May 20, 2019

Do You Have Past Lives

I hope all the dark passengers out there had a great weekend.  Mine was.  Then again, I’m usually happy so that’s not all that unusual.  (Totally killing my “dark” image here, huh?)

Today we discuss a topic that is both fascinating and frustrating to me: Past Lives and Reincarnation.

Why do I find this frustrating?  Well, honestly…because it makes sense, but it goes against everything taught by a Christian upbringing.  You know, the Bible isn’t exactly big on the past lives thing.  It’s more of a “you start as nothing, have a single life, die and arise in Heaven (hopefully!) for all eternity” kind of thing.  Talk of reincarnation doesn’t quite jive.

I suppose now would be the right time to give y’all a bit of background as to why I find this topic so fascinating – and relevant! – to my life.

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve dreamt, vividly.  I’ve dreamt of far away places and times long ago.  I’ve dreamt of books I was reading or cartoons I watched.  More often, my dreams were the stuff of horror movies.  In dreams, I’ve been chased by the nameless, faceless dark blob of a monster; a predator, really, living, feeding on my fear as I slept.

The dreams morphed a bit the older I got.  At times I would be in a neverending maze of a house where I’d go through room after room of sets of people who looked like my parents, but were not.  Each set would try to get me to go with them – some sugary sweet in their approach and others harsh.

Later, the dream turned into an abduction situation.  This one lasted for a number of years.  Come to think of it, it didn’t stop until high school.

Straight up, this is when things changed for the worse.  Now, each night when I’d close my eyes I was hunted down and murdered.  Sure, I’d died in my dreams as a child, but that wasn’t the central theme.  How did I die each night?  I was stabbed, usually in the face, neck and chest.  Is it really any wonder I developed insomnia?

In retrospect, I can see how all my dreams were of the same subject, morphing only as my experience of the world changed.

Now, keep all that background in mind while I relay something that happened very recently.

There was a presence of some kind in my house.  Demon?  Perhaps.  Malevolent, negative, lower vibration?  Definitely.  To say it was an uncomfortable situation for all in my house would be an understatement.  I could handle it when things centered on me, but once anything begins to mess with my husband and my cat…oh, there is hell to pay.

So I went to get the supplies to deal with this entity.  The woman working at the store was a fellow Empath, a healer and a psychic medium.  Without knowing anything other than I needed supplies to perform a smudging, this is what I was told:

I’m getting that in a past life you were also a female and there was a man who was deeply in love with you.  Wow.  He just loved you so much.  But you really didn’t want anything to do with him.

Eventually, he couldn’t handle it any longer.  Oh…I see that this love was very selfish on his part.  He came after you.  You were able to escape, but he killed your family.  (No mention of whether that meant parents and siblings or spouse and children…)  You were able to hide, but he did find you.  He killed you.

This is the spirit who’s been following you and harassing you for your entire life.  He is why you dream of being chased.  He is why you dream of being murdered.  Perform the smudging.  I’m getting that this will get him out of your life.

FYI y’all…I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about this again.  To say the least, this explains a LOT in my life, far more than just the haunting dreams – dreams that have now stopped.  Perhaps you can understand why I might think this is more than just some charlatain telling that which I wanted to hear.  (Seriously…does anyone ever want to hear something like that – past life or not?)

Has anyone out there had any past life experiences like this or memories of who you were in a past life?  Is reincarnation real?  Do we carry our baggage from each life with us to our next?


“Dark.  Deadly.  Delightful.”

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  1. Ash says:

    I like the new site! It took me a few years to get over my ‘Christian’ upbringing beliefs that we only live once, then I read an amazing book about all the references about reincarnation that was taken out of the Bible!
    I’ve had some flashes and memories of some past lives, very interesting. I also think Dr. Brian Weiss’s work on it is amazing documentation.

  2. star7 says:

    I haven’t had anything like that, not that I can remember anyway. Maybe I’m only on my first one. I’m glad things worked out and the dreams have stopped!

  3. melissa says:

    Interesting. That gave me goosebumps all the way up here in New England!

