April 25, 2019

Was Jesus a Lightworker?

If Jesus was God, why did he pray to himself?

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Happy Monday, dark passengers. Tonight, we kick off the final week in our series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal. And seriously, is it even possible to do a month-long look at these topics without discussing Jesus?

Okay, it’s probably possible, but it seems like it would be lacking somehow…

Anyway. I’ve heard people of a multitude of faiths agree that Jesus was certainly an enlightened figure capable of performing a variety of acts that are nothing short of miraculous, even if they don’t necessarily believe him to be God, messiah or Savior. So, if there can be some measure of agreement about the healings performed by Jesus, the question as to how he could do it is worth a look.

Healing Powers of Jesus

Before we start, I have to bring up the objection I’ve heard from some about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead after four days. Okay, knowing that back in those days people were often buried alive because their signs of life were too faint for human perception to notice, I can see the justification for the argument. However, the fact remains that Jesus still healed the guy who was so sick that everyone thought he was dead for four days and made it possible for him to start walking around.

Honestly, I think even by today’s medical standards, we’d consider that fairly miraculous, don’t you?

So, where did Jesus’ healing powers come from? We have a few basic options:

  • The awesome abilities were hiding somewhere in his body, maybe his spleen
  • The Holy Spirit gave them to him
  • The power was from Satan
  • The power was from God.

Right now, I’m giving Jen’s opinion on this. There are probably some passages in the Bible that would give a definitive answer, but I’m all researched out today. I think Jesus got his healing powers from God. Why?

  • I’m not inclined to believe that human beings of their own accord have awesome power, even lurking in the spleen
  • I’m under the impression that the Holy Spirit showed up on the planet, after Jesus died and was resurrected
  • If there’s no reference anywhere of Satan healing anyone, why in the world would anyone think he would give healing power to anyone, even Jesus?
  • Frankly, if the power was from God, it wouldn’t really matter whether you want to believe that Jesus was God, the son of God, or both. Power coming from God covers all three of those.

And if you don’t believe in God, which is the name I use for the higher power/creator I believe in, you couldn’t by definition believe in lightworking either, so I question why you’re wasting your time reading an article about a bunch of stuff you think is crap. Just sayin’…

Jesus and Lightworkers

Truth time. I’ve been thinking about this question for a lot longer than we’ve been discussing the relationship between religion and the paranormal.

A little more than a year ago, I read an article that suggested Jesus spent the years of his life not mentioned in the Bible studying under the Eastern healing practitioners and yogis of his day. I couldn’t find the article, as usual, but I remember it being a fascinating read. Granted, it didn’t seem to have the minor detail of evidential support for the claims.

Even still, that got me wondering if there could be a connection between the healings performed by Jesus and the “new age nutcase” healers.

We’ve already talked about the spiritual gift of healing as it relates to lightworking and reiki, so I won’t bother rehashing that. Instead, I’d like to share a conversation I had with someone I know who has a solid understanding of the Bible. He told me that his understanding was that followers of Christ should be able to perform the same miracles Jesus did back in the day if their faith was strong enough.

At first, I thought that seemed a little far-fetched, but I’ve come to learn that he’s not alone in that view. In fact, the Reiki for Christians organization cites John 14:12 for the basis of this belief:

  • “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.” (words of Jesus, New Living Translation)

As with all scripture, the exact meaning of His words remains open to interpretation, but please keep in mind that not all translations specifically mention “works”, which seems to imply his miraculous works to many.

So…Answer the Question, Jen

Okay, I will. I don’t know if Jesus was a lightworker. Certainly, by definition, it would seem related, as both draw/drew their power to heal others from God. (Many Christian lightworkers actually claim to draw their healing ability from Jesus…)

That being said, the healing work of Jesus seems to far surpass any of the healings performed by modern lightworkers and reiki healers. Whether that’s because Jesus was, in fact, God or simply more in touch with God than anyone else since, I’ll leave for you to decide for yourself.

If I wanted to tell you what to believe, I’d be running an evangelistic website, not a paranormal/conspiracy theory/serial killer website…

Okay, so y’all have been EXTREMELY quiet during this series, so someone tell me on Facebook if comments stopped working again. But if they do work, it’s time to share your thoughts on this subject. What do you think? Was Jesus a lightworker? Are the two even related?


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