April 25, 2019

A Renounced Christian’s Paranormal Views

Welcome back, dark passengers. As promised, we have a guest blogger for Day Whatever-It-Is of our series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal. To be fair to this topic, Your Dark Passenger has put an open call for opinions in multiple places, as well as soliciting submissions from specific individuals with differing paranormal and religious beliefs.

You might have already noticed that this topic can draw some passionate responses from some. Or you haven’t noticed…which probably means you’ve never discussed the paranormal or religion with anyone but your cat. Or you are a cat. In that case, Meow!

For those of you not fluent in feline, that was a HIGHLY sophisticated greeting…

Anyway, today’s guest post comes to us from a former Christian and current paranormal enthusiast. Michelle Miller is a freelance writer living in Central Virginia. Since she’s published her first novel, I’ll go out on a limb and say she’s probably not a cat. Visit Michelle Miller’s website to learn more about her – and confirm for yourself that she’s not one of our feline readers.

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I am a renounced Christian, however, when I still followed the faith, I was into the paranormal. I have friends who are still Christians and believe that paranormal activity exists. It seems that we all got, and still continue to get, mixed commentary on being a Christian and believing that supernatural things exist.

The BIGGEST claim that skeptical Christians have made to me is that all belief in the paranormal is wrong, because it is witchcraft/sorcery, and God commands us not to mess with such things. These are also the same people who have banned their kids from reading the Harry Potter series for the same reason. While it’s okay to not want to dabble in witchcraft or sorcery (if it conflicts with one’s convictions), it is a pretty bold move to call something that could be very harmless, something that holds a negative connotation within ones circle.

Speaking of harmless (vs. not, such as the demonic), the other claim I have heard from Christians is that ALL paranormal activity is demonic. While I have never had a personal experience, I have done enough research and have enough common sense to know that there are two sides to the paranormal coin. Both benign and harmful (and sometimes demonic) entities exist.

That’s right. I’m not saying that demons don’t exist.

It’s just ignorant to say all paranormal entities are demonic. I know Christians who, very much, believe in angels. While some argue that angels can be real, live people in our lives, the image that comes to a person’s mind when you say “angel” is usually a white, well-lit person with wings. Last time I checked, that isn’t something you see every day, which I think puts it under the term “paranormal.”

Going hand-in-hand with the above arguments, I’ve been told that dabbling in paranormal beliefs (which are supposedly wrong), I am just asking for a demon to come into my life and attach itself to me, to cause me harm. To that, I say– I don’t dabble. I do my research and don’t just go on hearsay.

As for the demonic attachment, I have never willingly gone into a building that I have known has demonic activity in it. Also, I have never actually been on an investigation, but if I ever did, I would go with seasoned investigators and know, very well, how to protect myself. Knowledge is power, and I refuse to be ignorant when it comes to putting myself at risk. You never know– the entity may or may not be harmful.

It’s always best to come prepared.

With all this being said, I think what it all boils down to is that people shun what they do not understand or what others do not understand, and pass on to other people. Some Christians may be very well-rooted in why they oppose the idea of paranormal belief, but from my experience, it seems that they just don’t understand. I think it’s our jobs to help them understand, if they are willing.

Editor’s Note: The opinions and views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Your Dark Passenger, writing staff or other guest bloggers. YDP classifies both angels and demons as ‘supernatural’ rather than paranormal, as stated at the beginning of this series. YDP also agrees that you should NEVER enter a building you believe to be inhabited by demons, even if you’re part of a paranormal investigation team. Demons are dangerous and we think it would be awesome if our readers DIDN’T die.

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Saturday on Your Dark Passenger, we close out the week with a look at the existence of angels, demons and ghosts. Is there room for all three? If you’ve ever wondered why Jen believes what she does about religion and the paranormal, this is a post you won’t want to miss.

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