April 25, 2019

Why Does the Mayan Calendar Want to Kill Us in 2012?

Mayan calendar created by a modern craftsman

Does this Mayan calendar signal the end of the world on December 21, 2012?

On December 21, 2012, the world is going to end. I know, it sucks. Apparently, the ancient Mayas hated us and chose to stop time on that date. I was hoping to collect on the Social Security they’ve been sucking out of my checks since I was 16 before dying, but that’s clearly out of the question now...

I suppose we should all work really hard to save money for the next year and half so we can stop working and have an extended doomsday party for all of 2012.

What’s actually happening? The Mayan Long Count calendar ends on the 2012 Winter Solstice. Because the Mayans created such accurate astronomical calendars and projected it so far into the future, this leads the doomsayers to believe they stopped the calendar because there’s no time left to count.

A less dramatic theory is that the Mayans planned to end their Long Count calendar on December 21, 2012 to coincide with the galactic alignment that will occur on that day. While it may sound far-fetched that they actually knew about that solar event, you must remember how accurate they were about tracking the cycles of stars, planets and the moon. How they were able to gather such in-depth knowledge of the cosmos remains a constant source of mystery and debate, but it’s still feasible that they could have calculated the alignment’s date.

So, should we fear the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012? Will the end of the calendar be little more than the symbolic turning of a page to the next calendar cycle as we do every December 31? Will there be massive, life-altering changes?

Who knows. There are enough end of the world predictions and scenarios from a variety of cultures and religions to fill an encyclopedia. Rather than writing a giant dusty book people would only look at during research paper time, I thought we’d break it down, one scenario or belief at a time until the big day in 2012 is upon us.

So, since December 21, 2012 falls on a Friday, I thought we’d take a look at a different doomsday theory/ascension scenario/end of the world prophesy every Friday until time stops…or we’re passed it and have to scramble for a new end of the world date to worry about. Sound good?

If you’ve got a particular end of the world/doomsday scenario for 2012 you’d like to make sure I cover (and really, with 123 weeks, I imagine I can hit them all), feel free to leave a comment about it so I can add it to the list. Have a particularly out there theory you think only you can properly detail for us? That’s cool too. I’m betting I’ll have an available guest slot or two in the next year and a half. ;)

Make sure to join me next Friday. I can’t make any promises, but we might look at the Buddhist eschatology on the subject to kick us off. You totally thought I was starting with aliens, didn’t you?


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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