May 20, 2019

Smudging Dream

Happy Wednesday, dark passengers.  Things have finally slowed down enough for me to get back to dreams and dream analysis.  How about we start with a short and fairly straight-forward dream tonight?

The Dream:

I was sitting in a non-descript room.  Nothing was around me except for a bundle of white sage used in smudging, two of my rings and my crystals…aka magic rocks.  The sage must have previously been lit because I don’t remember doing it.  I smudged first my rings and then my crystals.  When I was done, I woke up.

The Analysis:

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume the dream was telling me to smudge my rings and magic rocks.  I’m a little slow to catch on so I didn’t get around to doing that until Monday when I was home sick.  I haven’t noticed any changes yet.  Well, okay…one.  I put my wedding ring on the ringholder last night – the very same place I put it each night – yet when I went to put it on this morning, it was gone.  I got home late tonight, but I plan to turn the area upside-down tomorrow evening if I still can’t find it in the morning.


I suppose I can see why the dream would lead me to smudge those items.  I mean, one of the rings is one I use as one of my backup shields so it makes sense if it’s accumulated some low vibes.  Come to think of it, I probably dump my own negativity into my crystals so those poor magic rocks must have been in dire need of some positive energies.

But what do y’all think?  Was the dream really just to show me something I needed to do?  Was there more to it that I’m missing because I’m not digging deep enough?

And where the hell did my wedding ring go?


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