

5. As recently as 2007, a dead man woke up during his own autopsy.

a) True                             b) False

Multiple Choice:

6. If a candle goes out by itself on Halloween, it means…

a) You have a ghost            b) 7 years of bad luck

c) You have good luck         d) Someone will get engaged

7. Seeing a spider on Halloween means a dead relative is…

a) Angry with you               b) Trying to get you a message

c) Watching over you          d) Bored

8. Looking at your shadow in the moonlight on Halloween will cause…

a) Bad luck all year             b) Good luck all year

c) Great wealth                  d) Death

9. Halloween wasn’t popular in America until after the…

a) Industrial Revolution        b) Potato Famine      c)First World’s Fair

10. What happens to evil spirits that hear bells on Halloween?

a) They turn good              b) They fly away

c) They stay forever           d) They go deaf

11. Souls trapped in purgatory are released for 48 hours on Halloween according to…

a) Celtic beliefs                  b) Druid beliefs

c) Gaelic beliefs                 d) Pagan beliefs

12. The poison candy urban legend is based on a father who poisoned candy for insurance money. In what year did he do it?

a) 1977         b) 1981         c) 1984         d) 1985

Fill in the Blank:


When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May ____ be yours on Halloween.

~Author Unknown

a) Death        b) Love         c) Luck          d) Wealth


T1. Each year, a mysterious man leaves three roses and partial bottle of French cognac on the grave of writer Edgar Allan Poe. What day does he make his annual trip?

a) Halloween  b)Poe’s birthday       c) Day “The Raven” was first published

T2. Did he show up in 2010?

a) yes           b) no            c) we don’t know yet

T3. In the Edgar Allan Poe poem “The Raven,” how many times does the raven say “nevermore?”

a) 0              b) 5              c) 6              d) 11

Look for answers in comments on on Halloween night!


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