    I had a very telling meeting once with a palm reader. Yes, I know they are “trained to tell us vague things that make us think they are real”, but this palm reader was very specific. He kept vacillating between my number of siblings and said, you have 3, no 5, no 3, etc. The person I was with had no idea and there was no tip off. Finally he said you had 5 but now you have 3. Two died already. I didn’t say anything and let him finish. My friend and I left and she thought it was all a crock. Then I told her I have three sisters, but my mom had twins before me that lived only a day. It was quite the experience.

  4. Jen says:

    Ash – Thanks! I’m still running the old site as well; I just moved the EC widget over here since I could actually use it properly under my own control. ;)

    Are you serious? There was stuff removed from the Bible about reincarnation? Where did you find it? Was it part of the Gnostic texts? (Not that I’m interested or anything…) :P

    Star – Sorry to disappoint you, my dear, but I believe the current theory on reincarnation is that the only brand spankin’ new souls in the world at the moment are the Indigo Children and the Crystal Children. (Yes, I’ll be posting about them soon…) :D

    Melissa – Then you can only imagine how it felt to be hearing that in person – about me – a few weeks ago.

    But I totally know what you mean about a reading being quite an experience. Lynne read my cards last week and she was dead on balls accurate (It’s an industry term…) Sure, she sort of knows me from my blogs and my forum postings, but that’s the extent of it, you know? I wasn’t expecting anything more than vague generalizations.

    Sorry about your sisters, even though you didn’t get to know them…

  5. Kelly says:

    I was raised catholic, but I don’t follow it. It is so hard to let go of some of those ideas, especially because the idea of being with loved ones again after death is comforting, but I also believe in past lives. I’ve always been told I am an old soul. You can’t be an old soul if you haven’t lived before, can you?

    I have had dreams of what I believe to be past lives since I was a child. One that stood out was when I was about 10 or so, I dreamed that I was in a hospital room with my husband. The way were were dressed was like in the 1920′s. I gave birth to a stillborn and was grieving over the baby in my arms.

    A) what 10 year old would dream that? B) It was so vivid and I dreamed it a few times.

    There are others, but that one always stuck with me.

    I have so many weird dreams, I wouldn’t doubt that many of them are past lives….


  6. star7 says:

    I guess I’m just not in tune with them then :) Hopefully it stays that way. Or maybe they were just really boring lives? :D

  7. Jen says:

    Kelly – Hmm…no, I don’t think you can be an old soul and a new soul at the same time. Something tells me it doesn’t quite work that way. ;)

    I can’t imagine why a 10 year old would dream about that either. I suppose it’s possible something like that was on tv one day and your subconscious replayed it for you in your sleep, but it does sound more like a past life memory to me.

    Star – If I had to guess, I don’t think everyone gets stuck with the total crap past life that I ended up with. :P

  8. I figure the relationship matter and energy requires reincarnation and that dreams are the way matter slowly converts into energy. If you didn’t dream you would live forever.

    I remember talking with Joseph Campbell back in the early 70s after a lecture in which he defined pornography as advertising worthless products to hopeless addicts. He shared a story about a Zen master he studied under who one day killed a fly that was annoying him and said: “Come back in a more acceptable form.” Now that was a worthwhile lesson.

    Pataphysicians view all life as mutable and all matter as manner.

  9. Jen says:

    Hmm…that may well be, but without dreams would eternal life be worth living?

  10. Now there’s the rub, as Harry Hamlet kind of said. The universe is disjoint and disjoint just ain’t what it used to be. :-)

  11. Dwacon says:

    Maybe it is better to look forward vs. looking back?

  12. Jen says:

    So true…but about when the past won’t leave you alone?

    Just something to think about…

  13. Elle says:

    Someone has a situation almost identical to what you have described above.

    However, they do not perform this ‘smudging’. The dreams stop.

    What would be your opinion as to why the dreams would suddenly stop?

    • Admin says:

      Without knowing any of the details, I’d say it wasn’t a past life thing coming through as a dream with your friend. I wonder if perhaps they had a reduction of stress around that time or a breakthrough with something that had been troubling them. Dreams aren’t usually cookie cutter clones from person to person so I couldn’t possibly hope to explain it without knowing actual details of your friends dream. Sorry.

  14. Jordan says:

    Wow. I’m really not alone. It’s like your narrating my life