March 23, 2019

Religion’s Effect on Paranormal Manifestations

Demon's Night Out

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Welcome back, dark passengers, to day night two of our look at the relationship between religion and the paranormal. Although it appears to be an adversarial relationship at best, there may be more similarities than folks on either side of the fence realize.

And people who are camped out on the fence probably already notice this…

Yesterday, we defined a few basic terms to help us speak a common language as we explore things during the month of April that, quite honestly, can’t be explained. Not for a fact, anyway. Today, we jump right in with how your religious beliefs may change the nature of the paranormal manifestations you experience.

In truth, I’ve had this particular topic on my mind for months. During the last season of ‘Paranormal State,’ there was a Jewish family experiencing paranormal activity in their home. Because their faith didn’t support the existence of entities, much less a process for getting them out of your house, they let the situation get so bad that they felt their only choice was to risk being ostracized and to call in the PRS team.

As with all the PRS investigations that make the show, there were some twists and turns, some vague evidence of paranormal activity and a house blessing. I wish I’d written this months ago because I can’t remember if the determination was that the entity was demonic in nature or not. For all intents and purposes, we’ll say it doesn’t really matter…mainly because I don’t know enough off the top of my head about the Jewish faith to know whether they acknowledge the existence of demons or not.

A pattern I’ve noticed is that the nature of the paranormal manifestations – at least from the cases they show on TV – seem to fall in line with the beliefs of the individual or family. For example, I don’t see a lot of:

  • Christian families with entities that turn out to be deceased family members, or
  • Demons showing up in the homes of people whose faith doesn’t recognize demons.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I off in CrazyLand?

Perhaps a better question would be this: Are the TV shows only showing cases that work out this way to avoid alienating parts of the audience? Or do your personal beliefs drive the nature of your paranormal experiences with regards to entities?

And, perhaps that could even lead us to a third question: Do angels appear to atheists, since they would deny their existence?

I know what I think, and I know the nature of the entities that have appeared to me, but today I’d rather hear what YOU think about this. If you’ve had an entity in your home, did it fall in line with your spiritual or religious beliefs? Or did it come at you out of left field in a way you never imagined possible?

And if you haven’t had any paranormal manifestations, we still want to hear your thoughts as well. :)

Make sure to join us tomorrow when we attempt to answer the age-old question: Are psychics evil? Believe it or not, my answer just might surprise you…


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  1. Very entertaining blog and post. I’m captivated by the paranormal, hauntings, exorcisms, unexplained etc. This is the first time I’ve seen someone trying to piece it together using religion. I think personal beliefs may manifest what the person or persons interpret and consider “paranormal”.

    Although I’m a believer not a skeptic in regards to paranormal, I’m not quite sure I believe most of the stuff on the tv shows. These are made with “entertainment” in mind and I feel that the producers would rather see higher ratings with half truths than to film a boring show.

    Entertaining post and topic, Will check back in time from time to see your new posts.