May 20, 2019

New Moon Movie Review

After months of fan anticipation, the wait is finally over. New Moon had it’s official midnight premiere a few hours ago and now it’s time to dish on what it was like. Is it worth the ticket price?

First, let’s set the stage. We arrived to a large chain movie theater around 8pm for the midnight showing. Parking was decent – even though a rude bitch in a red car cut me off to take the spot I was going to. Seating was already underway. In fact, they let people take their seats beginning at 6pm. The best seats were taken at this point, but we still got excellent seats and I got to put my feet up all night long.

And what a long night it was!

The theater staff kept walking up and down the aisles to sell t-shirts and pizza. Fangirl A sitting next to me proceeded to bounce around and freak out about the movie for the next two hours. At one point, she decided to describe the Twlight movie to me as though I’d never seen it. The level of detail she put into was, quite frankly, a little spooky. But Fangirl A has seen the movie “97 and a half times,” so I suppose there’d be a problem if she couldn’t recount each and every scene from Twilight to me.

Starting at 10pm, theater staff started telling everyone they couldn’t save seats for people that were there yet. The lead usher informed us that “If your friends are late, you can’t hold their seats anymore. We have people who are here that can’t find seats.” Obviously, I see their dilemma, but since when is not being at a movie two hours in advance considered late?

At 11:30, the “pre-show” began and they killed the lights – pissing me off because I wanted to read, not watch television commercials. After a few more minutes, we got sound to go along with the goofy trivia questions. The crowd went wild. You’d think the cast just walked in, not the beginning of an identity theft commercial.

Fangirls A and B went insane when one of the movie preview’s featured another Robert Pattinson movie. Apparently, we now love him even when he’s not playing brooding vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen.

Finally, four plus hours after arrival, we got the opening scene. Again, the crowd went wild. It was a good thing there was nothing to hear when New Moon came on the screen because we wouldn’t be able to hear it. As it was, Bella Swan’s opening dream monologue was tough to hear through random fangirls swooning and screaming.

**Spoiler Alert – Book and Movie**

Overall, New Moon isn’t the worst movie I’ve seen, but it was far from what I’d consider the best movie. Even for the genre, I’ve seen better paranormal movies with better characterized vampires. Then again, virtually every vampire novel I’ve read is better constructed than the Twilight series.


The scene where Bella cuts her finger and most of the Cullen family is unable to control themselves around the smell of the blood is well executed, as was the scene of Carlisle Cullen tending to Bella’s wound. The movie failed, however, to deliver much of the emotional content from the book, such as it was.

Take, for example, the break up scene in the woods. In the book, it was okay; in the New Moon movie, it was flat. I read an interview where Kristen Stewart talks about how difficult that scene was because she’s only been broken up with by human guys, not a vampire. Regardless, the scene is a major fail. It had all of the emotion as if Edward told her he was going to chop down a tree and see her later.

New Moon also faltered on what was perhaps the most emotional part of the book. After Bella’s found in the woods post-break up, the following chapters contain only a single word – the month – to convey time passing around her while she’s lost to despair. Although I don’t find the books to be compelling in the least, those were among the most heart-wrenching pages I’ve read. I honestly thought I’d cry during that part of the movie. Instead, I felt nothing as the camera spun around Bella while she looked out the window at the changing seasons. Major Fail.

Fangirl A and B expressed disappointment to me in the way Bella saw Edward during all her adrenaline rush stunts. They didn’t like that he was like a ghost on the screen instead of a voice in her head. I have to agree. Seeing Ghost Edward at every turn wasn’t a great cinematic effect.

Where New Moon succeeded was the special effects for the wolf pack. Watching Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) “phase” from man to wolf in a few scenes was perfectly executed. Actually, it was better than the book because I didn’t ever understand just how huge these wolves were until tonight.

I have mixed feelings about the Volturi scenes, even if the entire crowd did erupt into cheers when Alice was speeding down the road in the bright yellow sports car. Don’t misunderstand, the locations and the sets were gorgeous, but I think I expected more from the lead Volturi members themselves. In the book, I saw them as formidable ancients; in the movie, bored vampires…plain and simple.

I will say that the addition of Dakota Fanning to the New Moon cast in the role of Jane was a brilliant decision. Although she had few scenes, I look forward to seeing her again…assuming she’s in future movies. I don’t remember her character in Eclipse (scheduled to come out May or June 2010) and I’ve not heard whether a Breaking Dawn movie is in the works.

The movie’s end brought about mixed reactions from fans and a resounding “Ahhhhhhhhhh” of disappointment from the entire movie theater. (Skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to know.) After Wolf Jacob runs off into the woods after reminding Edward he’s not allowed to turn Bella into a vampire per the treaty, they talk (again!) about her desire to be a vampire. Edward gives his condition to do it by saying, “Marry me.” The camera cuts to Bella’s face, then goes black. Fangirl A’s reaction: “They should have ended it with him asking her to marry him instead of going back for her reaction.” While I see and appreciate Fangirl A’s opinion, I think it was the only way for a movie already lacking in many areas to create suspense and excitement for the next movie. Cutting back to Bella makes the audience think she’s going to answer him, but anyone who remembers the book knows it wasn’t as cut and dry as that…as we’ll see next year.

One mildly interesting coincidence is that it started raining once we got into the car. Fangirl A: “It’s so cool that it was just raining in the movie and now it’s doing it here like we’re there.” Perhaps. But seriously, have you ever tried to get back on the road when the rain is coming down so hard you can’t see the car in front of you and everyone in the parking lot thinks there’s a prize for getting out of there before you?

If you’ve not already seen New Moon and would like to, I recommend you avoid opening weekend. First thing Sunday morning might not be so bad, but you can expect armies of fangirls screaming at the screen every time Jacob and Bella don’t kiss. Trust me, this year’s premiere was nothing like the 2009 midnight premiere of Twilight. Better take your patience…and your fangs.

Has anyone else seen New Moon yet? We’d love to know your thoughts.

“Embrace the darkness…”

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  1. *lynne* says:

    I think I’ll just keep an eye out for the posts I’m sure you’ll produce when the next 2? 3? movies come out, since I have intention of moving beyond book&movie#1! :D

  2. Movies says:

    Well, after the hit of the first movie. New moon is surely going to rock the box office.

  3. they should arrange for Dakota Fanning to have a bigger role in the next Twilight installment, maybe have her hook up with Jacob – that would be a good twist


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