April 25, 2019

Justifying Spiritual Beliefs

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Happy Tuesday, dark passengers. It’s time for the final guest post of our series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal.

Guest poster M. Lane is a mother of two living in Texas. She had a strong Christian upbringing and has also dealt with numerous unwanted entities in her home. Her interest in the paranormal stems, in part, from these unwanted invisible visitors, some of which came with less than sweet intentions.

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It’s hard to justify multiple beliefs, especially now that each ‘organization’ demands 100% commitment.  I go to church weekly and teach my children that Jesus took our punishment.  I also know that there are many different energy sources surrounding us that can control our moods, thoughts, and sometimes actions.

I’ve personally had too many experiences with spirits or ghosts to look the other way and blame it on anything else I can make some semblance of “truth” out of.  I ask which is better, not learning about something you find interesting and want to research further and possibly add to your library of beliefs or that you do all those unmentionables and lie awake at night contemplating your guaranteed ticket to Hell because you don’t always put God front and center?

My justification is that God sacrificed the life of his only son because he knew we were sinners.  He also empowered us to use our minds and hearts to reach out beyond limitations set by delusional Bible thumpers.

As long as the Lord is your holiest power, at the end of your researching and potential new beliefs you say your grace and give your blessings to Him you won’t have to worry about booking your one way,  do not pass go ticket to the eternal inferno.

I give all of my thanks to God but it doesn’t mean I don’t daydream about a parallel universe where I didn’t choose the accident route to work. Or, I imagine I didn’t take my current job on one of those less than perfect days.  I think about the power source that is the center of our universe and what it would feel like to have energy at my fingertips, like some kind of beck and call boy.

At the end of the day when I set food on my table, lie down with a roof over my head, read some subtle sign so I steer clear of otherwise unforeseen trouble, I thank God for the wonderful life I have.

I feel comfortable doing that, even though it may be to the lingering scent of my smudge stick or with a slight lump in my pillow from my amethyst.  Hopefully, the marriage of our quest for knowledge to our battle of beliefs will be infinite.  My comfort comes from the power to justify the two.

M. Lane

Your Dark Passenger does not necessarily believe that all “Bible thumpers” are delusional. However, if you are actually thumping your Bible while you talk to people or, worse still, thumping people with your Bible, YDP reserves the right to reconsider that opinion.

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Make sure to join us tomorrow for the final Wednesday in our series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal as we discuss  both channeling and prayer.


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