May 22, 2019

Are Miracles Paranormal Phenomena?

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Happy Wednesday, dark passengers. Tonight, I’m taking our discussion on the relationship between religion and the paranormal in a slightly different direction. As you may remember, this was the point where I was going to discuss the spiritual gift of performing miracles and how it relates to paranormal phenomena and psychic gifts.

I’m not doing that.

Why? I love how y’all always ask when you already know I’m about to tell you…

I believe the paranormal doesn’t undermine religion, people do. I’m not about to become one of those people by trampling all over the concept of miracles.

Here’s the thing: I had some fairly strong connections and relationships between psychic gifts and the other spiritual gifts we discussed. I don’t have that with miracles.

Okay, I actually do have that with miracles, but I’m going to keep my mouth shut…for once.

What Are Miracles?

My super-awesome copy of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines miracles as:

  1. an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs
  2. an unusual event, thing, or accomplishment: marvel, wonder

Honestly, I think people overuse this word…A LOT. It’s not a miracle when you make it to work despite bad traffic and stupid people on the road, it’s just life. It’s not a miracle when you pass a test without studying, it’s your ability to recall facts reacting to the adrenaline you’re creating by freaking out about not studying.

Every house in your subdivision being demolished by a tornado, while yours stands with barely a broken window? Yeah, that’s a miracle.

That also might make your neighbors all hate you, but that’s a topic for a different Your Dark Passenger series…

What is Paranormal Phenomena?

Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the rehashing of the official definition of I gave of paranormal when we began our series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal. Simply put, paranormal phenomena – including psychic abilities – are unexplainable gifts, events, abilities or things.


Sure, I can explain to you all about what it’s like to have empathic abilities, or how being an empath meshes with my life. I can even give you the signs that you might be an empath. What I can’t tell you is why I’m an empath.

If there’s a cause, a rational explanation, for my psychic abilities, I don’t know what it is.

It’s the same with explaining the appearance of spirits. Or premonitions. All of it.

And if we could give solid explanations and cite facts, it wouldn’t be paranormal.

It would just be normal.

Lightworking, Psychokinesis and Miracles

I still hold that lightworking and psychokinesis are similar to miracles, but I’m not willing to say they’re quite the same. In fact, I don’t think they are. Not really, anyway.

Sure, the ability of a lightworker to cure someone’s physical ailment or illness when medical science gives up is nothing short of miraculous. On the surface. But lightworking is just another type of healing. God’s involved, but I wouldn’t say it was necessarily divine intervention.

And psychokinesis – the ability to move objects with your mind – is seriously cool. Someone with adequate mastery over their gift might even be able to use their mind to levitate. That’s awesome, certainly a marvel, but I wouldn’t call it a miracle.

Instead, I think people can mistake these types of psychic gifts for miracles. But I’ll leave this one open for debate. You tell me whether there are any paranormal phenomena you’d consider miracles. For that matter, what do you consider a miracle to be?

Coming tomorrow: A renounced Christian shares her views on the relationship between religion and the paranormal. Reader discretion is advised.


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