May 20, 2019

Quest Dream

Happy weekend’s end, dark passengers. I trust everyone had a weekend as good as I did. Tonight, we continue our look at dreams and their possible interpretations. Sometimes my dreams involve me sitting around doing not much of anything. Other times my dreams are so violently terrifying that I’m still trembling hours after awakening.

Every so often, my dreams are full-blown premonitions – whether I choose to acknowledge it at the time or not.

Tonight, we discuss the most pointless quest I ever embarked upon while sleeping…Not that I’ve ever gone a quest of substance while awake either. *shrugs*

The Dream (or at least, the parts I can remember)

I was back in some sort of medeval setting.  The kingdom was under attack by, well, I don’t really remember…but there was definitely an attack going on.  I was called before the King and Queen, with whom I seemed to be very familiar, and asked to deal with the matter.  As far as I can recall, it’s not like I was a knight or something; I was just me.  It sort of felt as though I was their daughter.

I guess I tried everything to know avail and they asked me to bring in two people we all knew yet I can’t remember their names.  The plan – as certifiably insane as this will sound – was to journey to where they were, turn them into vampires and use our new 2-person vamp army to win the day.  Of course, it was acknowledged  we would have another problem on our hands because of our newbie vamps, but we’d deal with them afterwards.

Side note:  In the context of the dream, I wasn’t a vampire or anything.  How the hell was I expected to go forth and make vampires?  Bizarre.

Anyway.  I set off on my quest, convinced the two people to come back to the kingdom with me and figured I’d make them into vampires once we got there.  I mean, why would I think it was a good idea to travel with two hungry new vampires?

When we all got back, something happened (I don’t know what) and the conflict was at an end.  No need to make vampires.  No need to battle.  The dream ended with the Queen exclaiming to me how happy she was and (in a very flustery Julia Childs type voice) to “Look at my new reading center!”

Somehow, in the midst of conflict, the Queen got herself a new reading center built.  Enter my morning alarm.  End dream.

The Interpretation

Sadly, I’ve got nothing.  Whenever I try to analyze this one, all I keep coming back to is the frickin’ reading center thing and why the Queen sounded like a crazy person about it.  I’m sure there’s something in there beyond that, but I’m drawing a complete blank.  If any readers have any ideas about this nocturnal insanity – aka dream – then I’d love to hear about it.


“Dark.  Deadly.  Delightful.”

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Jen Whitten is a paranormal researcher and writer, specializing in psychic development, Empaths, modern day vampirism and dealing with entities. She regularly discusses the paranormal realm, as well as the dark inner workings of the mind.


  1. Richard says:

    Hmm… reading about vampires much? Searching for understanding about something that’s curious and fascinating, only to find that it’s pretty disconnected from the everyday events of your life? Or maybe just a really bizarre dream…

    • Jen says:

      I would understand it if that’d been the case, but I haven’t been doing an vampire reading or research lately. I’ve been working on a new novel, but there are no fake mythical vampires in that and I’ve been focusing more on the other paranormal aspects.

      Searching for something disconnected from everyday life…Perhaps. I’ll have to ponder that.

      But dude…what is the deal with the frickin’ reading center?!?!?!?! :D

  2. Carrie says:

    Hey there how are you doing! Well other than the dreams you can’t figure out.

    • Admin says:

      I’m actually really, really good. I’ve been at my new job for nearly 6 weeks now and I absolutely LOVE it. Other than that, I’ve been doing a lot of psychic development work that’s going in an interesting direction right now.

      Ooh. And I just found out today I’ve been accepted as the Psychic Gifts Examiner for Dallas. :D

      Hope all is well with you. I need to carve out some time to make the blogging rounds. I haven’t been to read everyone in way too long.