May 22, 2019

Ouija Board – My Brush With Danger


Is the Ouija board really dangerous?

Happy Wednesday, dark passengers. If you’ve done any paranormal research or watched more than one ghost hunting show’s episode, you probably already know that many consider Ouija boards dangerous. In fact, this is one topic where many religions, paranormal investigators and psychic practitioners agree.

Okay, I bet they also agree about looking both ways before you cross the street, too…

And it doesn’t take a psychic to know what you’re thinking right now: How can a simple toy be dangerous? Or Evil? Or, well…anything other than a simple toy? We are, after all, talking about cardboard and plastic. Last I checked, the notepads I jot notes on are made with cardboard and the spoons I use to make dinner are made of plastic.

Are they evil or dangerous or spirit homes or whatever as well?

Now that’s just stupid…

Before we get into the inherent dangers of the Ouija board, I want to share my own personal Ouija experience with you. Before I say another word about it, let me preface it with this: You can believe me, or not, but I’m not making it up. I’m not so much as embellishing a single word. And I think we all know how much I love word embellishments.

Sometimes, the truth can stand on its own, more fantastical than any piece of fiction.

Real Life Ouija Experience

I was 10 the night a friend and I played with the Ouija board at a sleepover, yet it’s haunted me for the last 20 years. (Yeah, I’m old. Get over it. I have.) It must’ve been late fall because my parents had a fire burning in the fireplace and they’d left us alone to talk about girl stuff in the living room.

Yes, it was even a dark and stormy night. How cliche, I know, but let’s face it, the clouds often hide the moon during a storm, so I suppose that makes most stormy nights dark nights. Besides, night is supposed to be dark, right?

Anyway. I think we asked the Ouija board some inane slumber party questions about whether cute boys liked us and if we were more popular than girls we didn’t like in our class. Because spirits have nothing better to do than allay the insecurities of silly girls. Then, we asked it the one question that I think everyone wants to ask the Ouija board at some point.

“Are you the devil?”

The planchette was still for a long moment before creeping it’s way to “YES.” We gave each other incredulous looks, knowing the other had moved it. For the record, y’all, I didn’t move it. We bickered about it for a few minutes and weren’t really paying attention to the planchette.

Were either of our hands even touching it when it flew off the board?

Honestly, that’s a question I’ll never be able to answer, but I do know neither of us could’ve made the fire flare up at that exact moment, even if we did throw the planchette.

After that, I vaguely remember running from the room, freaked out. At that point, it didn’t matter if one of us had been controlling the planchette to answer the questions. Neither of us were interested in playing anymore that night. Actually, I was never interested in playing it again. To this day, I’ve not touched another planchette or been present when people “play” with the Ouija board.

Not even once, y’all.

Have You Had a Strange Ouija Experience?

Next time, we’ll get into the whys and hows of Ouija board dangers. Until then, I’ve told you mine, so it’s time for you to share your scary, funny or just plain strange experiences with the Ouija board.

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  1. heather says:

    OMG, this time of year freaks me out some because if the Ouija! I was 15 when i bought one. My stepdad wouldn’t even let me bring it in the house because of the movie “The Exorist”. Yeah, that didn’t stop me. Me and my brother played and “talked” to several spirits. Well, 4 hours later, it becaame time to go to bed and my brother left to sleep in the living room. I couldn’t shake the eerie creepy feelings. Then my dog comes running in the room at 3AM barking uncontrollably at NOTHING (I was hiding under the covers). I ran straight out of that room. The feelings i felt then, I kind of understand now, but at the time it freaked me out.
    BUT… the next night we played again. This time it told me I was”death bride” and I felt a negative energy around me. It didn’t go away,since that night. It went away when we moved, but in my new house some friends decided to play again. Guess who came back!
    i know it’s no where near as scary as your devil story (yeah that story scares me now!), but I believe this negative spirit followed me for 10 years. When people are going to “play”, I leave right away. Call me scared,I might be, but I do not ever want to feel that negativity again.

  2. Jen Whitten says:

    Damn, Heather. That totally just gave me chills…worse than I had when I was writing my little encounter.

    But I’m right there with you. That is not a feeling or an energy I want to be around again…Ever.

  3. Last time I saw one was at my uncle’s house. He showed me and said he’d gotten it from an old building near my grandpa’s property, that used to be a school. He told me if I played, he knew the name it’d spell out. I was freaked because I knew it was bad news and told him I couldn’t even touch it. LOL!

  4. Shakespeare says:

    It’s bad news. I have NEVER used one–or touched one–but my brother-in-law told me about a time they used one in the flyspace of a theatre, and when one guy climbed down to use the restroom, the board started talking about the guy’s brother, even naming him. All his friends knew he was an only child, so when he returned they were laughing about it. He heard the story and left immediately, only admitting months later that he actually HAD had a brother… who died very young.

    My husband’s roommate (when we were dating) once tried it while we were on vacation. He and his own girlfriend got scared by what it was saying, and they threw it in the dumpster. Then the whole apartment suddenly smelled like rotting trash. They left, but my husband and I found the smell when we returned home. We made him dig out the board and toss it somewhere else, and the smell dissipated. My husband made him promise never to do that again.

    Ouija boards are bad news. I’ve never heard a story where they didn’t go bad. And yet Toys ‘R Us still sells them. Go figure.

    • Jen Whitten says:

      Well, there’s profit to be made, so of course they’re still on the shelf…sadly.

      Those are some VERY creepy experiences. While researching the follow up post(s) to this one, I’ve run across several “true” stories that gave me chills. (Not saying they aren’t true, but I take everything with a grain of salt when I don’t actually know the source.) One site said that if you try to burn a Ouija board, you can hear it screaming.

  5. Nothing good can come from the use of a Ouija Board. I will not sleep or stay in a house that I know that has one. My experience….

    The Ouija Board was the rave when I was growing up many moons go! I begged my parents for the board and I got it! One day, on a HOT sunny day in the middle of summer, I decided that I wanted to play with the Ouija board. However, at the time I didn’t have anybody to play with but that wasn’t going stop me! I decided to play by myself…so I locked myself in a dark closet type room and began to ask it a series of questions when all of a sudden I felt as if I was being watched and the temperature in room dropped! And no there wasn’t a draft, air conditioning or vents in the area that I was playing in. Since that day I never touch the board again!


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