May 20, 2019

Ouija Board – Timeless Toy or Portal to Peril?

Charmed Style Personal Ouija Board

Should you worry about the dangers of playing with a Ouija board?

I can read your mind, dark passengers. Even after reading about my Ouija board horror story, you’re still trying to figure out how a simple toy is dangerous or scary. You know what? You aren’t alone. The Ouija board debate has been raging longer than I’ve been alive.

I’m afraid I have to be brutally honest: The chances of me clearing up the debate in tonight’s post are pretty slim – bordering on nonexistent – so try not to get your hopes up. I’d say we could just ask the Ouija board to clear it up for us, but I think we know I haven’t had awesome luck with that. Let’s skip that and dive into the debate, shall we?

Because if any of you show up at my door with a Ouija board for me to ask, I’m totally not letting you in…

Theories of How the Ouija Board is Dangerous

I won’t lie: I agree the Ouija board can be dangerous, but my belief doesn’t have a lot to do with my own personal experience with it as a child. Before we get into what I think, let’s take a look at two of the top arguments against “playing” with a Ouija board.

All Spirit Communication is Evil

Dan Corner of Evangelical Outreach argues that all spirit communication is evil. This isn’t a new concept for anyone who studies Christianity in its evangelical or fundamental forms. Actually, this isn’t a new concept for anyone who’s studied many of the world’s religions.

In a nutshell, the Ouija board is a tool of evil because it isn’t possible to commune with ghosts. Why? Because there’s not such things as ghosts. There are angels and there are demons. Since an angel would never misrepresent itself as your lost loved one, only demons communicate through the Ouija board.

But what about the people who think they’re talking to angels? I guess they don’t count…

Only Evil Spirits Use the Ouija Board

Okay, so let’s say you believe in ghosts and other non-human elemental spirits beyond angels and demons. What now? Well, you’ll only get the bad or unimportant spirits with the Ouija board.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read that only lower dimensional or lower vibrational entities communicate through Ouija boards. This actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

  • Higher vibrational spirits have more important things to do than gossip with you
  • Ascended Masters have hundreds of thousands of living people talking to them without the Ouija board
  • Experienced entities don’t need the Ouija board to communicate with the living
  • Spirits with pure intentions aren’t usually hanging around seances or sleepovers, just waiting for someone – anyone! – to invite their conversation.

Have you ever read No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre? In it, the dead are able to see and hear what’s going on in the human realm so long as the living still remember them. Once they’re forgotten, they lose their connection with the world they knew. Maybe it’s a bit like that for some ghosts? Since they can’t accept their life is over and move to whatever’s next, they hang around and talk to anyone who will listen as their last means of staying connected.

Okay, it’s a thin theory…but let’s see you do better while trying to tie in your favorite obscure piece of French Existential literature to a Ouija board rant. I dare ya! ;)

Ouija Board Users Don’t Always Know What They’re Doing

Stephen Wagner, Paranormal Phenomena Guide for, provides the best answer I’ve read: “It’s not the board, it’s not a hoard of demons lying in wait…It’s the energy of the people involved.”

Basically, dark passengers, Wagner is saying that the Ouija board is a tool for contacting the paranormal, nothing more. Let’s face it, when you’re predisposed to spirit communication, it doesn’t matter if you dabble with Ouija or you pay attention to the movement of shadows, at some point a spirit will make contact.Your ability – or inability – to cope with your own paranormal experiences will control your personal danger level.

The fundamental problem with Ouija is that people expect it to work, so it does. Great…except most people don’t really want to communicate with spirits. Most people don’t really want to know ghosts and the other creatures of fantasy and fiction exist.

Basically, people like the illusions of someone skilled at sleights of hand, yet they never want to acknowledge the existence of true magic when it goes against what they want to believe about the world.

When it comes to the paranormal and metaphysical realms, one shouldn’t dabble. Get in or stay out, but don’t pull out your Ouija board at Halloween parties to scare your friends with devil talk. If you aren’t prepared, you may not like what you actually get.

What do you think, dark passengers? Are people the problem or is the Ouija board just plain evil? You tell me.


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

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  1. Cherrie says:

    Great article and good overview of theories.

    I’ve never used one. Always wanted to. I don’t see them as much different than divining rods or pendulums.

    Dangerous? I don’t know but my gut says no, that’s fear talking.

    It is possible that rather than the “answers” coming from spirits, it may, actually be just one way that your higher self, through the energetic field, communicates your own or the collective wisdom/knowledge? I don’t KNOW this, but sense it is possible.

    And while higher evolved beings don’t need gimmicks to get a message through, WE are physical beings and seem to be rather dense when it comes to our receptive abilities. I bet the beings on the other side yawn as they move the pendulum or ouija, wishing they could just get through our stubborn defenses and lowered vibrational frequencies with thought. WE’RE the ones who don’t seem to be vibrationally astute enough to receive any other way than the physical.

    That’s my two cents.

  2. Ash says:

    Hmmm…just tried to share this via FB thru the sexy bookmarks and each one is showing an error. :( I’ll need to check mine and see if they are working.
    Great Quija board posts!

  3. Ash says:

    I relate the Ouija board in the same way as any divination tool. Tarot cards, runes, palm reading, etc. The “perception” behind it affects the outcome of whomever is reading it. And, the Ouija board has, for the most part, always been associated with “evil” or bad. (wonder who started that perception?)
    So, most get a “bad/negative/scary” experience when they use it.
    Evil spirits don’t sneak in at Parker Bros when they make them, waiting for the user to pull it out, so they can wreak havoc. Our perception of anything affects our experience with it.
    Enjoying these posts!


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