April 25, 2019

How Much Does Deb Know About Dexter?

Does anyone suspect his dark passenger?

If you’ve watched Dexter for any length of time, you’re probably wondering when Deb is going to find out about his dark passenger. Actually, the question for some is whether she already suspects anything is off with her brother, at least on a subconscious level.

And after Deb’s cryptic statement to Dexter at the end of season 5, some people are beginning to wonder if she knows he’s a vigilante, if not a serial killer…

So, let’s discuss it all: What Deb should know, what she might know and what we WISHED she knew. (Warning: will contain spoilers up to and including Dexter season 5)

Why Deb Should At Least Suspect Something…

In each of the seasons, Dexter spends part of the time thinking about what will happen when his friends and family find out about him. To him, it’s not a matter of if, but when. The eventual discovery of his dark passenger is a foregone conclusion.

Here’s my working list for why it’s unreasonable for her to be solidly in the dark about Dexter:

  • Dexter shows up to a LOT of crime scenes in his ritual killing outfit. Long sleeves year round in Miami? Come on.
  • In season 1, Deb is coming out of her drug haze when Dexter and Rudy/Brian are discussing how the room is set up the way Dexter likes.
  • In season 2, the net is closing in on Dexter so quickly that he imagines scenarios of telling Deb. Was she really the only one who didn’t notice how jumpy and guilty he seemed?
  • At the end of season 2, he goes to Paris to kill Lila. Why does no one question why he went on an unplanned trip to Europe – without his girlfriend – and came right back?
  • In season 3, Deb probably should’ve seen Dexter making his getaway when they were closing in on the, uh…Carver? I can’t remember what they called the guy who was removing skin.
  • Also in season 3, he makes up a flimsy story for why he shows up to his own wedding with a hurt arm.
  • In season 4, there’s practically an orgy of evidence pointing to Dexter being up to something: vandalism of the neighbor’s lights, sneaking out at all hours, not being there on Thanksgiving, keeping his old apartment, renting/buying the freight container that later became his storage space…etc.
  • In season 5, Deb met Lumen and didn’t seem to notice her resemblance to the barrel girls.
  • Quinn had pictures of Dexter and Lumen dumping the body parts from the boat. Are we supposed to believe that Deb never opened the nightstand drawer?
  • When Deb talks to Dexter about her feelings about the vigilantes, he doesn’t even try to hide his feelings on the subject.
  • When Deb walks into the kill room while Dexter and Lumen are talking. Should we believe she doesn’t recognize the sound of her brother’s voice? Also, should we assume she couldn’t make out their basic figures through the plastic? I mean, it wasn’t that thick.
  • At the end of season 5, Deb comments to Dexter that she bets he’s glad this whole thing is over.

What Did Deb Mean By Her Cryptic Comment?

I think there are only a few interpretations of what Deb could’ve meant by her statement to Dexter at the end of season 5. They are:

  1. I bet you’re glad this case is finally over so you won’t have to deal with the blood analysis…
  2. I bet you’re glad this case is finally over because you’re one of the vigilantes…
  3. I bet you’re glad this case is finally over because you’re a serial killer…
  4. I bet you’re glad you killed Liddy so he can’t follow you anymore…
  5. I bet you’re glad Quinn’s done investigating you…

Okay, option 1 is unlikely. Dexter barely did any of the analysis on the Barrel Girls case. Also, if he’s not analyzing blood from one case, it would just be a different murder.

I find options 3 and 4 unlikely. Does Deb even know Liddy was following Dexter around? I’m not sure, but at this point, I think it’s unlikely she believes her brother is a serial killer.

Option 2 is possible. For the reasons I gave above, I think it’s absurd that she didn’t recognize her own brother’s form or voice through the plastic. When you consider his behavior all season, I think it’s also a good bet she’d believe he’s a vigilante…and we know she’d be okay with it from her actions.

Option 5 works for me. Quinn’s apparently dropped his pursuit of Dexter since he faked the blood evidence to clear Quinn. Does Deb realize he faked the evidence? Who knows. What I do know is that cops don’t like having other cops under suspicion of crimes, so she also could’ve been referring to Dexter being glad the blood analysis determining Quinn’s guilt or innocence was over.

Did Deb’s Comment Involve Rita?

Actress Julie Benz as Rita Morgan

I think there’s something else we’ve all lost sight of. Dexter had a lot of firsts this season that were out in the open for everyone to see. He had his first crime scene since Rita’s death, his first investigation since Rita’s death, his son’s first birthday since Rita’s death…

That’s sort of a lot, dark passengers.

Deb’s comment could just mean she bets he’s glad that all these firsts are over and he can start getting his life back on track.

But how likely is it?

How Much Do You Think Deb Knows About Dexter?

Here’s the thing, dark passengers…I’m not one of the Dexter writers. I have no idea how long they’ll wait before they clue Deb in about her brother.

For all we know, they don’t ever plan for her to find out.

That means everything I’ve just brought up is total supposition on my part. Now it’s your turn. What do you think Deb does or should know about the dark passenger? What evidence against Dexter did I forget?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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