April 25, 2019

How Much Does Deb Know About Dexter?

Does anyone suspect his dark passenger?

Many fans of Dexter can’t wait until Deb finds out her brother is a serial killer, but does Deb already know about the dark passenger? Should she already know?


Dexter Episode 5.12 Recap – The Big One

Dexter frantically tries to get to Lumen in time. A member of Miami Metro is under suspicion for murder. Deb makes a discovery. Season Finale.


Dexter Episode 5.11 Recap – Hop a Freighter

As Dexter and Lumen prepare to turn the tables on Jordan Chase, they realize someone else may be planning the same for them. Can Dexter keep Lumen safe as the season finale approaches?


Dexter Episode 5.08 Recap – Take It!

In tonight’s all new episode of Dexter, Quinn’s spy gets closer to the truth about Dexter, while Dexter reveals his true self to Lumen. Read more about Dexter episode 5.08 – Take It!


Dexter Episode 5.01 Recap – My Bad

Share Well, dark passengers, the wait is officially over – until next week, at least. Season 5 of Dexter kicked off tonight with “My Bad.” I had high hopes for the first episode of the new season, I really did, but it pains me to say I’d only give this week’s Dexter a B+ after [...]