May 22, 2019

Ouija Superstitions

Does this simple game board hold a sinister secret?

Happy Friday, dark passengers. To kick off your weekend in true paranoid paranormal style, I thought we’d continue our discussion about superstitions and urban legends from Wednesday. Today though, let’s focus our attention to our old pal, the Ouija board.

And I use that term VERY loosely since the Ouija board is no friend of mine…

Few games command as much attention as the Ouija board – well, except Monopoly, but that’s just for inciting childish violence between competitive adults who can’t handle losing. No, the Ouija board is surrounded by unsurpassed suspicion and superstition.

In fact, some of the superstitions have been passed down for so many years – to so many people – that many of the tales have reached urban legend status.

A Word About the Ouija Board

Even though the Ouija board is marketed as a toy; it isn’t. It’s so much more than that…especially for people who have a natural aptitude towards mediumship. Avoid using the Ouija board if you:

  • are highly sensitive, psychically speaking
  • have had previous bad paranormal experiences
  • have religious reasons to avoid it
  • scare easily.

For information about the Ouija board, read the following articles on Your Dark Passenger:

Are These Ouija Superstitions True?

Without further ado, here are the most popular Ouija board superstitions and urban legends floating around on the Internet.

  • Avoid playing with the Ouija board if you aren’t feeling well because you’ll become possessed
  • Don’t ask about God
  • Don’t ask when you’re going to die
  • Don’t play alone
  • Don’t ask where the gold is buried
  • Evil spirits might ask women to do odd or unsavory things; ignore them
  • Failure to properly dispose of the Ouija board will cause spirits to haunt you
  • If the planchette starts counting down the numbers or letters, letting it finish will release spirits from the board
  • If you burn your Ouija board, it screams
  • If you don’t close your session properly, the Ouija board spirit will continue to haunt you
  • Placing a pure silver coin on the Ouija board will keep evil spirits away
  • Spirits or demons will use the Ouija board to try to oppress or possess you
  • Using the Ouija board will allow the devil to enter the world
  • When the planchette moves to the four corners of the board, you’ve contacted an evil spirit.

The only "dark" force playing this game is a curious cat!

Whether any or all of these superstitions surrounding the Ouija board are true is something I’ll leave to you. I’ve previously shared my own experiences with the Ouija board so, for now, I’ll stick to Monopoly. At least when a piece of that game goes flying across the room, I know I’m the one who threw it.

So, dark passengers, what are your thoughts on these Ouija superstitions? Do you have any personal experiences with any of them?


“Let your dark passenger out to play…Be your own nemesis!”


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  1. Shakespeare says:

    I have never touched one, though I’ve had several friends who’ve experienced weird things when using them.
    My (then boyfriend) had a roommate who tried one once. He got scared because the speaker claimed to be a little boy drowned in a well several decades ago. The roommate dumped it into the dumpster, and then the apartment almost immediately smelled like a trash can. I can attest to that, for I arrived there with the boyfriend (now husband) and we had to leave for hours, for the apartment smelled simply awful. Once the trash truck emptied the dumpster out back, the smell dissipated.

    I won’t use a ouija board. I’ve heard too much first-hand experience. Even SiFi’s Ghost Hunters refuse to use them–and when they find out a homeowner has done so, they shake their heads, and say, “Don’t do that.”

    • Jen Whitten says:

      Very cool – and freaky – Ouija story. I sort of wonder what happened to mine now. I don’t know what my parents ever did with it.

      When I was watching an ep of Paranormal State last season, they actually bleep out when they say “Ouija” and I don’t understand why. I know why they do it when a demon’s name is mentioned, but that’s the first I’ve seen them do it to the board as well.

  2. We used a Ouija board when were kid for fun. Our hamster got out and we coulnd’t find it anywhere. We asked the board and it said under the bed. We looked and there the hamster was. There was no way any of us could have known that.

    I wouldn’t let one in my house now though. I do think it opens you up to bad things.