May 22, 2019

Spiritual Gift of Discernment and Empaths

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Happy Saturday, dark passengers. Tonight we continue looking at how Christian spiritual gifts relate to specific psychic abilities as part of our month-long series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal. Last night, we looked at the spiritual gift of mercy as compared to empathic abilities. Tonight, we take a closer look at the gift of discernment and how it applies to Empaths.

And Intuitives and Telepaths, to be exact.

As always, before we can talk about how all these radically different things are related, we must have a basic, common understanding of the terms. So let’s waste no time in laying the foundation so we can get on with the good stuff.

Spiritual Gift of Discernment

According to 1 Corinthans 12:10, the spiritual gift of discernment is:

“to clearly distinguish truth from error by judging whether the behavior or teaching is from God, Satan, human error or human power.”

To put it plainly, is you possess the spiritual gift of discernment, you should be paying careful attention to when your “spidey sense” goes on full alert because it’ll clue you in bad stuff around. For the non-Spiderman fans, this could also be a heightened sense of foreboding or the little hairs at the back of your neck standing to attention.

But let’s really unpack this scripture to break it down to its most basic, universally understood levels. What this line tells us is there are four possibilities for any behavior or teaching. These are:

  • God – Good, truth
  • Satan – Evil, lies
  • Human error – Mistake, misinterpretation, misunderstanding
  • Human power – Motive, intentions.

On the surface, the spiritual gift of discernment is a bit ho-hum, but once you get to the heart of it, you discover that this gift can not only help you discern the difference between truth or lies, but also whether the person is being untruthful by mistake or by design.

Editor’s Note 4/20: The above definition is from MinTools, using 1 Corinthians 12:10 as a basis. The New Living Translation of this passage actually says “He gives one person the power to perform miracles, and another the ability to prophesy. He gives someone else the ability to discern whether a message is from the Spirit of God or from another spirit. Still another person is given the ability to speak in unknown languages, while another is given the ability to interpret what is being said.”

Empaths, Intuitives and Telepaths

Y’all, I could write volumes on each of these psychic gifts. In  the interest of getting to the point sometime before we all fall asleep at our computers, I’ll keep it to the bare bones concept. If you’re new to or hazy about any of the following types of gifted individuals, please speak up. I always welcome questions. (Unless it’s about what I’m wearing. That’s just creepy.)

Empaths – Experience the emotions, feelings and, at times, physical pain of others as their own.

Intuitives – Do not experience the emotions and pain of others as Empaths do, but possess a heightened awareness to it. May know things without cause or explanation that will happen or have already occurred.

Telepaths – Can read the thoughts of others, whether they intend to or not. They may experience the thoughts of others by seeing them, hearing them, knowing them or some combination of the three. Discussion exists as to whether a Telepath must touch the person to read their thoughts or if proximity matters at all.

Note: It’s possible to possess more than one of these psychic abilities at a time. In fact, over a lifetime, your psychic gifting can evolve into new areas as you grow more comfortable with your gifts or as you need them.

Discernment and Psychic Abilities

Although not one of the above mentioned psychic abilities is exactly like the spiritual gift of discernment, you get very close if you have a mixture of the psychic gifts. We’ve already established that discernment is a bit like being a human lie detector with an extra-awesome setting for underlying motives. How do these different classes of psychics relate?

Oh, you SO know I’m going to tell you…

Each of these groups of people are crazy hard to lie to. Here’s why:

  • If an Empath is feeling your emotions, they’re going to know something’s up with what you’re saying from the way you feel about it…unless you’re a total sociopath, but in that case, they’d still know something was off about you.
  • If an Intuitive is hyper aware of your emotional state and possibly has unnatural knowledge pop into their head, your lie isn’t getting you anywhere.
  • If a Telepath can read your mind…Really? Do I even have to explain this one?

And, honestly, these are just at the most basic levels of each gift. If I’m actively trying to read someone – or I’m having one of those days when I can’t block people out of my head for crap – there’s a lot going on. I’m experiencing their emotions in contrast to my own, picking up on their underlying motivations, sometimes seeing a clear image of what they’re about to say in my mind and picking up on whether they have any clue what they’re talking about.

Does that mean no one can lie to me? I wish. In reality, I’m shielded seven ways from Sunday because the majority of my psychic gifts are distracting to daily life.

But you may not get so lucky with others with gifts, be it empathic abilities, intuitive gifts, telepathy or discernment.

Advanced Applications of Spiritual and Psychic Gifts

Fair warning, this is the point at which I blow someone’s mind. All of the gifts – psychic and spiritual – that we’ve been investigating don’t just apply to people. And I’m not talking about animals, although Empaths seem to have a heightened connection with them.

I’m talking about spirits. Angels, demons and ghosts.

Now, I have to be brutally honest. This won’t apply to everyone with these particular gifts. You must also be a Sensitive (one who is aware and/or more susceptible to paranormal and/or supernatural phenomena).

