April 25, 2019

Psi Vampire or Victim

It’s easy to agree that the line is blurred between real vampirism and vampire myth because of fictional works and media hype. What isn’t easy to determine is if you could be a vampire. Psi vampires, or energy vampires, have a particularly difficult time determining their status. Perhaps it’s simply because the feeding method is more complicated. Or maybe the answer points to a more sinister root for some.

It’s time to consider the victims of unscrupulous or unknowing vampires.

Symptoms of Vampire Victims

Before discussing the symptoms, it’s important to note that most energy vampires feed in a responsible manner. Either by using donors or feeding from the excess energy created during social gatherings, modern vampires are able to lessen the affects to the person they feed on. In fact, it can be said that the most damage is done by awakened psi vampires who do not realize they unconsciously feed on those around them. This typically occurs before the individual learns they are a real vampire, or in the beginning when they are first learning how to control their psychic feeding methods.

People fed on by psi vampires to excessive levels can experience the following:

  • Fatigue - If people require energy to perform their daily activities, drawing from their energy reserves will tire them
  • Chronic illness – When a person loses too much energy too rapidly, fighting off and recovering from disease is difficult
  • Body aches – A body without sufficient energy levels to sustain regular activity tends to experience the same body aches one might notice after a workout or associated with old age
  • Depression - It’s unclear whether this is a direct effect of vampiric feeding or a side-effect of the fatigue
  • Fascination with vampires – Yes, believe it or not, individuals used as snacks can develop an obsession with vampires. It seems that some unconscious part of the victim’s mind is aware of the unwanted feeding that’s taking place and tries to draw the attention of the conscious mind to the problem.

Similarities to Psi Vampires

In extreme cases of energy loss through psi vampire feeding, a “normal” individual can begin feeding as an energy vampire would without being aware of it. Typically, this only occurs until the victim regains a sustainable energy level. To most victims, they never realize any of this occurred, instead thinking they were going through a mental funk.

But what if the victim were to stumble upon information on real vampires?

Rather than realizing what happened, he or she might find enough similarities between the current situation and psi vampires. They may even decide to try psychic feeding techniques. Once they feed and feel a little better, it’s an easy leap to deciding they must be a vampire.

For this reason, it’s important to view more than a single point in time when making the determination about your vampire status. A real vampire needs additional energy all the time. While they may not feed every moment of the day, they will notice physical or health problems if they go too long between feedings. Feeding once at party and never needing to again does not a vampire make. If you’re sure you aren’t feeding unconsciously and you can go months at a time between feedings without adverse effects, you most likely are not a vampire.

What do you think? What are ways vampires can ensure they don’t take too much energy from an individual when feeding? Has anyone who thought they were a psi vampire since realized they are not?

“Embrace the darkness…”

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  1. kaotez says:

    psi vampires are able to concentrate usually and can usually tell how much energy they are taking away because of how much they take in. its also more ethical to have permission. but, at the same time, permission is hard to come by without the person having the thought of you being a complete lunatic and reporting you. cant just go up and ask. usually doners are people that they trust and know very well.