April 25, 2019

Are Prayer and Channeling Alike?

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The countdown to the end of the series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal is on. Tonight, we look at prayer and channeling.

Are they similar or are they nothing alike?

Let’s get to it, shall we?

To give us a base of understanding, my Merriam-Webster Dictionary has this to say:


  1. a supplication or expression addressed to God or a god; a set order of words used in praying
  2. an earnest request or wish
  3. the act or practice of praying to God or a god
  4. a religious service consisting chiefly of prayers
  5. something prayed for
  6. a slight chance

Apparently Merriam and Webster are comfy using the word you’re supposed to be defining as part of the definition and hanging a preposition at the end of the sentence…


The dictionary is silent on this, except as it applies to television frequencies and digging channels in the ground and stuff. Basically, channeling is the method of communicating with non-human energy. Either you’re talking to it, or it’s talking through you.

Are Prayer and Channeling the Same?

I know, I know…It would be cool if I could drop some sort of bombshell here to explain how prayer and channeling are the same thing because it would tie a neat little bow on our series. I suppose I could make something up, but lying isn’t my thing. Instead, it’s truth time.

Prayer and channeling aren’t merely not the same thing, they aren’t even close.

Just because you’re talking to a spirit doesn’t mean you’re praying to them. You probably talk to dozens of people each day. Are you praying to all those people as well? If you are, I’m concerned, but chances are that you aren’t even trying to do that.

The definition is clear that we’re talking about conversations and/or requests to God or a god…not the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe.

But you knew I’d add a caveat, didn’t you?

Have you ever met someone who says they can actually hear God or Jesus (depending on who they’re talking to) answer them when they pray? Are you one of these people? What about when you’re talking with someone about their spiritual life or trying to convey some religious truth and the words flow from your mouth from somewhere other than your own brain?

And so we’re clear, I’m not talking about schizophrenics.

Some would say that the Holy Spirit is talking through you or that some people can hear God’s answer to prayers as clearly as conversation with a corporeal person. They’d be 100% correct. They’d also be neglecting the fact that when anything speaks THROUGH you, including the Holy Spirit, you’re channeling. (and technically, if you can hear a being that isn’t humanly with you, you’re clairaudient…)

It’s also worth mentioning that any spirit, deity or power you channel has a distinct energy to them. The same energy you feel during prayer to Jesus when you feel like He’s really answering you should be the SAME energy you feel if you’re channeling Jesus…except, it might be a touch more intense. If you think you’re channeling Jesus and the energy is nothing like what it’s been for you during prayer, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with an entity who’s lying to you and pretending to be something it isn’t.

And that would go for anyone you might pray to, not just Jesus, so that should apply regardless of your faith.

What’s on tap for tomorrow in our series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal? Reincarnation. Until then, what are your thoughts on prayer or channeling?


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