January 19, 2019

Serial Killer Number

The Number 23

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Wow, this month is moving fast for me, dark passengers. Tonight I want to share something with you that’s been on my mind for a while. Fair warning…it’s probably going to sound a little crazy. Like that’s a shock. When was the last time I said anything normal?

Here’s what I’m wondering: Can numbers kill?

Let’s take that a step further. Can a number become a serial killer?

If anyone’s got the image of some guy wearing a number suit creeping through the house with a knife, go ahead and get that out of your mind. It’s not what I’m talking about tonight – although, that would be interesting as well. I’m talking about an actual number. My query is whether the very sight or thought of a particular number could be enough to drive someone to serial murder.

If you’ve seen the movie “The Number 23″ then you’re already familiar with this concept. I won’t lie and say it was the best movie ever, but Jim Carrey was solid in the dramatic role. For me, it was a psychological drama well worth pondering…apparently for years after the fact.

In “The Number 23″ Jim Carrey’s character was plagued by the number. In the words of the “suicide blonde”: “That f-ing number is everywhere.” It’s not completely clear – to me, at least – why 23 drove multiple people to commit murders and suicide, but it did. That got me to thinking about numbers we see each day.

Truth time…I’ve got a serial killer number hunting me – 3 serial killer numbers, to be exact.

  • 3:33
  • 11:11
  • 13

They. Are. Everywhere.

I must not have the right make up of crazy genes because seeing these numbers hasn’t given me the uncontrollable urge to kill people. Yet. But if I were delusional and paranoid and possibly even schizophrenic…I don’t know. If dogs and demons and angels can “tell” serial killers when they need to kill, I suppose a number could do the same.

Especially a number that seems to be coming at you from the computer, alarm clock, cell phone, license plates, microwave, television, etc, etc, etc.

But even if I were the right kind of crazy, I’m still not convinced I’d be driven to kill based on the appearance of “my” numbers. Often, I smile. Sometimes, I sigh. Never once have I grabbed the chef’s knife out of the kitchen and headed down the hall to slice up the family.

Yet my question remains. Can a number – or series of numbers – drive someone to kill? What do you think? Can you think of any numbers that might push you over the edge?

And no, I don’t mean some random chick’s number in your honey’s cell phone…


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