May 22, 2019

Stress and the Psychic

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Happy Wednesday, dark passengers. Today I thought we’d tackle a topic that’s near and dear to my heart: Stress and the psychic. As you probably remember from my old site, I have a fluid definition of “psychic” so we’re actually going to reach out to encompass Empaths, sensitives and intuitives.

And yes, there is a difference between those three terms, but we’ll save that for another day when I feel like tackling esoteric word definitions.


I think we can all agree that stress relief and coping techniques are important for anyone in this day and age, but I hold that these things are even more important for a person with psychic gifts. Frankly, the more novice you are at controlling your psychic abilities, the better you should be at handling stress. Why? Simply put, being different causes it’s own special brand of stress and, left unchecked, that stress can bleed over into your everyday situations.

Basically, being a stressed out psychic is worse than PMS, but no one knows to bring you chocolate and speak in soothing tones. (Would psychic PMS be Psychic Mental pSychosis?)

This topic is also near and dear to me because I happen to be an Empath, sensitive and intuitive. For me, failure to manage stress is like throwing a bomb into my head and making me listen to the 24 countdown peeping until the bomb goes off and I lose my mind. Not fun. I’d venture a guess that any with similar gifts have had the same experience at some point in their lives.

I’m now going to let you in on a little secret. Lean in closer for this one. I don’t get stressed out anymore. I should because a total lunatic designed my work schedule – and I’m my own boss, so I’ll let you add 2 and 2 for yourselves – yet I don’t get those little twinges I used to get.

The other night, hubby got home well after 7pm and I was still working away. Hadn’t started dinner. Hadn’t even showered yet. Still had gobs to do. Anyone who remembers the “old” me knows that those few little things coupled with my looming deadlines and lack of sleep would’ve been enough to set me off into crisis meltdown mode. Actually, quite a bit less than that could’ve sent old Jen into an unrecoverable panic.

Instead, I acknowledged that I was way behind, formed a new plan and hopped in the shower. No biggie. No panic.

No stress.

Now, I could probably talk about the benefits of chakra balancing or how tapping into the vibrational energy of crystals made all the difference in the world. I could talk about using sage and sweet grass smoke – which smell lovely, by the way – to cleanse my aura, making the world awesome. I could even tell you that my shielding abilities are now to the point where I can block out all the bad without thinking about it or compromising the good.

While I believe all those things have their place when dealing with your psychic wellness, it’s total crap for me to attribute my stress free existence to them.

I made a conscious decision.

You read me right. I didn’t want to be a giant ball of stress anymore and decided I wouldn’t be. Yes, many people chirp the praises of the power of positive thinking, but how many actually live it? How many mean it?

Here’s the thing that we forget when discussing our psychic gifts…We control them, not the other way around. I won’t say it’s particularly easy to do. It’s not. Empaths have to experience the emotions of others. Sensitives get knocked over by every paranormal force in a 50-mile radius. Intuitives end up knowing things they never wanted to know.

Just for a moment, consider the flip-side of that psychic coin. As an Empath, I know when someone’s in a sour mood and choose to avoid him or her. As a sensitive, I can understand, to a degree, the paranormal activity going on inside my house and roll with it instead of freaking out. As an intuitive, I can recognize when the energy is off and get out of Dodge before something goes down.

And quite honestly, I can tap into my psychic gifts and use them to return the negativity coming way to the person who sent it. (Return to sender please…) I can also release any negativity I create into the thin air where it won’t bother anyone. I only have to make the choice to do so.

One final thought before I go. Do you realize that high levels of stress can intensify your psychic gifts just as easily as it can dampen your natural intuitive abilities? Either way, you will eventually be forced to deal with the stressors in your life if you want your psychic abilities to stop going haywire.

Next week, let’s chat about some specific strategies Empaths, sensitives and intuitives can use to manage stress. Until then, what do you do to rein in your psychic gifts during times of high stress? What stress coping techniques  make your life a little more sane?


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