May 22, 2019

Psychic by Sylvia Browne- A Book Review

A young Kansas City girl struggles to understand why spirits choose to congregate in her room each night after the lights go out. Or why she can sometimes know things about the future well in advance. Her mother retreats to the solace of her bubble bath. Her grandmother gives her a flashlight for when she’s scared at night and tells her she’s psychic.

No, dark passengers, I’m not talking about myself in 3rd person and pretending to be from KC. Instead, we’re delving into the life of renowned psychic Sylvia Browne through her book Psychic: My Life in Two Worlds.

Full Disclosure: I got a shiny new copy of the book from the publisher for free. In exchange, I agreed to give my fair and honest review, not hype up the book if I hate it. I might have a bizarre addiction to books, but I still haven’t reached the point where I sell my soul for them… ;)

I’m going to talk at length about three aspects of the book, but you can skip to the final section if you just want to get to the opinion about whether it’s worth the read…

Growing Up Psychic

Sylvia starts out by telling us about what it’s like to be a psychic child in a Missouri town. She spends a good bit of time talking about how normal she thought it all was once Grandmother Ada explained about the psychic roots of their family. That is, until she got into school and learned that, not only did all the other children not have spirits party in the bedroom, but the nuns at her Catholic school didn’t appreciate hearing about her view of ghosts.

Honestly, I think the picture she paints of growing up as a psychic child is of a life many of us can relate to. There are times of acceptance of the psychic gifts and there are times of spiritual doubt. Mix that in with a healthy dose of wondering if you’re certifiably nuts and I believe that’s a common aspect you’ll find in the background of many psychics.

At the end of the first chapter, she tells her psychiatrist that “I just want to be normal. That’s all I want.”

Yes, I’d say that sums up the whole of a psychic childhood and places a neat little bow around it.

The Other Side and Stranded Ghosts

Throughout the book, Sylvia tells us about what she calls “The Other Side.” The Other Side is where you go when you die and are able to continue living a full life in between your incarnations in this world. This is where you go to reunite with loved ones who’ve gone before you. (And pets!) This is where you review the decisions in your life and how they contributed to your spiritual growth. This is the place that offers all the love and wonder of creation sans guilt, fear and judgment.

Basically, it’s like the Christian concept of Heaven minus all the harps and singing…

She paints exquisite word pictures of what it’s like there, based on the information she’s received from Francine, her spirit guide, and what other inhabitants of the Other Side tell her. I’ll admit, I could go along with people from the Other Side coming back to observe and visit loved ones still living here. I could go with their voices seeming higher pitched and faster because of the higher vibrational energy level with which they’re accustomed. I could even nod along as she shared stories of so many souls trapped here who can’t cross over because they don’t realize they’re dead.

Sylvia Browne totally lost me when she said the Other Side occupies the same space we do, just three feet off the ground. Really? I’m down with another dimension we have no knowledge of hanging out with us, but why three feet higher?

If there was a good explanation to clear that up, I totally skimmed over it. To be fair, she probably covers it in more detail in the books she’s written on that subject.

100% Un-Psychic

Among the Other Side tales and glimpses into the formation and collapse of her various psychic foundations and businesses, Sylvia Browne takes us through her turbulent relationships with family, friends, associates and spouses. From the outside, I think it’s all too easy for any of us to say that she was clearly making one mistake after another and she should have seen it coming. I mean, when you marry men out of gratitude or a sense of duty – as opposed to actually wanting to get married or loving them – how can you expect good things to come to your marriage?

But from the inside, Sylvia explains that even the most gifted, genuine psychic isn’t psychic about their own life. We write our charts on the Other Side, but we’re born with no knowledge of it in this life. When doing readings for others, we might get access to their charts to help guide them along their path, but we don’t get so much as a tiny peek at our own charts. Not even our trusty spirit guides or angels will offer up any clues about the life challenges we created for ourselves.

Sounds like a cop-out, right? I thought that too.

At first.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just psychics. I hold anyone who gives advice to others to a higher standard. How can you give advice worthy of heed if you can’t follow it yourself? It’s a good policy.

It’s just not a fair policy. Think about it. Even in your most normal, un-psychic moments, how many times have you found yourself in a situation everyone warned you against, only to realize in hindsight that listening to everyone you thought wrong might not have been such a bad idea? We all do it. Perhaps it isn’t fair to hold those with psychic gifts to a higher standard than we’d hold any human being…

Is Psychic Worth the Money?

At first, I was disappointed in the book. After seeing Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams Show once or twice, I’ll admit I was fascinated with her seemingly accurate readings and comfort with her psychic gifts. When I was offered the chance to review her new book by TLC Book Tours, I thought it would be more about her beliefs and – possibly – about developing psychic gifts. What I got was her life story.

What I also got were hours that flew by because I couldn’t put the book down. During a bout of insomnia, I picked up the book to read the first chapter. Instead, a few hours and half the book later, I reluctantly turned off the light because dawn was approaching.

Seriously, y’all…I probably wouldn’t have thought to buy the book if I’d known it was an autobiography, but I would’ve been missing something worth reading.

Don’t get me wrong…neither the book nor its author are perfect. I had moments when I read her words about her mother, ex-husbands and the like with a look of disgust on my face. As is the case with so many people, she seems incapable of admitting how her choice to be silent or uninvolved or oblivious contributed to her negative relationships with the people around her. Granted, it’s not as though I find many redeeming qualities in most abusive husbands, but…still. She isn’t totally ignorant to the fact her actions had a role to play in her circumstances; I just think there were moments when she was unnecessarily harsh to people she claims to hold no ill will towards.

But even with those harsh moments (in my opinion), Psychic wove together the practicality of living life as a psychic, heart-wrenching stories that got a tear or two out of me and enough laughter that I had to make sure I didn’t wake hubby while reading in the middle of the night. It’s a fast read through each of its 240 pages and I would’ve read it all in a single sitting if I’d let myself.

As dumb as it sounds, I got a little sad when I realized I was on the final chapter. Must be something about her writing style because I actually read the Afterword and Acknowledgments…I never do that. I just move onto the next book.

In a nutshell, dark passengers, Psychic: My Life in Two Worlds isn’t for you if you need an instructional book in psychic development. On the other hand, if you want to read about what it was like for Sylvia Browne to go from being a little girl with spirits gathering in her room at night to a famous psychic while still balancing time for family and love, I would highly recommend you read this book.


“Let your dark passenger come out to play…Be your own nemesis!”

Visit her official website to learn more about Sylvia Browne. The book is available for purchase through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Trailer for the book below:

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  1. Shakespeare says:

    Wow. Sounds profound. I know a psychic who would love reading this book.

    It’s been a while since I read something I found hard to put down.
    .-= Shakespeare´s last blog ..Now Thats Progress- =-.

  2. I’m glad that you stuck with the book even though it wasn’t what you were expecting – it certainly seems like it was worth the read!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour and sharing your thoughts.

  3. ANN REYNOLDS says:

    what an honor to leave you a comment. i grew up knowing about
    your devine talents. i’m 63 , so as soon as were on tv i was watching.i watched you all the time on montel. I HAVE SOME GIFTS


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