April 25, 2019

Twilight Saga – New Moon Movie

50. New Moon  -  11.20.09
Do you run with vampires or werewolves?     Image by ฿lαcĸouт14* via Flick

Whether or not you acknowledge the existence of real vampires, there’s not ignoring the frenzy as the next chapter of the Twilight saga, New Moon, ramps up for this week’s midnight premiere. For the most part, this site has remained silent with regards to the Twilight craze and the slew of fanpires created in its wake.

No more.

I’ll be at the midnight premiere of New Moon on Thursday night (technically Friday, but I won’t have slept yet so it’s Thursday to me), so you can expect a full movie review, complete with fanpire madness in the cinema, on Friday. Love it or hate it, you can expect the whole truth, no punches pulled, no holds barred.

We might even through in a few fanpire interviews from the premiere. You never can tell with us…

So be sure to check back in on Friday for all the New Moon dirt you can handled – and probably more.

“Embrace the darkness…”

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