This is an across the board thing, regardless of your faith. I’ve noticed Christians who were oblivious to an angel in the room, just as I’ve seen Intuitives who didn’t have a clue that there was a non-human presence lurking nearby. Maybe you’ll find this frustrating, the idea that you’re not alone and don’t realize it. While anyone can work to develop their sensitivity, I wouldn’t.

Unless you have demonic activity in your home threatening you or your family, ignorance really can be bliss. Dabbling with oil paints is messy. Dabbling with entities is dangerous. Period.

And with that warning, I’m going to stop here for the weekend. We’ll go into more detail about how these gifts are useful when dealing with spirits before the end of our series, but on Monday we return with a look at the spiritual gift of prophesy.

Until then, I’m opening it up to you. What do you think about the spiritual gift of discernment, empathic abilities, intuitive gifts and telepathy? Are you seeing a common ground yet?


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  1. Heather says:

    Discernment and Psychic Abilities this stuff really never crossed my mind …I thought I was always just a kid who didn’t see the world right that my view was wrong in a way that I wasn’t seeing things that anything I thought of or dreamed was just that my own mind playing tricks right that’s the normal why to think right …..well all my life from age three I saw shadows walking around little floating lights like flashes kinda looks like a star thing and the bubbles they look like orbs different colors my brother has bad eye sight so I though so do I and then there would be a person walking or staring at me and then they are gone but I always thought they must have turned a corner and I lost sight of them…the smoke people lol must have been my mind ohhh the horrible feelings you get in certain places creepy and then you see something run out of the corner of you eye ….when someone is watching you I thought all in my mind I had a bad relationship with my mother because she says I’m nuts until I started talking about my dreams and places and things I have already done telling her the phone is about to ring before it did would always creep her out I didn’t know just came out of my mouth seeing someone is sick and they don’t know it then seeing someone and telling them they are going to die in a mouth then they do was another thing she didn’t like that happened 4 times already not fun ohhh dreams about the future sucks mom hates me for that too example I tolled her her red car would get hit while dad was driving it him twice and her twice (Dad never drives her car) one day dad did drive her car he hit her car twice some lady hit him and he hit it again down the road then after I tolled mom again about my dream and tolled her not to drive that car for the rest of the month or she was going to get hit she called my nuts she got hit twice that month by two different people ….so no I don’t know everything I just know things when a dream shows me and I only get flashes of information so I don’t known how the event is going to go down you know but I know its odd I dream about places and people I’m going to meet in the future and what relationship I’ll have with them years before its odd I see creepy things on people I thought it was maybe thought it was my mind I call them creepies they arent’ good hang around people with alot of hate and anger and bad stuff you know when you see someone sitting down and they are filling the room with a bad feeling and you cant breath those creepies love it they are big big and small and they can make themselves look scary but they don’t really look like that but creepies are strong scary things don’t mess with them …so one time when I was about 7 or 8 years old I was in my room and I didn’t see them I felt them though and I had just woken up I knew something was way WRONG and i felt my feet go straight my arm go out and my neck being held down and and then I herd voices cursing at me and I felt like a million people were hitting me and then I herd and and saw one like was dark and not gross good looking in a sense he was mean at first then changed he laughed and said I’ll help you if you give yourself to me me being a punk and not getting basically did a fuck you sign in my head the the pain went on for like weeks in my mind like years and then I felt like I couldn’t take in air my ribs were hurting and felt like someone was killing me I couldn’t yell out nothing my brother walked by my room and saw something he left me there he ran I don’t know if he saw them till this day anyway I said help me in my mind someone and they were gone I could more I thought it was all a bad dream I could move I thought it was a dream till I looked at my neck and body there were hand mark nail marks like a animal and my body had marks …..but I just try to forget about it because it was a long time ago then I turned christian and it made sense they came back many times pushing me and stuff I got closer to god and they cant do much now my sister was being bullied by them I am shocked she can feel them too now we just send them away mom t but she cant see them too well yet but i don’t know i’m odd guess but i try not to focus on it i can block out peoples feelings and stuff now this site doesn’t talk one other thing i can do so i’m not going to go into it has to do with moving things just a little and weather control its fun but i guess there’s all kinds of people its better to not focus on this stuff but block and forget its really not a gift i’m greatful to keep the creepies away though everything else is what ever

  2. Terria says:

    I found the information you gave, provided me with alot of confirmation. Yet, I have a question. A co worker advised me that I have the spirit of a empath. Before my research I had no idea what it was and would it change my religious beliefs but, it is all connected which is great.
    Since the time I was born, I was special and after many years knew that I was different, then other prophets, in my church that visited my church told me of my prophetic ability that would grow (Gift of discernment which my mother and my aunt possess. Throughout my life, I have had situations of knowing, seeing and feeling and be right on the target to the point I was like a counselor to friends and strangers because I would just communicate and advise them on what I knew and keep it moving no big deal I felt like I was helping and no one was ever upset, good or bad news. then the de ja vu what some prophets told me was seeing the prophecy while it’s actually happening. Yet later in years the gifts are no as strong and profound like they were. After reading the information on empaths I can relate almost to the letter with some difference but very little. But, with the other gifts they are not very strong. I guess my question is how do I restore the gifts and take them to the next level?