May 22, 2019

Learning from the Unexpected

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Happy weekend, dark passengers. It would seem that life continues to get in the way of my best intentions when it comes to writing. Isn’t that always the way though? We make plans. The Universe pulls the rug from beneath our feet to remind us we aren’t as in control as we believe.

A worthwhile reminder, really.

In fact, these last almost two months have taught me a powerful lesson: Life goes on just fine, even if it’s not as I’d planned. I know, I know…Thank you, Captain Obvious, for whipping that from your Pez dispenser of wisdom. And you’d be right. This isn’t rocket science, yet I think we all need the reminder every now and again.

Why is it that we place such high importance on our carefully-designed plans, then go into panic meltdown mode the moment they turn asunder? I mean, really…it’s a bit foolish and prideful to think we’ve ever truly got it all figured out.

Allow me to give you a brief example of how the Universe has bitch-slapped me upside the head these last several weeks, some of the lessons I’ve learned from it, and finally, a glimpse at what’s coming for Your Dark Passenger…

Well, Hello There, Unexpected Twists

If you’re one I count among my friends, or a blog lurker who’s read one of the recent posts on this or my fiction blog, you already know that I came home to a nearly 100% flooded house on April 30. That was seriously unpleasant. What followed…ouch. Here’s a taste:

  • Health. For most people, mold is unpleasant and unavoidable when you have tens of thousands of gallons of water seeping into the nooks and crannies of your home for 36 hours. Since I’m highly allergic to life mold, mildew and dust, well, it’s nightmare territory. Then it all got into the AC system, transforming my place of business and place of refuge into a toxic environment for me. The AC is clean now, but for a while…it was bad. Saw a doctor, urgent care facility and nearly made a midnight trip to the ER. But as I said, I’m okay now.
  • Redecorating. I’m sure there are some who’d love the chore of picking out new furniture and decor and wall color schemes and flooring. For me, a chore is precisely what it is. None of the furniture we had was particularly new, but it was fairly comfortable, in decent condition, and it served the purpose. Having to redecorate a single room is usually a torture test for me. Doing the entire house is a special brand of Hell. For those who don’t know, I’m the only person in my home capable of seeing color; meaning that if everything looks like utter crap when it’s all said and done, it falls on me.
  • Relationships. Living and working in the midst of a nightmare isn’t ideal. Doing so with another person is even less fun.
  • Psychic Abilities. It’s all haywire. To an extent, my ability to read people seems to flee when I need it…as does my hard-fought gift of blocking everyone’s psychic garbage out.

Lessons in the Chaos

It bears mention that I’ve only scratched the surface on everything, so there’s tons more going on. My workload has always been intense, but I finally had a handle on it, allowing me to meet my obligations and still find time for blogging and fiction. I had a solid grasp of my empathic abilities so that other peoples emotions didn’t control me and I was making steady progress towards the development of my psychic gifts. In truth, I was fairly pleased with myself…

Now my life is flood, construction and renovations. Seriously, y’all…I’m a little sick of hearing myself talk because I’m like a broken record. Here are some of the lessons the ordeal has taught me:

  • I’m not that important. I think one of the things I was upset about was my inability to continue my blogging or fiction posting. Okay…come on. I know there are those who enjoy reading me, but I’m certain no one’s world crashed down around them due to my lack of updates.
  • I’m all I need. Let’s be realistic: there’s nothing fun about the house stuff. During a moment of particular crumminess, I wasn’t speaking to my best friend (hubby) and two of my closest friends were unreachable. The other people I might call for support, well, we’ve drifted apart. There was a moment of panic, several moments of panic…then I looked within and I worked it out. Don’t misunderstand; friendships are awesome and worthwhile, but I can survive on my own counsel.
  • My foundation is weak. I’ve always been impatient, so I skipped the boring “learning how to meditate” step. Learning about shielding and developing my emerging psychic gifts was more fun. With everything I thought I had down cold stripped away, I’m learning that the fun path isn’t usually the correct path. Since it seems I must start back where I was two years ago, I’m going to do it right and start from the beginning…even if my impatience is throwing a monster temper tantrum right now.

Coming Soon to YDP

With one exception, I’m going to refrain from giving dates or promising a timeframe. I believe we’ve already seen that the Universe doesn’t like when I make firm plans. Here’s what I’d like to bring to you soon:

  • Book review of Psychic by Sylvia Browne. YDP is fortunate enough to be the June 30 stop on her online book tour, so that’s the one date I know…and you can bet I plan to write and schedule that post as far in advance as I can, just to make sure life doesn’t usurp it.
  • Meaning of “dark passenger.” We’ve talked about it on another site, but not here. The question’s already come in comments as to why I call my readers dark passengers and if that should insult Christians who walk in the Light. I don’t see it as a conflict, but I can’t blame those who do…especially since I’ve been silent here about why I call y’all that.
  • Colors. Broad topic, right? Specifically, I’ve had a few emerge as “my” colors. I want to explore what that could mean.
  • Reading review. Right before the flood, I had the opportunity to play guinea pig for a gifted psychic empath on another site. I posed some very general questions to her and got some specific and spooky-accurate answers in return. Since she did a free reading for me when I believe she usually charges, I believe the least I can do is share my experience and offer a little link love.

That’s just a taste. A girl’s gotta keep something up her sleeve if she wants to maintain a touch of mystery. ;)

So, what lessons are you gleaning from your own dilemmas and misfortunes? How do you cope when the Universe turns your world inside-out?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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